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Race On Polish Bundle (40% cheaper)

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Łukasz Demolin, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    Last time I was in one of the bigger electronic/RTV shops in Warsaw I stumbled upon a bargain bin, in which I saw boxes of Race On (the bundle version, with Race 07 included) for an equivalent of just over 5 euro. As I bought an identical box year earlier I know that inside is the fully working steam key for Race On bundle; also the price is just over 25% of the Steam price.

    That gave me an idea (and I asked the admins if I can post it here already) - would there be an interest among RD crowd to get a copy of full Race On bundle for somewhere around 6-7 euro (depending on how many copies I get/fuel I burn ;))?. We've already tested a key on a Croatian Steam account and they are working flawlessly.

    This would mean that I buy the bundle, get the money on my PayPal account (or some other way; this seems to be the simplest) and send the key right away (IM contact available etc.). Box is pretty much redundant (and cheapest at it - cheap dvd container, single-page instruction etc.).

    Leave a reply in this topic/PM if you are interested. I don't know how many copies for this kind of money I will be able to get, so don't drag your feet too much :).


    On the right there is my own Bundle, on the left, opened, is the Bundle bought and activated yesterday.
  2. I'm the Croatian Steam account mentioned, game activated on Steam, works fine. Thanks again :thanks:

    As far as I'm concerned, you can use my DVD copy to scare pigeons :D
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Smart idea and a good price :thumb:
  4. I'll take one my friend, good stuff ;)
  5. Make that 2. PM sent also!
  6. OK then, that means a "shipment" in the following days (Thursday probably). Anyone else interested, while I'm making a journey to the store (probably the fact that most of the guys browsing this forum already have Race, but ah well ;))?
  7. Some fresh copies have arrived. I'm getting a bit flooded with Race On boxes now :)

  8. Money sent, thanks a bunch!
  9. Order recieved, both working fine, n1
  10. I think its great when members of RD help one another in this way so maximum respect to Łukasz Demolin for this great thread.

    For info while trying to find STCC2 boxed earlier I found the Race On bundle on Amazon with free UK delivery at £5.19 :-

  11. Looks like Polish bundle isn't so good for UK residents anymore. Still might be a go for someone outside of the UK though :).
  12. Typical! :roflol: