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Race driver / setup guru, looking for Seat.

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by jowseyf3, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. Hey There

    I'm looking at a test role with reserve world championship driver or world trophy seat (Best times for me) I am a good and hard working driver and can contribute allot to any team.. I have experience in setting up race cars and have used rfactor in the past so I know some setup tips if needed for the team. (And some stuff with more advanced telemetry like motec)

    Let me know if you are interested by emailing me: jowseyf3@gmail.com
  2. Still looking and highly motivated to get going in a team. Had one offer but would like at least two so can way up my options.
  3. Page should matter as shows some of my race history and a bit about myself. Never done any proper league racing, never use to have the time, just testing offline to keep reactions good and the odd public race, but that was just for fun.

    I did a few laps In the mod and was hitting in the 1-36.s race pace with 230 liters at Nurburgring if that helps, but it was the first time trying the mod properly. I am up for a test to show my skills as a driver and team worker regarding the car setup changes.
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  4. 1:36 its a good time. I was doing 1:36.8 with 245... With race set up ofc, setting the radiator size, brake duct size...
  5. Thanks. I feel I can be running up front in world trophy division and give me some experience to get use to how this series works and everything, I feel I could consistently be top 12 in the world championship. (And higher world series but the time is not possible for me) but also I know allot about adjusting the car so can be a big help to any team in pushing them further forward. I'm even up for just testing and helping the team for the rest of the season, than getting a seat next season.

    But it seems with just one offer that I declined, that there is no interest, so I will give it a couple more weeks before I look for another league to join.