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Race Nights for Americas Zone

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Chris Vick, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. Folks,

    Is there any possibility of having some RD events timed for the Americas (GMT-6 to GMT-8 or so)? I personally am interested in GTL, GTR2, and Race07/GTR Evo.


  2. Well, I'm with you!:amen: Would like some during the week in our time zones. But, it's aways been hard getting people together at our time. I've tried in the past at our previous sites, but only a couple would sign up. Just not that many of us.

    But maybe there's more here at RD now. How about a poll to see how many and if any are interested in a NA Race Night?

  3. I totally support the concept of a USA Timezone group. As you may have seen we have kicked off an Oceania Zone for simliar reasons.

    However, I can only agree with Gaynall, to make it work we need some USA support. I also have tried to organise a couple of USA targetted events (two recently in GTL) and basically no USA members turned up.

    To get the ball rolloing, we need someone (or two) members to take on the leadership role and suport for USA timezone events by local members. Based on our Oceania Group, if you can get a core group, and pick the right time for races, then the European and other members will join in to bring the numbers up.

    If the demand and support is there, we can easily allocate events better suited to USA timezones. With our planned new format for the Racing Club, this would fit quite well.
  4. Warren,

    I am certainly willing to put some amount of work into regular America's Zone events. What do you need done, and what can I do to help?

    Is there any way to search the member database to find the folks who are located in the Americas Zone, and then we could contact them about a series of events? That way we could hopefully get a handle on how much support there might be, and could also recruit a core of interested folks.

    Please let me know if there is something I can do to help.


  5. Gaynall's suggestion of a poll is not a bad start. I think there are plenty of Americans here, but split across a lot of games.
    Maybe we could start a USA Forum (similar to the Australian one) and you could do a Roll Call or similar.
  6. Sounds like a plan to me. We should probably try to be as inclusive as possible as I think there are a number of Canadians as well. How do we accomplish this?

  7. Step one completed. Bram has speedily given you a USA and a Canadian forum to help organise yourselves a little more.

    How about a moderator or two to keep the sparkle in them. :D
  8. What's involved in being a moderator?
  9. Not a huge job, basically keep an eye on your forum section, stimulate and co-ordinate discussions, help with questions or concerns, suggest race formats and timings to RD Race Directors, and generally take a leadership role in stimulating and organising your assigned section. Also, access to the Moderators forum to discuss or participate in idea sharing with other section moderators.

    You would be ideal for this.
  10. I'm definatly interested in USA timezone race events, especially for race 07.
  11. How do we get started? I love the site and have been thinking for some time about how to contribute back, other than just monetarily.
  12. Good news Steve, just send a PM to Bram and he should set you up as a Moderator. Chris Vick has also volunteered, so you should both team up well. :thumb:
  13. Excellent - thanks!