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Race/Evo crash problem - Windows 7 - Multiplayer only

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Connor Caple, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    I can play for hours on single player with any variant of Race/GTR Evo but if I join a server I get as far as the garage and after about 10 to 15 seconds the game crashes to desktop with a SimBin error message.

    I've been working my butt off over the last 2 days to get back into racing, got my time down to something semi-reasonable ready for Mini-Friday and then find I can't play online. *ouch*

    I tried three different servers with the same result on each.

    Anyone have any idea what the problem may be?

    I told Win7 to 'allow' the program to pass the firewall when it popped up, can't think of anything else that's different in multiplayer. :confused:
  2. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    Took out all my custom content, killed every background program, still no joy - so it's either config files or something very, very weird.

    Booted to XP, installed the game, worked online fine... very puzzled.
  3. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    I did a complete re-install of Windows 7 today (had an issue with a printer/driver problem) and the first thing I did, once the printer was working, was to re-install Race 07 and try joining a multiplyer game.

    The same issue exists - it crashes after approximately 10 seconds of sitting in the garage, or trying to drive off. Single player seems to work fine - for hours...

    Am I the only one trying to play SimBin games on Windows 7?

    I have to go back to my XP installation to race in club events - quite strange.