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Race engineer

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by trukrdad, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. what nationality is the race engineer and what is his first name
    we think his name is Frederic "Fred"
    and his nationality we guess to be a mix of British Aussie
  2. His name's Rob and he's from Newcastle in England
  3. Nah he's not from Newcastle, He's from Middlesbrough, there's a pretty big difference (like 40 miles). He is suppost to be a personifaction of Rob Smedley, Filipe Massa's race engineer. There seems to be alot of ignorance regarding the north of England, for example, Eddie Jordan saying that Rob Smedley is from Yorkshire, which isnt true, Middlesbrough is in Cleveland. Other people seem to think he is a Geordie, which isnt true either. There is a common misconception that if your from the North East of England, your automatically a Geordie, which isnt true, try telling that to Sunderland and Middlesbrough football fans :tongue:
  4. In from Plymouth but live in the north east - gateshead to be precise which even the local news will have a reporter stood next to the angel of the north while talking about a newcastle story :D But i must say it works the other way way round too. Generally the opinion is that i must come from the London area because im a southerner, when actually its the other side of the country :D

    Anyway a little off topic there. I believe the mechanic is actually a closet sand dancer :D Haway the bairns on primes leek man
  5. Im from Durham myself, so we are not a million miles apart. You sound like a "reet owld canny lad!" ;)
  6. thanks so much for the responses.
    and as I'm a yank . I'm lovin all of the education you are including about your regions :)
  7. I live about 15 miles from Durham, North Carolina in the US. Nobody here sounds anything like the race engineer :p
  8. My missus works in Washington which is just across the river Tyne to New York. :D
  9. Yeah i had a job interview a while back at Northumbrian Water in Washington, didnt get it though.

    @Southern Oracle, We're talking about the UK mate ;) There are alot of places in USA with the same names for places as UK, i guess its confusing.