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Race 8 - Sugo

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Sep 28, 2011.

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  1. WIP :tongue:

    TIME November, Thursday 24 - 20:00 CET
    CIRCUIT Sugo STC Version
    WEATHER Changeable. Check website for the forecast


    30 minutes Practice
    10 minutes Qualification
    20 minutes Warm Up
    90 minutes Race
  2. Thread Open!
  3. Reggie Blain

    Reggie Blain

    Best of luck to all the drivers and teams tonight really looking forward to this race, i will be watching this 1 from the grandstand and its still all to play for with only 3 rounds to go so these will be very important races with no room for error, a DNF at this stage could really hurt a teams final out come in the championship... So no pressure guys;)

    Think a few beers are in order for this race
  4. Spot on Mr.Blain.
    I have missed STC so much after the two week break. I wish every team good luck and have a nice race today. :)

  5. There we are in complete agreement :D cheers m8
  6. do we have live timing available?
  7. Hello

    Is it possible to get a replay of the broadcast yesterday and the week before?
  8. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini

    A far from perfect, but still good event for me on this wonderful track at Sugo.
    I did a lot of practice for this one and was expecting a liitle bit more from me this time around.

    Q: After some bad superpole-laps for me on my last STC races, this one was finally a solid one without a biger mistake.
    I could not really attack this lap, because I was sliding atround a bit too much, but still a nice time and almost my pb (p5 on the grid).

    R: I had some luck on the start that I barely avoided the situation with Risto and Yuri after turn 2.
    After that I tried to stay somewhat close to the leaders, but I couldn't really make that happen, intead Yuri came closer quickly after a while.
    When the time for the pitstop came around I was still in p3 with a small gap, but the outcome of the pitstop was very discouraging...
    I had a perfectly normal pitstop and was still overtaken by Yuri who was pitting on the same lap + I lost a ton of time to the Corvettes in front. Having started with a full tank this was really discouraging stuff, but oh well...

    My second stint was unfortunatly not the best one, with 2 mistakes that costed me a couple of seconds; the second one beeing close to Robin who apparently had some minor problems at the end.
    At one time there was also Alexandre who came very close until he had a quick offtrack experience on the last corner just like myself later on.

    q: 5th / r: 4th

    I should still be happy with the result :)
    Still there's some bad luck going on with our team on this season which will hopefully turn around for the better for the last 2 rounds.

    An extra kudos from my part to the guys that were lapped during the race on this narrow track, it all went very smooth, thank you :)
  9. My qualifying was pretty bad, i lost about 0,5sec in the first chicane alone and rest of the lap wasnt spot on either
    3rd was okay, i already knew with my pace i would have a defensive race anyway, and if i held corvettes behind me, in the
    pits i would be overtaken anyway.

    i still wanted to go aggressive from the start, i was well set for the start and hit the gas instantly when Green light was said,
    unfortunatley i was too good as Robin slept the start a bit and i had to slow down alot to not pass him before S/F line.
    That allowed Yuri to get next to me, we were side by side well in the first corner, he was a bit further ahead but i squeezed
    in as i was in the inside. Next corner was the opposite with me being ahead and him trying to squeeze in from the inside,
    unfortunatly his thrust at me was a bit stronger, in an off cambered corner and i held it worse aswell (could have gone further
    to the right) as he said in the podium talk, pretty much a race accident, just bad fortune i ended up getting the worse of it.
    After getting off i was at 14th, tried to make a move immediatly but, as with most other bumps i had with the rear field,
    was caught by the very early brakings and strange lines, so i spun again, waited for everyone to pass and came back last.
    Could have been a fun hustle back to high points but i kept making mistakes and wasnt patient enough with some moves,
    i spun hard into wall needing a fixing pitstop with about 55min to go, even then my tyres were already done.
    Appearantly i totally misjudged my fuel as i added about 40L too much (with what i crossed the line with) so even with an
    ´undercut´ i was back in the same place. With a heavier car and a hour on the same tyres i again was unable to make smooth
    progress and crawled to finish14th with absolute no rear grip, very lucky for us to actually gain more points than FDR,
    very embarrased by my peformance but thats only extra motivation for next races and more to learn from mistakes.

    Well done top guys for the pace, actually all the guys for the pace, i remember being in only 20th place when people starting getting faster lol. In this track the Audis and Zondas were very good with their handling as visible in the results,
    the broadcast as always great to watch, looks like a close championship finish sprint again!
  10. This was quite an interesting race to watch and lots of action kept it interesting until the end.
    Now there was something that really disturbed me though.
    This is an example of racing lines from a guy who critisized the pit exit lines of various drivers at Hockenheim.
    Nobody can say that exiting the pits at Hocke using a different line gives you an advantage but that's not the case in this vid.

    And lap after lap the same thing...

    Oh and congrats to FDR/D for a very nice team result and thanks for the STC crew for a very good broadcast.
  11. It was not criticism, it was a question if you can go over the line when we were not sure if we could do that.
    and the question was in the war section.
  12. OK, right subject, wrong Johansson. Well I can put this into the form of a question. Is it really necessary to drive through the grass to gain an advantage?
  13. perfectly legal interpretation of STC rules, aesthetes might differ, but legally sound.
  14. Didn't we have similair talk about this after the race at Spa because people were cutting the exit of Eau Rouge?
  15. I wasn't calling for a penalty nor a discussion about the rules. I know the rules say that we leave it to the game to decide. It was just awful to see that kind of cutting.
    I guess it's just one of those things....you either do it or not...in this case I only saw one driver do it consistantly and that kind of says it all.
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  16. i just followd the rules and what that says in war is for the team spokesmen and your not even have right to be there and you have always been one of them that cut most of all on the track so how can just you say somthing about cuting????

    ok im also think it not so clean driving and not so fast etiher and i got a stop en go for it so...
  17. I think you should back up those accusations with some facts... oh wait, you can't because you just made up all that.
  18. @ Mikko!
    The thing about pitexit line came from a discussion between me and Göran when we practiced Hockenheim. We discussed if it was legal to drive over the exitline or not, hence the "Q" on the WAR section by the spokesman.
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