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Race Park Almere Holland

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Modding Discussions' started by Arne, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. On this forum I am looking for somebody who can make a realistic racetrack design driveable in Assetto Corsa.

    The Sketch Up file is about 350 mb, I hope it is not too big.
    Send a message for info
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  2. Better to export to FBX from my experience since the KsEditor allows FBX import to make your KN5 file.


    But I'm a novice/intermediate at best with the work I've done thus far on a non-public Circuit of Americas...I'm learning as well but am working directly from 3DS Max than using it as an "intermediary". If anything I use 3DSimED to do checks before import to verify my textures and model...but possibly not the best tool for this ....as once again I'm not an expert on this subject matter. I'm personally using a ripped track that's already built to learn what's needed, making modifications to it as proofs of concept and learning before making it scratch built.

    You might also find a few useful tips on track building over at ACM (not linking because the admins here are sticklers about pointing elsewhere). A simple Google search of "'assetto corsa track building" will point you to some relevant guides and "tutorials" that are a bit more up to date.

    Hope this helped.
  3. Also additional note on exporting to 3DS, most have noticed scaling issues...big time with .3DS export and working with that file type, so beware...use FBX when possible (preferable not required, 2014, or even 2015 format)
  4. So it needs to be ready in four days? That's on super-short notice... sadly I don't have much expertise to help. Very interesting though, good luck!
  5. Basic model requirements:
    png or dds textures, in a folder named "texture" which is in the same folder as your fbx file. (that is, the "track" folder contains track.fbx and texture\). dds is preferred, but png can be automatically converted at runtime.
    physical (collider) objects must be named starting with a digit 1-9. Anything else will be render-only.
    walls (any collider that hits the car body) need to contain the word 'WALL' in their object name. Otherwise it only interacts with the tires.
    track surfaces should contain their type in the object name - defaults are GRASS, ASPHALT, these should never be part of another surface type's name (eg. if you have GRASS, you can't have LONGGRASS)
    no single object more than 65536 vertices (same limit applies to faces but you will almost always hit vertices limit first)

    And some special object names that need to exist to get practice/qual/race modes to work:
    AC_PIT_0 - pit box for the first car
    AC_START_0 - starting grid for the first car
    AC_TIME_0_L - left side of the start/finish
    AC_TIME_0_R - right side of the start/finish

    In all cases you can duplicate them and increase the 0 to 1, 2, 3 etc. in order to add more pit boxes/start points/timing lines.
  6. Really nice looking track, but you have no chance of getting anything impressive produced in 4 days - I'm really sorry.

    If you had a couple of weeks I'd say it would be possible, but not a few days :(
  7. Hi, my bad but could you get this sketch up model converted into something "very" impressive in a couple of weeks maybe?
  8. Ehm, no? You should look up how long people work on projects like this, or better yet learn how to do it yourself.
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