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Race Director [Post Race Review] confirmed for ONLINE Mode!!

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by MS7XWDC, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. in ONLINE mode will be fantastic !!

    a great new feature !!

    [i thought it was only for pausing 'mid race' .... i'll be sure to use it 'post race' ONLINE]
  2. you mean this...

  3. Great video thanks :)

    Just noticed 1 thing at about 16:37 he says "few days off then start the next one".....NO!!! please fix the bugs with F1 2011!!!!! (if there are any which I guess any game at any level will have).
  4. Great news.
  5. I love Jessica Lopez - or should I say, the future Mrs Lock. :D
  6. Why couldn't they had her do the interview instead of that ugly german dude... :wink:
  7. Why couldnt they have got someone who could drive to demo the game rather than letting Stevie Wonder do it?
    Honestly I could watch InsideSimRacing till my eyes fall out :D

    In seriousness, that has to be the best video ive seen so far for 2011. The interviewer is asking some very intelligent questions, the sort only an enthusiast would think to ask, rather than just a regular reporter or listening to CMs spin.

    Also I cannot believe the multiplayer race director aspect of the game - this sound UNBELIEVABLE!! So, no more guess work, arguing, about incidents, as we can see what happend after the race - awesomness.
  8. ...Stevie Wonder...LOL

    Yeah it sounds very promising indeed :) Might have to put in my preorder soon... :)
  9. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I can think of a few drivers to fill that slot...Yuji Ide anyone?
  10. Yeah, almost forgot about him, would be great to see him in an F1 again...or ? :wink:

    His pitcrew must have loved him... :D

  11. anyone know if we can view who did the fastest lap after the race?
  12. Forget about after the race, if they dont make it possible to know when and who sets the fastest lap when it happens during the race, while you are still racing then somebody at CM seriously wants shooting - and Ill happily do it.

    I mean c'mon, its F1 - fastest laps, sectors, the gap time of the guys behind you (even if they are over 15 secs) is critical stuff you need to know. I still cant believe it wasnt in 2010.
  13. At least they had the decency for the engineer to say 'Oh yeah such and such a body just set the fastest lap. Just thought you might want to know,' rather than being COMPLETELY blind on it.
  14. I was thinking primarily about multiplayer. Been so long since ive played career that ive forgotten half the smoggy s**te that Smedley comes out with. He could be saying that the burger van has set the fastest lap, but without seeing the numbers, the gap etc, that sort of information is about as much use as a c**k flavour lollipop.
  15. Oh multiplayer. yeah now you're right on multiplayer.
  16. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    I think I saw on the gameplay videos that "new fastest lap" info comes up in the middle at the top.
  17. Coolio! Lets hope they have used a slightly different colour text to the colour of the sky this time round eh! :D