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Race line, GTL tracks to GTR2 etc

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Ulli Haus, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering, if there is something that enables me to see some kind of racing line like in GTR2!

    If there is not, you guys have any idea how to come by with sth similar?

    --> I'm currently trying to get down to bringing my present line closer to the efficient race line. However, I don't know where this one is until after we raced this track and I tried to keep up with you :silly:.

    --> I used the P&G mod for GTR2 which offers this great option for making your own line visible. This way, you can deliberately improve where you thought the old line was not good enough.

    However, most tracks we drive in GTL are not in this P&G mod. So, here I cannot use this strategy of simply finding out the race line.

    --> I already tried simply copying the tracks from GTL to GTR2 direc. but this didn't work :(
    --> Is there a program which converts GTL tracks into GTR2 tracks?
    --> Is there a way of sharing race lines?


    P.S. the FFB in GTR2 is much stronger and gives much more detailled feedback than the FFB in GTL. Can I somehow adapt GTL to GTR2 feedback-wise?
  2. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium Member

    I'd argue about GTL feedback being less detailed, personally (although I'm assuming here that GTR2 FFB is similar to Evo) - I reckon GTL FFB is just about the best there is, but if you want it stronger, you can always turn up the forces in the controller settings, Ulli.

    As for GTR2 to GTL or vice versa, I'm afraid I don't know, and my stock answer would be to go to No-Grip and have a look in the Tracks section there, someone might have detailed a process for it already, but beyond that I can't really be of too much help. Sorry :(
  3. Track-converter: Link (Haven't tried this myself)
    And a tutorial: link2

    Let us know if it works :)
  4. to get similar feedback in GTL as in GTR2, you can copy the FFB settings from GTR2's .plr file to GTL's .plr file. It's what I did with GTR Evo, only the other way around (because I preferred my GTL settings).
  5. Ulli, I don't know which wheel you have, but here is a link to my G25 profile for GTL. There is also a download to a useful tutorial which explains the various parameters and how to optimise them to your liking. I used this guide to fine tune my profile, and like Stuart, I find the FFB in GTL to be the best of all sims I have tried.
  6. Thanks to all of you,

    --> Stuart, I will ckeck out nogrip for already existing tracks, and

    I will check out your link Kris!

    and of course I will let u guys know how your links contributed to my life :D

    Concerning the FFB settings of GTL,

    --> Warren, I got the G25
    --> I downloaded the "feels so real" file from nogrip and put that into my GTL. Furthermore, I set up FFB effects to high and 100%.

    YET, when driving the P&G mod, the curbs go right into my G25 when going over them. However, in GTL, I do not get any feedback at all when driving over them, or once again going "off-road" ;) --> no feedback.

    So, either I have a totally different personal preference, or my .plr file definitely needs a tune up!

    --> Warren, I just realized that where your link should be, there is no link!
  7. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium Member

  8. Ulli, my G25 profile is probably completely different to the one you downloaded from No Grip, I worked mine up from scratch using the Guide. You may need to adjust mine to suit your preferences, I use a fairly mild strength (I don't like excessive feedback force) and I have reduced some of the extra effects such as curbs, brake vibration, etc ( I like to concentrate on feeling the road feel and tyre grip). However, I really recommend that you have a good look at the guide / tutorial I refer to, it explains how to increase or decrease the various parameters and what effect they have.
    If you follow the tutorial, you'll have an ideal profile in about one hour.
  9. Here I am again, coming to you through the world wide web just to share my experience with you, experience I had when testing the TRAAAACK CONVEERTER :cowboy:





    it works just perfect :)

    only select the track you wish to convert and click on "convert" it's as easy as that ;)

    The only problem now is, that I believe, the option of having your personal race line made visible is only possible in GTR2 not in the Power & Glory Mod :( I checked it out last night and I couldn't find it :(

    However, I need to find a topic for my diploma thesis anyways and I already set up an appointment with my professor! So perhaps I will try to come up with sth. like this myself (I would be committed to this project which is the best turbo for success) :)
  10. I will give it a look tonight (If I have everything still installed)