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Race #9, GB: File Submission

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Files sent through email will only be accepted if you can prove that the file submit tool failed for you.

    Read this thread first if you are unsure about file submission: File Submission Procedures
    After you have sent your files (manager log(s) & qualifying replay(s) ), post a reply to this thread stating whether you have sent them via:
    1) File submit tool provided with the mod.
    2) E-Mail to fsradmin@gmail.com
    The deadline to submit files is Monday 23:59 GMT.

    From now on you can check HERE whether your files are received.
  2. 1 tool Ika Tsitsilashvili
  3. 1. Tool
  4. 1. tool

    Ville Leppälä
  5. 1 toooool
  6. 1) File submit tool provided with the mod.
  7. 1. Tool
  8. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    number uno
  9. 1 tool.

    I only sended Q1 replay, i dont have Q2 replay as i didnt completed any timed lap started p10
  10. 1. Tool
  11. 1. Tool (Multiple log-files and only Q2 hotlap thanks to crashes)
  12. 1. Tool
  13. 1. Tool ( PQ hotlap replay is missing as my game crashed at the end of PQ and I couldn't find any PQ replay from my friends for now. )
  14. 1. Tool
    same issue as Caner no PQ replay from the game crashing. submitted both PQ log and race log though along with Q1 replay.
  15. #1 - pm to David as well.
  16. 1) By Tool
  17. Admin - is there a quick way to work out what replay i need to send, as rfactor names it different codes and im not familiar.

    the other way is to watch each replay - but i cant remember my laptime from prequal/q1 exactly, so please could you tell me? thank you.
  18. 1) by tool
  19. 1) Tool

    My RF crashed after Pre-Q, but I think it did save some kind of replay of my lap. So I uploaded that one. I hope it's alright.