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Race #9, Europe: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Eduard Mallorquí, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Not much to say, starting in backfield is realy difficult. Tried to take it easy and survive but when people even start to braking at 600m wich caught me by suprise then well yeah.

    Car was damaged after the carnage trough S1 and after i got in a bit but car was not balanced anymore. Then in S3 i just steered in to early i , clipped wall and that was it.

    Championship will be wide open after today:D

    Hopefully more luck next time.
  3. you did your best that is the main thing even though it was for a lap only :cool::roflmao:
  4. Good job, Dani! facepalm.
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  5. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Blue Flag

    Blue Flag, informs a driver that a faster car is approaching and that the driver should move aside to allow one or more faster cars to pass. During a race, this would usually only be shown to a driver getting lapped
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  6. Podium! Drove a great race, if i was faster on hard tyres I could have fought the front maybe. Great race.

    Well done to Alvaro for pole and the win.:)
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  7. Crash model...

    I touched a front wing and SURPRISE, all car went yellow D:

    Well I didnt practice for this race at all, so im just... ok :p

    I have to be sorry with Dnaiel, we crashed and it was my fault, sorry dude.

    Also to thanks Guerrero and Klop for being good and fair fight.

    and the most important thing... MAITIA Loraine (Lets see if some one finds what Maitia means)
  8. grid 2 yay this year out really hurt my driving.

    So race started my FFB failed on turn 3 of the warmup lap. into the race Ron Squire hit my car a bit of rear damage. I hit wall again later in race braking my front suspension a little pitted then brakes failed again...
  9. I'm very lucky to have qualified, in my best lap i reduced to 1st at the hairpin to fast and spun, so my PQ was way slower then my personal best which i was able to duplicate in Q1.

    I Started in 15th and finished 13th, i am even more luckier to finish the race without any major damage or losing time in a spin and etc, in the initial 3 laps i saw 3 major crashes in front of me plus some fights later were i got hit from behind, probably because of the combination of low downforce and wore out tires i got a few hits in my rear when braking, later i was so concerned about it that when people was behind me i just went to the inside of the braking point before the bridge and let people by in the next straight if they were fast enough to be ahead before the braking point. So my main concern was to finish the race so i'm glad to finish in a better position than in the previous race.
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  10. The race in the 25th expect location. The start was good, I managed to overtake two pilots. The first two rounds went up all the way to 11 place, but then the third sector across someone stood and I could not avoid the accident. The suspension, wheels, everything is gone. I regret this because it would have looked a good result. I hope you manage to have a few points in Monza is not obtained. Congratulations to all!
  11. F*** YES!!!!! Its been a Long time coming for me but i have finally got my first ever SimRacing points finished 4th after starting from the back of the grid and a podium was on the cards until my front left brakes gave out, but it was a good race for me

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  12. Came back from vacation yday,several days without touching my wheel

    PQ- 0.8 off or so from my PB here and I actuly get in G1 quite easy...

    Race:BOG penalty .. Started 22nd and after lap 1 I was 12(?!).. Then someone spun in s3 and I had nowhere to go so I lost fw.. Lost again fw several laps later and then retire.. Top10 was possible with several more test laps but its ok to know that pace for G1 is there..Cya in Monza

  13. well i think i took out someone which ended up race. i was tucked under his rear wing going into the last corner after he'd just overtaken me going into sector 3, and completely missed my brake marker and went straight into him.

    probably completely destroyed his race. im sorry. give me a penalty, i deserve it.

    i made up a huge number of places at the start, i think i was running 6th at 1 point. The 1st lap seemed to be complete mayhem. Some very aggressive overtakes and driving out there.

    dont get me wrong, im all for that, i dont want this to turn into watered down neutered iRacing racing, but i feel like sometimes its impossible to even defend because even if i didnt leave a gap, people could still somehow muscle past me, literally shoving me out the way.

    i guess theres always going to be a compromise, you can't have the collision box too sensitive to the dimensions of the car. It was my first race back in a while, guess i need to get used to it.
  14. Actually my race had been destroyed much before, but apologies accepted. Losing the braking point at certain times happens to (almost) all of us. I did not retire due to the crash, so don't worry.

