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Race On Demo released

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Oliver Amos, Oct 8, 2009.

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  2. thanks for posting Oliver
  3. Awesome!:D
    I love both cars, they're very nice to drive!
  4. Yes, the muscle car is better than the Camaro cup in stcc and the TDI is very different to drive. I can't wait getting the game.
  5. The Demo is released before the game in Europe?
    This is unbelievable. :D
  6. Love the download speed. :silly:
  7. Go,test Demo,Go!!
  8. Lol

    16 kbs, no thanks havent got all day to wait for a demo!
  9. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose
    Premium Member

    downloading now :drool:
  10. Dietmar

    Premium Member

    Tried the US in Falkenberg in time trial...

    When I drive the car gets into neutral after I take control, when I shift, I see the arm moving but I get directly back to neutral (having a G25), any idea?
  11. Do you shift with H-gate or seq?
  12. Dietmar

    Premium Member

    Just found it, used the paddles...

    Was a switch on the advanced tap, was the only thing i had no clue what it was for. Using German menus, translated would be 'Hold key for shifting' was on 'On' set to 'Off' now I am fine (5th from top)
  13. The real translation is:
    'Hold button for gear'

    It's there for H-gate. As that option makes sure that when you put it from 5th to neutral, that it is neutral ingame as well.
    If that option is off with a H-gate, and you go from 5th to neutral, it stays in 5th in-game.

    Downloading the demo as well. Just to see whether it's different to beta.

    It's going ok here with 430KB/s?
  14. Love the menu. I always use the STCC menu but when Race on comes out i go for that. Btw Coronel gets annoying after a while. :D
    Really like the Diesel. It feels weird in de beginning after that it's very nice.
    American Muscle is a blast to drive, lots of powersliding.