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Race Pro Masters - Brno

Discussion in 'RACE Pro' started by Chris Cronshaw, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. Race PRO Masters Series. 12/11/2012

    Round 4 FBMW - BRNO
    LAPS: 10

    Free Practice - 20:30 gmt
    Qualifying - 20:40 gmt
    Race 1 Approx - 20:45 gmt
    Race 2 (Reverse Grid) Approx - 21:05 gmt

    Qualifying information:
    When the qualifying session menu is open no drive is to start there 1 and only hot lap until the host has asked,
    "Is there anybody not ready?"
    If there is no reply the host will then give "3,2,1 Go" countdown. On the shout of go that is your signal to start your hot lap.

    Race 2 Information:
    Race 2 will be a reverse grid of qualifying results. therefore if you did not set a lap time in qualifying you will start race 2 from the back of the grid!
    Formation lap; All drivers will use the opening lap to get into formation. Once in formation of the reverse qualifying results, the lead driver will take the field round between 50-80mph. (80-128kph).
    Before the final corner the lead car will the slow the field down to below 50mph(80kph). All drivers will then form up in a 2x2 formation with 1st taking the inside line.
    Once the last corner is rounded the last car must shout "CLEAR" when safely round the last corner.
    It is then at the discretion of the lead car when to accelerate. Once he accelerates the race is underway and you are free to pass.
    If the lead car crosses the start finish line without accelerating the race is deemed to have started and you are free to race.

    When the call of clear has been give the lead car may reduce his speed but once speed has increased this will be deemed as the race has started.

    Please sign up with your NAME / GAMERTAG / CAR WHERE APPLICABLE

    Any questions regarding race 2 start procedure and qualifying please PM me :)

    Chris Cronshaw / UKOG Cronnnie
    David O'Reilly/Figjamracer/ Perez old car.
    Wessel Slagter / Supaslax
    Rafal Skrobiranda / Shabbar
    PointBlank uk
    Rob Polemans / Rob46 Be
    Stamp Kiep
    dsb666 / bootlegfiddle69
    Jack McConnell / iBreMbo / FBMW
    Trevor Randall / Trevisio
  2. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    David O'Reilly/Figjamracer/ Perez old car.

    Lets create some space 9like 5 car lenths min) between rows when we do the rolling start for race 2, we were way to tight in Macau
    Love these FBMWs see you there.
    PS there are 3 for sale in uk @ £13000
  3. supaslax in.. i think the confusion was that we didnt do 1 whole paradelap.. last minutechange was not good... i like the rollingstarts as they were.... 1 whole warmup lap and from last turn 2x2 ,close and pole decides when to go
  4. I'm in.
  5. Count me in too.
  6. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Wessell I agree that the last minute change was a problem. The only thing is that at parade lap speeds Macau would have been 3 plus minutes to simply get us in order whereas we had 2 very long straights to do that.
    In my view the bunching was the issue. If the reverse grid is to make for good racing instead of closing up like F1 does (for over heating issues in a static start) lets have a 10 sec gap between rows. Brno is also a very long lap. In my view there is no point in taking so long before racing.
    We just get in order, driver who need to drop back pull left and slow, drivers needing to get fwd go right and faster then get the gaps and when leader is happy he calls "race on"

    Comms is a big issue in race pro the quality is poor. Should we join and XBL party?
  7. Rob Poelmans/Rob46 Be / BMW ....love race pro.
  8. Hey m8,

    Shabber wants to join our f1 2012 club / league racing.

    I will give him all links by email.

    Grtz Rob
  9. david, im not sure what you mean with bunching (lag??).. there was also some lag i think..
    yea your right that macau and prob also bruno is very long lap for paradelap, but its more clear for everyone to do 1 lap, some are new to this and then its not easy to do something like this for first time... but i get your point. .
    10sec gap between rows is way to much i think..(i prefer to race and not just drive the laps)
    i agree with all (if its clear with everyone), accept the 10 sec gap :)

    on what day is the f12012 league and what level are the ai??
    is there space?
    to bad assists are allowed
  10. StampKiep = in.
  11. dsb666 / bootlegfiddle69
  12. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Well we disagree on the gaps because in my view by putting a faster guy behind you by 10 sec at the start of a 25 min race you get better racing, the quick guys have to catch and pass and its fun, we do it in F1 2011 but use 3 grous of cars with 20 sec or so gaps. So we better let Chris the organiser do what he reckons.

    By bunching Imean that we had all the cars on a postage stamp as we entered the turny part. It was never going to work like that in my view.

    I am not stewarding for 2012 game, I finish today with the final race of 2011 game season.
    I thinkyou will find that there is a no assists league though.
    Its all in the 2012 Xbox section under "original Xbox league"
  13. ok, now you explain it like that it could be fun, but some in the lobby the difference off pace is only tenths,,, but im ok with all, im glad that theres some racepro activity here.
    its the only racegame that i really like and play alot,
  14. I think I'm right in thinking we have 2 distinct groups in terms of ultimate pace and a sort of crossover area in the middle.

    So I'll review it tonight but what if we have 3 groups like F1. I can only review it on each week though as people have different pace in different cars so post for race 2 the 3 slowest drivers in revers order will get a 10 second advantage to group 2 and group 2 a ten second advantage to group 3. There may be as few as 1 driver in group 2 from what I've seen so far but it seems fair.
    We will try and get group 1 race by the start of sector 3, grup 2 mid way through 3 and group 3 at the end of the parade lap.

    How does that sound?

    Sorry it's short notice had a manic weekend and missed the send of race for F1 2011 :(
  15. i'll be on this, i havent done any of your other races so can i still join tonight? also what is the assists that we can and cannot use?

    Jack McConnell / iBreMbo / FBMW
  16. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Chris the idea seems fine, lets try it out.
  17. Assists banned :)
  18. That's 10 also so anymore are reserves :)
  19. ahhh, i dont mind about that, just gunna have to get used to it! glad to still see some people have an interest in this game!
  20. I want to join the race tonight.grtzzz from the netherlands