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Race day decisions

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by court67ontour, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. just reached race day at Malaysia after a pretty successful quali, took 9th on the grid in my force india, the big decision now is pit strategy, weather report is for heavy rain but its a dry start then 20 laps in rain starts, I can never keep my tyres in good enough condition until I pit, this means I have to change from option to prime then pit again for wets! Do i take a chance leave my options on until rain or pit earlier for fresh slicks then change again when it's quite bit wet?:confused::f1::f1:
  2. In these race circumstances i would start on the primes(prefer them anyway) they last alot longer and should see u through to the track wetting down just in time for you to change to inters or wets. Own preference really but what ihave noticed a few times is that when the AI pit they ussually put the wrong tyres on forcing them to pit again.
  3. If you had the race weather report in qualifying, you should have qualified on primes. Mostly because on longer races, if the rain says anything less then 100% on race day, its not raining at race start. The primes would have lasted you 20-25 laps easily.
    Unfortunately, qualifying on options left you at the mercy of the weather. But knowing when its about to rain, you can do the risky approach and run until about lap 15-18 and put the wets or inters on. Or run until lap 20 on the options, but really bang on them for the first few laps and slowly drop back.

    The AI does rarely put the right tires on. But if the rain stops before the end of the race, watch out for the redbulls. They will be pitting 5-10 laps before a dry line appears and tossing options on. I almost got robbed of a victory by Vettel using that strategy once.

    At least the AI in the wet is nowhere near as challenging in the dry, so if you're really good in the wet you can make up some time lost, with either strategy.
  4. If you know it's gonna rain for sure, can't you run down your quali options, refit options in your pitstop and take wets when it starts raining? you don't have to use both dry compounds in wet races...

    sure you'll still have to pit twice, but you can be running some scorching laps on the fresh options before the rain comes down.
  5. Dynamic weather and the decisions you are forced to make are great; I just wish there was a bit more information. Beyond the weather screen and RE default tire selection all I have to go on before the race is the view out the garage; it would be nice to see a view out on the track (degree of wetness and better view of the sky). For 2011 RE should offer real-time predictions during the race ("we are expecting rain within the next 5 min", etc.) like IRL.

  6. tried that option of pitting early for fresh options, then waiting for the rain, failed massively due to sticking the car into the wall. only reason I qualified on options was i thought i could beat quali objective.
  7. The weather report is far too vague and doesn't actually tell you the track conditions at that moment in time or when its likely to rain during the race i.e. a forecast.