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RACE On by SimBin now available on Steam

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Bram, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    RACE On Released on Steam
    A few moments ago RACE On by SimBin has been released on Steam. If you already have RACE 07, GTR Evolution or STCC – The Game installed you can download the expansion pack that merges beautifully into your excisting content.

    New users can download the full game which will bring a wide selection of cars from different racing series: RACE 07, STCC – The Game and the latest RACE On content are all included in one fine bundle that keeps you racing for hours, days and if you are a racing club member at RaceDepartment: even months or years of thrilling online action!

    We have opened this release thread at the RACE On forums where you can discuss the latest installment of the Race Series and find purchase links, support and racing events.

    Download RACE On directly from Steam here:

    About RACE On
    RACE On is the only official game of two of the world’s biggest touring car spectacles; the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) and the Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC). Not only does RACE On include all the cars and circuits from the 2008 seasons of these championships, it also adds a massive selection of US Muscle cars and circuits to the mix, as well as the 2008 International Formula Master and the 2008 Camaro Cup Challenge.
    The full RACE On bundle including RACE 07 and STCC - the Game, introduces the biggest, best and most comprehensive SimBin racing package ever.

    • 39 unique car models in 17 different classes
    • 47 tracks including variations
    • Various real life championships including their accurate regulations
    • Multiplayer, up to 25 AI or real players online
    • Ghost racing against your own lap time or against those of your friends

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  2. What is the size MB of the add on?? Please??
    $25 and a few GIG in Rands costs a bit. :)
  3. £18????

    They can bugger off.
  4. :dazed:

  5. ~1.4gb for the GCF.
  6. £9.99 would of been a much better price point for those of us who have already bought Race 07, GTRe, STCC, and supported Simbin and the series over the last few years and just want the few new tracks and cars.
  7. I don't see it as good value for it's content (especially as the game is essentially 4 years old now). And for someone who is only interested in the 3 new tracks and 2 new cars then £18 is even less value.
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Ill ask Simbin to contact you next time Ryan before they release a new game so they can negotiate the price level first with you :)
  9. Douglas Aird

    Douglas Aird
    Premium Member

    I have to agree with Ryan, Bram. I was expecting something around the £10 mark for the update only. £18 seems a bit excessive for the amount of content, especially as STCC was about £8-£9 when it came out and that added a lot more cars and tracks.

    I think I'll hold off buying it for a few weeks to see if the price drops a bit. When I have £18 to spare I'm thinking about getting Operation Flashpoint 2 from Amazon.co.uk. ;)
  10. Can one buy the addon only version on DVD or only on steam ?
  11. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I don't disagree it sounds like a lot of money. Maybe Steam made a mistake and they'll correct it later again (happened before). But what's the point in calling it overprized if you are only interested in 2 new cars?

    The content of RACE On was announced months up front and everybody knows what's in it.

    If you are only interested in WTCC yes then its a lot of money. If you are interested in a few new tracks, a complete new 6 liter powered engine of the muscle cars, a formula master car that is more exciting than the real life version then there ain't much to complain about imo.

    I always compare game prices to the content you have to buy in iRacing and then it's a bargain :)
  12. I'm going to wait a little because i have the entire Race 07 series (GTR evo, STCC) and the price for is addon is too high from my point of vue (There are only the muscle car which interest me). I think there is much more new content in the STCC expansion than this one, and the price of STCC is lower.
  13. I'm downloading it now!!!!:bang:hehehehehe
  14. Great!!!!! Loving it already.Nice tracks,2008 season.:fwd:
  15. Christopher Aponte

    Christopher Aponte
    Premium Member

    yep downloaded it yesterday already....and the first thing i went is for the us muscle and what an awesome ride it is :)
  16. First thought was 'expensive', second thought always go to iRacing, than it becomes 'cheap'. Have not yet purchased it, but I guess sooner or later I will.

    Just having currently a lot of fun with the Porsche Mod, I guess the US Muscle cannot drift more :D.

    And I am currently fighting with rFactor... I really appreciate the whole series more and more......
  17. Hannu Karesola

    Hannu Karesola
    Roaring Pipes Maniacs Premium Member

    25€, not so bad (half tank of diesel to my car). I think it's okay price for couple of new tracks and cars. With that money I get much less of iRacing content.

    They should add some kind of drift mode for those US cars. :p Big smoke and slides would be awesome.
  18. Hope so

    The complaint is in the disaparity in the price of the "few new tracks, a complete new 6 liter powered engine of the muscle cars, a formula master car that is more exciting than the real life version"

    £21.99 for Race ON, STCC, Race07 is fine in my opinion, quite good value in fact.

    £17.99 for just the Race On content after the Paying out for Race 07, GTRe, STCC - The Game is a kick in the teeth for loyal supporters of the series.

    Why not offer it to us for the £4 difference Simbin seem to be pricing Race On at?

    You can get GTRe on Play.com for £3.50 which includes Race07. Maybe I'll hang around for the price to drop a bit before I buy Race On, which don't get me wrong, I want to do. But I ain't paying through the nose for it.
  19. Steven, I initially thought the same thing, the comparison between the full game and the "upgrade" was very small. However, I then realised that the perception was probably more due to the rather low full game price, and the slight perceived extra for the "addon" was about the cost of a couple of cups of coffee.
    I now have it, and no regrets, I'm sure I'll get $28 Au worth out of it.
  20. The trick is that once the community start using it, it will be a must have.
    I myself will buy it at some point, but right now am riddled by the fact how
    the latest addon costs twice more than race07 + gtre when i bought it and
    5 times more of its current price in 2in1 package.