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Race #7, Monaco: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Wow...congrats to Mr Mallorqui,unbelievable drive......definitely a result worthy of a WS competitor.

    ****ty start bud in the end im screeming XD
  4. Edu will win the WT championship...then next year he goes after Bono Huis!!!^^^
  5. Survival for me for 58 laps, broke the car in T1 on lap2 I think and then after that I wasn´t able to do anything but hope I manage to keep the thing on the track. P9 for all this sweat is pretty good I guess!
  6. congrat edi he did perfect race i lost it chance finish in top 10 me misteiks monaco hard track drive cefrefuli but crash 2 muchh looking forvard on next race
  7. Congrats Edu on a pretty dominating win.

    I got off to a good start and was in 8th/9th by the end of the first lap then dropped back pretty quickly.

    I need someone to explain how to make it so I can run these engines flat out for the entire race. I ran boost 4 for 15 laps then boost 8 for 7-8 laps then boost 10 for the rest of the race. I wasnt able to push after my first stop on lap 26, I had to shift before any lights were on the wheel and generally had a boring race; I think I fell asleep at one point...

    I had 50secs to the guys behind so I was able to sit back and bring home 7th place.

    I've got 2 log files as well, how do I submit two files? Also, rFactor crashed at the end of Q so I have no replay. Could one of you kind souls upload your Q1 replay?

  8. Tim, boost it's only a RPM limiter. If you have problems with engine, just use an higher radiator value.

    About your log files, send first the first log and later send the 2nd log. About the replay, don't worry.
  9. Hmmm...that seems out of whack...just my opinion.
  10. guys were we can download live brodcast?
  11. Next time i just skip this track, seems i cant finish a race at Monaco no matter what i do.

    Q1, got in a good lap p4 i think enough to make it to top10 quali.

    Then Q2 i practised a bit more despite being half a second of the practise laps i did a 12.0 was just enough to be p3 on the starting grid so was extremely happy with that as i was aiming for a top4 starting position. Grid position could have been pole possible as i mucked the last corner in my q lap.

    THen race got good underway without troubles, passed Viirok after some laps as he made a mistake. After that Kalamees for 20 laps behind me driving p2 untill the pitstops. I have done many laps around this track and no single time i crashed my car at the swimming pool chicane,. however this time somehow i managed to park the car in the inside wall there. Watched the replay back a couple of times, probably caused by driving error or mayby it where the worn tyres that caused this crash.

    Anyway utterly disapointed as i was not realy going at it but more cruising and just keep safe half a sec off the practise times i did before, yet mayby its better to just go for it to stay concentrated i guess.

    Grats to Eduard Vettel:cool: for a good drive and all finishers as well.
  12. hey guys looked like a great race. well done liam for the commentry didnt hear who the other guys was but thanks to you too. Looked like not many finished well done danny ;) will see you all at canada :)
  13. q1 was a hard one. I just managed to put my car into p10.,

    Q2 was good on p4

    Race start was good but had to let ivar trough. Then someone called Mo did a do or die action and i had to skip the chicane and let Mo through.

    Had a nice stint but pressed the wrong button when entering the pit. No limiter on and i was driving a bit to fast. So Drive Throught penalty. I did my DT and was behind Ben. Ben made a little mistake and i got through.

    But then left hander before s1 on the last lap my right brake blow up. And easy driving then but out of the tunnel the car turns and got stuck on the curb.
  14. amazing comentation again liam thanks many many thanks
  15. aww thanks for your comment Ika , it was an honour to commentate for such an action packed race and i really enjoyed it! cant wait for canada :p
  16. Action packed for some, not for others. I challenge you to do ~54 laps with completily broken front suspension without sweating your ass off and totaling your vehicle. Come think of it, it was quite action packed for me - since I was able to make it and let cars pass me about 40 times ^^