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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Apr 22, 2010.

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  1. Hello guys,

    due to the problems we had today we will postpone Daytona Race to April 29th. We will do as much as is in our hands to detect and fix the problem.

    Thanks for understanding.

  2. :frown: oh crap that conflicts with GTL league :bad:
  3. Maybe good for May 27th inbetween Doni & Spa?
  4. Is it possible to arrange another date? As I don't think we have enough driver's available for next week due to their plans already being arranged.
  5. Is it an idea to perhaps have this at the end of the season? I know I personally will struggle to get to the race as I have made other plans, not sure for the rest of the team yet, but I dare say they could have other things planned also.
  6. that idea would get my vote
  7. What about half points and move on to the next round?

    The results can be done by where everyone was before mike minidumped, as mike's minidumped seem to cause the server to crash
  8. Not sure Mike got a minidump.
    For some reason this week we didn't suffer that much off minidumps. Myself did a practice on thurday evening without a hickup. No idea why as nothing changed.
    Well this STC season for us is cursed. After all the mayhem we got sofar in practice this time our race was screwed. First iain who couldn't see any other car so had ESC out. Then Mike having pole and beeing in the lead got disconnected.
    If i am correct its the Second time that a race is stopped and both times mike was in the lead.
    Don't think mike caused it though. For me this was one lag spike to much, game can handle lag upto a certain point.
    Xose, we use liveview also, which file was so big ? those live log files are very small normally and are created by the game and not by liveview.
    Liveview itself runs on the webserver and not on the gameserver. Just trying to understand the problem.
  9. For the next race, we should try a couple of things.

    No BMW safety car,
    try reducing the replay quality?
  10. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    Hi mate,

    We were using the "Liveview Reporter Tool" and that runs on gameserver, to send the files to the web server. It records a log every time it sends a file, and this log is what it was that big, so may cause the problems. We removed it now and what I will do is use the game FTP reporter for the liveview.

    For next round we will also try without Safety Car and see.

    About the date, if most of you preffer in may I don't think there is a problem with it, just need the feedback of all teams about this to know if that date fits most of them better.

    Another option we have is to just skip this race and make a 9 races season, I don't think we should give points honestly, we raced for 10 mins and most of "overtakes" were because lags and disconnections.
  11. Ah yes, use that tool also. also noticed the logfile can get very large. Several weeks back, i cleaned them also, reminds me to do it again. :) .
    Downside of the ingame one is that you have to start it each time.
    Can't say we had problems back then when it was very large but then again we don't have such a big grid.
    Lets hope this is the cause of the problems.

    Xosé is it a full dedicated server, or is it shared like most TGH servers.
  12. I think posponing this race to either May or end of season would be best, next week seems everyone has plans.

    Or skip it, I'm ok with that.
  13. Would be bad for us anyway if it was next week as checked with everyone and plans are already made as there was never a race for next week, it's to short notice, normally there's at least 2-3 weeks advance when a race is postponed. So if the race is next week, the likely outcome for us is only 2 cars on the grid out of 4.
  14. Think we better move it to the end of the season.
    People have indeed already plans. And people are driving the RDHGP next week like Andreas and Rees also i thought.
  15. will start a thread at home forum about moving it to another date. I know for sure that our scheduled player Keybi is out due to the oldtimers starting their season here at RD.
  16. We have no problem to postpone the race, in May there are already three races in three weeks, I think it is better to postpone the race to end of season.
    We're here to compete and have fun, to cancel the race does not seem the best choice. From here to end championship we have plenty of time to organize us.
  17. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    Ok, that would be June 24th, I will open a poll with 3 options ok?
  18. June 24th is also gtl night, if you keep it every fortnight (like the last few races are) then 1st of July is good i think
  19. No, it's not official. It was posted by me, not STC management :)
    It was a quick note posted last night based on information available at that time.
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