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Race On Expansion on Steam.. confused

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Becks21, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. Hi there!

    Some time ago I already bought Race 07 and GTR evo independently on Steam.
    Today I bought the Race On Expansion (not the Bundle!), and according to the offer I should have obtained STCC too.. right?

    But in the game menu "championchip" I cant select STCC (others e.g. WTCC, GT.. are there). This must be something wrong with the Steam-Pack, right? :waiting:

    If I am right, I just have to fire up Race On and everything from all previous releases I bought would be there including the new stuff..

    Thanks and sorry, if this questions has already been asked..

    Cheers, Becks21
  2. stcc doesn't come with the expansion.... only the bundle version....
  3. ok.. so its my mistake.. thanks!
  4. yea man.... the steam wording could be clearer imo... :nod:
  5. I agree as it done me lol
  6. Tbh simbin have pissed me off with their false advertising.

    Says there that race on includes stcc, but I guess nothing is free :(.

    25€ for an expansion is ridiculous and 30€ for two is still pretty expensive.

    I hardly ever race on the stock circuits any more so there is not much of a reason to buy race on just because of 2008 tracks and I can wait a little before trying formula masters and the muscle cars.
  7. There is a discussion about this in the steam forums:

    Seems like some people already reported this to steam..

    I think it makes sense fighting for the 5 Euro refund.. because one like me could invest it in somekind of a reading-course.. so this wont happen again :alien2:
  8. On NGR gears said this:
    Notice it says the game includes STCC, not the expansion.

    That's important, because on the very same page, it says:

  9. Yes you are right.. it is cleary understandable on the steam site too.. one just has to read that carefully ;)

    My intention of posting the link was more of ironically nature..
  10. I can tell you why a lot people made this mistake and here's why..

    you was all blinded by the excitement about release of this expansion pack/game
    you didnt read what you was buying properly

    I already had STCC so I was looking not to buy it again haha haha
    I think STCC is cheap now on steam:coffee2:
  11. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Matter of reading better. Already posted it on the 12th of March:

    It would have been ridiculous if you would get STCC for free as a lot of people, including myself, already had it! The expansion is cheaper, hence it brings "only" Race On.

    Then its pretty normal that the expensive bundle includes all.