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RACE Pro better than Forza?

Discussion in 'RACE Pro' started by Chris Bell, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. Jus been shopping and seen this game pre owned, are there still people playing, im big on my forza does this come close or better?
  2. Its more realistic then Forza. But dont expect any big fancy excotic cars that you are used to in Forza.
    But more real race cars. About the online stuff i dont know really. But dont think its big anymore. Was already not very busy when it came out 2 years ago. :)
  3. Thanks Ivo, that was my worry that it may not be as popular anymore, I jus saw it was a simbin product and not having a pc to try their other stuff out I was just curious
  4. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Chris, even though online play is scarce it's still a pretty cool game to have. If the price is right, grab it!
  5. There is at least one UK based league running Race Pro :) You'll need to visit SimBin's RaceRoom forum for the specific details as the fellow doesn't post here. Tell him Race Department sent you!

    And FWIW, I think Race Pro kills Forza 4 in the most vital area - physics.
  6. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Still waiting on the demo :)
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  7. Haha Bram. I thought you were a PS3 only owner, so a demo t wouldn't do you any good :)

    I can send you the OXM disc that had the demo on it if you like.
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Was just kidding, but the multiple times announced demo and eventually not delivering was one of the things that didnt go well with RP.

    Its a nice sim for the consoles but failed already after the first week of release due to the bad critics on the web, no marketing and lots of bugs that should have been found before release by either Simbin or Atari.

    No desire of playing it as its exactly the same as RACE 07 on the pc which I have played long enough now ;)
  9. It was only a Tenner so its not the biggest risk ive ever taken, thanks guys, will see if i can track it down again!! :)
  10. I knew you were joking Bram; perhaps I should have added a smiley face.

    Funny you mention Race '07 as I had been buying new copies of SimBin games (GTR2, GTL, Race, GTR Evo) from eBay before I got myself a new PC earlier this year & with the G27 I now own (thanks Santa), it's like playing Race Pro all over again but with way better graphics.

    Hope you enjoy RP Chris. The DLC is pretty good too, if a little pricey.
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  11. Cheers mate!
  12. in answer to the very old subject title - YES :)