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Featured Race Of Champions 2015 gets ready to ROC!

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Paul Jeffrey, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Member Premium Member

    London's Olympic Stadium is set to host the annual season ending Race of Champions event on November 20th and 21st with a host of big name racing champions from the world of two and four wheels due to take part in the battle to see who really is the fastest racing driver in the world.

    Returning to London for the first time since 2008, ROC runs on a purpose-built stadium circuit in a series of heats to decide who will be crowned individual champion. Running alongside the individual championship ROC also features a Nations Cup event where drivers of the same Nationality team together to race for the honour of their country to be crowned Nations Cup Champions.

    Having become a firm favourite of the drivers in recent years, this years event looks sure to offer up fans of motorsport entertainment another great spectacle of showmanship and sporting excellence. 2015's event will mark the debut of the Mercedes AMG GT S, the first Mercedes-AMG ever to be raced at a ROC event, joining a range of exciting machinery in the 2015 paddock including the use of firm fan favourites the ROC Buggy, KTM Xbow, Arial Atom and Euro Nascar. Also making its ROC debut will be the 210bhp 595kg Rage Buggy, one that is destined to go down in the memories of fans across the globe.

    Other notable features of the 2015 event will be the final appearance in racing overalls of Scottish lady racer Susie Wolff, marking her last official appearance before retirement from motorsport at the age of 32.

    Once again the newly crowned Formula One World Champions AMG Mercedes F1 team will be on hand to demonstrate their Grand Prix winning Formula One car around the tight and twisty track, so watch out for some tyre smoke and donuts from the Silver Arrows.

    Each year at this time I always take a moment to reflect on previous ROC master Michael Schumacher and his continual fight to regain fitness after his shock skiing accident back in 2013. Schumacher won the Race of Champions Nations Cup a record 6 times proving time and again that despite advancing years the king of F1 still has the talent to beat his younger rivals. Our thoughts and best wishes remain with the German legend and all at RaceDepartment wish Michael a fast and a full as possible recovery from his injuries #keepfightingmichael

    Already confirmed for the 2015 Race of Champions are some serious names from the world of Formula 1, Le Mans, touring cars, rallying, rallycross and MotoGP.

    Current 2015 Race of Champions line-up:
    Sebastian Vettel - Four-time F1 champion
    Jenson Button - 2009 F1 champion
    Tom Kristensen - Nine-time Le Mans winner and former WEC champion
    Jorge Lorenzo - Three-time :):)mad:) MotoGP world champion
    Mick Doohan - Five-time 500cc Motorcycle World Champion
    Daniel Ricciardo - Red Bull F1 driver
    Petter Solberg - WRC champion and reigning WorldRX champion
    David Coulthard - Former F1 driver and defending Race of Champions' champion
    Felipe Massa - Williams F1
    Romain Grosjean - Lotus F1
    Nico Hulkenberg - 2015 Le Mans winner
    Jason Plato - Double BTCC champion & all time winningest driver
    Nelson Piquet Jr - Reigning Formula E champion
    Susie Wolff - Williams F1 reserve driver
    Ryan Hunter-Reay - 2014 Indy 500 winner, 2012 IndyCar Champion
    Alex Buncombe - Reigning Blancpain Endurance Series Champion
    Jolyon Palmer - GP2 Series champion / Lotus 2016 F1 driver
    Pascal Wehrlein - Reigning DTM champion
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  2. I'm eagerly awaiting to see how the atmosphere is around this events, as my girlfriend and I will be there on Saturday the 21st :D
  3. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member

    I think it's fantastic that it's being held in London. It's about time these great sporting events were held in places where they actually have some sort of following (excellent example being the Rugby World Cup). Enough of hosting them in the Emirates etc. where it's purely a cash grab with empty grandstands!
  4. This is going to be outstanding.
  5. rocafella1978

    Premium Member

    when was ROC in the Emirates??? (apart from the british soccer league being owned by UAE or Emirati individuals and Russians....would kind of suggest to start there!) i wouldn't blame the ones with the $$$$, i always blame the ones running for the $$$$ and greed in their eyes!
  6. Slalom823

    RDTCC S10 Champion Premium Member

    Will there be any coverage online to watch?
  7. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member

    I wasn't talking about ROC, I was referring to sporting events in general :)
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  8. Tobias Röhner

    Tobias Röhner
    Germany's greatest Indycar Fan. Premium Member

    This is the best lineup in years. It'll be an absolute blast.
  9. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper
    Premium Member

    I managed to go to one of the Wembley events the last time it came to the UK and it was great fun and great atmosphere, although the crowds weren't large (I think that was the reason it moved to another venue, the next year it was only a third full). Really wanted to go this year but work and the cost of travel made it impossible (although I'm not saying "suddenly fallen ill and can't come to work" did come to mind ;))

    For those travelling to this event for the first time, one piece of advice, please wrap up warm. I had no idea it was going to get so cold once the sun went down, couldn't feel my legs after sitting down for that amount of time! People around me had blankets, gloves and hats which obviously made sure they didn't get cold. Unless you're one of the lucky ones with a VIP pass :roflmao:

    Previously it was on MotorsTV or Eurosport but I think for the last few years it's been on SkySportsF1, or if you google the channel you might be able to find an internet stream, ahem....

    I think this is for a few years again, so maybe next year for me :thumbsup:

    So show your support and make the journey if you can, otherwise it'll end up in the Far East again! :laugh:
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  10. rocafella1978

    Premium Member

    yapp got it! but remember, event managers run to $$$$ where the money is at and pitch it to them, not the other way around.
  11. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff Member

    I cannot disagree more. It's a bloody shame that it is being moved back to the stadium mickey mouse stuff. The track the initially had at GC for 12 years was awesome! Some actual driving! Also most of the years before GC was held on actual race tracks.

    They almost got it last year, they had to make a stupid chicane, other than that, it was more the proper RoC again.
  12. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper
    Premium Member

    I understand what you mean my friend but remember not everyone can make the trip to Gran Canaria and the UK has the sort of motorsport fan who enjoys all motorsport not just F1. Although I could never understand the races being held in China and Bangkok, they put on a good show but the public there simply had no idea what was going on :rolleyes::sleep:

    The original events were for rally drivers. Those were the ones I saw on Eurosport at Christmas and yes I did enjoy them greatly but times move on and it's still great an event like this exists (and don't forget it does move around, last year it was in Barbados!) Some of the best drivers in the world, in the same racing cars, just a shame it's in the cold of the UK! :roflmao:

    My only concern is that most of the audience at Wembley were not all motorsport fans, they were there for the event, a night out. So my only criticism is try and make the event a little more open for the fans and people who've made the trip. Autograph sessions, meet the drivers, and make things more accessible. It's not a cheap event anymore so make it a little more fan friendly :thumbsup:

    Thinking about it I hope the area inside the Olympic Stadium might be larger, the only problem Wembley had was that the course was too tight in places.
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  13. Without Schumi :(
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  14. Hopefully he will get better soon. :thumbsup:

    (I dont now, why i never heard about ROC before, its great :))
  15. It's been going for 16 years and I've been a racing fan since I was a kid (now 32) and this is my first time I've heard of it too. I feel I've missed out on so much in my life.
  16. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium Member

    Last year was not the best, but the Stadium Supertrucks were amazing. 3 wheeling and some guys rolling them. Grosjean drove them like a total boss. Maybe there are some videos of it on youtube.
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