    Just came home from holidays yesterday, and in the first place I wasn't expecting to race, but fortunately for me Neil could not attend the race, so I prepared the race last night and this morning (I had to wake up early in holidays...)

    I knew I had the pace to be in Top5, but mi quali laps were not great until minutes before PQ, where I did an amazing 36.3

    I was way to far from that time in Q1, and I managed to secure a Top10 position in the last lap.

    The Q2 lap was not really quick, and I had a huge lock up in the last cornet, but awesomely that was enough to qualify 3rd, many people made mistakes in their laps.

    The start was awful, and I almost hit Holmes in turn 8, losing two spots. Then was coming a teammate with softs, I let him through and was able to keep two guys behind, but in turn 17 someone didn't know there was a corner or something...

    Then I was fighting with a teammate, lost concentration and spun, with somebody hitting me and breaking my rear wing.

    The remaining 40 laps had to be completed with a heavily damaged car, and it took me a few laps to get used to the behaviour of the car. So that's it, waiting mistakes and overtaking some people... P8 finally.

    Congrats to Álvaro again for winning, and to the other two PSR drivers in the Top10.
  15. the first lap mayhem from my perspective.

    1m53 is an example of the kind of barging through i was on about. i mean, if thats acceptable, fine.
    i dont mind either way.

    (or 5m58, or 6m08)
  16. where did Joao Gabriel start on the grid cant find his qualy position on GPCOS
  17. scratch that last message found out that he had a Back of the Grid Penalty
  18. If people would be a bit more patient and not so super agresive then we would have much more happy drivers i think.

    What is youre opinion about 5.37 for example ?

    This is exactly what i tried to say in the Hungary WC post race checks, people often dont want to give way once they beaten. In 5.37 i wouldnt even had think about it to try it at that place to be honest. 1.53 is prolly the same, i would have made sure that i would be fully alongside you before turn in point otherwise just tucked in behind you.

    But well yeah looking forward to Monza gonna be fun to.:D

    Just hope people will become a bit more calm in the start, races are long and there is enough time to make up places. In the start instead of a Hero you often become a zero.:roflmao:
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  19. well seeing as it was me driving i'd say the other guys fault! lol
    i know, it was bad.
    i was so annoyed about the way he had come from so far back, and simply shoved me out to overtake me at the previous corner, that i saw red, and tried in desperation to get him back immediately at the next.
    again i probably deserve a penalty for it as his move probably didnt cause me any damage or huge loss of time, whereas i spun him round.

    my only point is its the polar opposite of iracing, where in that the damage model is ridiculous and overly sensitive, and the collision boxes surround the outer perimeter of the car - here in this rfactor mod, its gone too extreme in the other direction.

    its like theres no disincentive to dive bomb and stick it up the inside, because at worst you'd get yellow minor damage, at best, the guy in front is simply shoved out the way and you're through.
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  20. James Sadler

    James Sadler
    GhostSpeed Racing Manager Premium Member

    Firstly I want to apologise to Mo Selvarajah for the incident at 1:53. I had serious lag on the formation lap and some how I sustained damage to my nose cone. This meant I had massive under steer, which led to accidentally putting you outside the track. However when I was racing I thought I hadn't pushed you out of the track so I want to apologise for that incident. I know now that when I am in a situation like that, I should brake like what Mark said. I know I am going to get a penalty for that but I did it so I should face up to the consequences.

    By the way, when Kevin blocked you on the entry to the second corner in the third sector, that was like a repeat on the first lap.

    Never mind lets all look to the next race. Lets calm down when trying to overtake and not being to aggressive. I need to calm down and get some consistency but I am learning and this is only my 4th race in FSR, as well I am young. Good luck to everyone for the next race.
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