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Race #6, Great Britain: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Eduard Mallorquí, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. What i still dont understand are the following facts:

    1) People were crashing and loosing connection all time, why we went to race without solving the problem?

    2) I've never had lag, but suddenly you see car coming crazy, yesterday happened the same in WS (see Nick Rowland), and we did nothing.

    3) What I just can't understand in any condition is why you keep throttling when you are seeing a car who spun just in front of you. just cant enter in my mind.
  3. Very bad luck for me and for Wendt too, who I took 0,0058s last G1 spot and then I awesomely get disconnected from race... Anyway, cya next race!
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  4. I dont know what happended but i didnt see u anymore, u lagged to much, im sorry if i hitted u!
  5. I think its the last lap incident you should worry about more, giving tusting no room while he was next to you.
  6. What happened at the first corner? Some car just suddenly appeared infront of me and i had no time to react in any way. It dissapeared before the start and I thought that his game crashed or something but no. It just suddenly appeared infront of me... He disappeared several times during the formation lap also.

    I guess he retired and I fell to P20 or something and had a damaged car.

    EDIT: I think it was Carlos. Really sorry about the incident but you were lagging so badly that I didn't even know that you were in the race anymore.

    Mikko Suokas
  7. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    So my TV was about to turn off automatically so I had to stop and extend the power on time...lol.

    Anyway I had a good qualifying but wasn't enough for Q2 this time either.

    Finished 16th, could've been 15th or above without the TV incident or the 2 spins I made.
  8. Brake failure... again.
  9. Bad luck (again)...
    I could say that the game took a pole away from me since i was using Q2 setup even in Q1 and that lap would have been a pole lap. Before moving to Q2 the game crashed and then i couldnt connect back because the session was already closed.. Great.. P10.
    Then in the race i was surrounded by cars with much lower wings so overtaking wasnt easy and even if i finally managed to overtake one guy i made a mistake and then lost couple of places again...
    Unlucky, because i think i could have been there fighting for the podium today.
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Sorry for being slowly over the whole race. I've been almost the last one, who did it into grid 1 and so there were no big chances. But target-grid 1 was successful and that's what I wanted.
  12. Just to be clear, im sure they started about it again in the BroadCast,.... WE DO NOT HAVE TEAM ORDERS.

    When you are on dead tyres Hards in my case,.... and youre teamie is on Fresh tyres Soft lapping 2 to 2,5 sec faster and catching you up its pretty obvious you are not gonna fight eachother because its utterly pointless to do so. Infact i almost lost everything today because with 3 laps to go i had a big OFF when going into the new section, i went over the curb with these worn tyres and i just lost the car. Somehow still managed to save the car and stay in front of Rens and bring it home in p2.

    In our team we drivers are free to race and do what they want, you go on different strategy then this can happen. Difference on 7 laps old Soft tyres or 20 laps Hard tyres is gigantic, even if i didnt had that big off Franz would still have gotten the spot anyway because my tyres where dead final 3 laps.

    Q I realy gotta sort out my Q2 now, it have not been so good the last 2 races and especialy good grid position is important to not loose to much time in start of the race.

    R Realy struggling in opening laps, never been able to do times i was doing in testing. Only after my stop the car actualy started to feel like how it did in practise. Finaly managed kick in some good times and due to pitted one lap earlyer then Rens i was able to jump him luckily, this gave me clear air and i could build up a gap to him. THen with 3 laps to go i had a big off, clipped curbs in fast section and lsot car, somehow sitll managed to stay in p2 but lost position to Franz. In the end it was just gliding alll over the place to finish in p2. Extremely happy with it considiring how hard this race was realy. Gratz to Franz for another race win.:D
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  13. sorry about the start i had remapped my launch control button to something else so when i came to press it......nothing happened.
    by the time i had figured out what i'd done lights had gone green and someone hit me from behind as i was parked.

  14. I don't know who took the win, but congrats the podium.

    Twister were faster this weekend in Q, Qualifying in P2 today, was posible.

    As i said before, I've revised my connection, I just phone my internet provider for seeing if there was any technical issue 12:00 GMT and there wasnt. I've been the hole morning in the FSR server, I did 100 laps this morning so you can check if it was lag or not, but in the moment we were +21, everybody was dropping from the server.

    Two weeks ago was Jorrick, now several more pilots and my accident in the starting lap...
  15. Carlos my game was fine until the server started filling up in practice and my game crashed a couple of times. maybe its a server problem?

    I was fine in g2 as was fewer cars. Thank you to all in G2. to finish 4th is amazing after a year and a half. start was ok I was going easy as didn't want to be involved in any t2 accidents. Saw people crashing behind me. on lap 11 as Carlos Lopez came out pits behind me he misjudged my braking with worn tires and tapped the rear of my car slightly giving me damage but was partially my fault on worn tires. i got to lap 11 until i had to pit as my front left was almost gone. 14s pit due to damage. on lap 14 Tom Kelley was in front of me and must of had worn tires as he was sliding a lot. I caught him up and as I went to pass in the chicane we touched which made us both spin. It was a hard overtake but with the speed I was catching him I had little choice as he slowed a lot more than I thought he would of. on lap 19 I caught Milan to lap him but I didn't want to ruin my race on last lap so I slowed a little to get some space behind him. coming into the last corner my fuel went and I coasted over the line in 4th.

    Without the damage and 14s pit stop maybe I could of been closer to podium but that's racing and I'm just glad to be back.

    Cya in Germany
  16. Imagine that on the radio to mark 'ok so Franz is faster than you can you confirm you understood that message' 'good lad just stick with it now......sorry' :roflmao:
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  17. mark "leave me alone I know what im doing"
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  18. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    No more like Multi 21 :p
  19. didnt make it to Grid1 for the 1st time and cba to race in g2
  20. Such an unexpectedly result!

    I was struggling a lot with this track and couldn't find the speed and set as I had the last few races and in Q1 I was nearly out but could drive one of the fastest time I did in this track which was compared to the other drivers slow :thumbsdown: I drove then Q2 pb and could start from 2nd. Ben was then pulling away and I had no chance to follow his pace. I didn't really believe to win the race till I saw Ben was in the pits for the second time in 3 laps so I thought he crashed or get a penalty so I had then a 20s gap to him and tried to don't make any mistakes but at Vale I spun and lost 4 seconds. After my last pit stop I was 8 seconds behind Mark and a few less behind Rens but I had fresh softs. I gain around 2s per lap against them both and could pass Rens at t1 4 laps to go. A lap later Mark did a mistake and I could take the lead and bring the win home :) Great Race and nice 1 2 for GS.

    See ya in a few months, have a nice summer ;)
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