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Race seat available at Ward F1.

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Andrew Ward, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Ward F1 are looking for a fast consistent driver to partner Lee Morris for the remainder of the 2011 WC season.
    In return Ward F1 offer the full support of a race engineer, private practice & TS3 server. At Ward F1 we appreciate the time needed to be competitive in the WC & are happy to reward the right driver with a points bonus package.

    Any driver with a proven WS, WT or WC track record & have the desire to compete at the highest level please contact Andrew Ward at info@wardf1.com

    All applicants will be treated in confidence.

    Andrew Ward

  2. When you are talking about race engineers...Do we talk about those that are worth in gold that you said the other day?

  3. Hi Borna,

    At Ward F1 race Engineers are very much part of the team. I'm sure Lee will tell you just some of the benefits a good engineer can offer a driver. Its a real pleasure as a Team owner to listen in to the TS conversations on race day between Lee & Patrick. They work so well together.
    When a driver joins Ward F1 it is left to the driver to decide what relationship he wants with an engineer.

  4. Don't you guys have lot's of reserv drivers because on the FSR website it seems like it?
  5. No we only have Lee Morris as a full time driver, Patrick is the Team Engineer & Luka Peklaj is our only reserve driver.
    Unfortunately Tony Heikkinen lacked race pace & was not getting the best out of the car & has since been dropped by the team.

  6. Ward F1 is great, i can realy say that since joining this team, its like no team i have ever been in before, its such a proffesional team and im so glad i joined it, they take sim racing very serious but we have a laugh at the right times.

    Patrick my Engineer is superb to, realy get on well with him.
  7. Changing 6(7 if you count DHR and GTO as diff teams) in 2 ( less than 3 years to be more exact ) that is alot of expierence talking there guys.