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Assetto Corsa Racing Club (LIVE)

Race 6 - Elkhart Lake

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Sep 28, 2011.

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  1. WIP :tongue:

    TIME November, Thursday 3 - 20:00 CET
    CIRCUIT Elkhart Lake STC Version
    WEATHER Changeable. Check website for the forecast


    30 minutes Practice
    10 minutes Qualification
    20 minutes Warm Up
    90 minutes Race
  2. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

  3. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    This track is verry nice and dangerous in the same time.
    Because the corners dosent have a run off green area like others do,we can find ourself ,sometime over the line on the grass.
    I am anxious to see the race day come and watch all those cars on track...:rolleyes:
  4. Very high speed and high risk track. Lots of off track moments expected.
  5. first ever STc outing there, so really looking forward to it. Too bad two of the guys supposed to represent Blue Flag both had work engagements coming up, so we have to retool our lineup.
  6. I am sure you will do a great race here... in the end, this is your lake. Isn´t it?
  7. I think I am in love with this track. :D
  8. You should be with that cheat car of yours. :D
    It has like 150% aero compared to the other cars.
  9. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    Touche..i wonder how fast can YOU be in one of those..:D
  10. Well, that was one of the worst races I have had...

    Made many small maistakes in qualy and ended up 21st.

    Had a few of good first laps coupled with others missfortune and was up to 15. Had that for a while with a "steady" gap of about 3 secs to the guys behind. Then I made a little mistake in the Carousel and visited the gravel a little. Not a mega big deal but when I got onto the tarmac again the car spun around and I lost to 18th. Then the two infront came together a few corners after and i was up to 16th again. But I lost the rythm and after the pitstops I was only 18th. I then made two identical mistakes the first half of my second stint. I put the left wheels onto the gravel in the brakezone for the last turn. Both times lost about 8 seconds. Then had a fight with a Sonic driver. He then spun me around in the same damn corner. He did let me pass again but time was of course lost. He later made a mistake and it looked to be a couple of easy laps at the end. But then one of the FDR cars was going to lap me so out of the last corner I went to the inside, look back to see so that I didn't do any weird moves and then BANG!!! - There was the pit wall and race over with 3 minutes to go... no points :frown:

    Grats to Mikko and the rest.
  11. ahm well, with 3 minutes to go you will still get points but not as many as you could have done. great race to watch again, some awesome overtakes in the first 20 minutes, pity Emil Süllberg dropped out, he did great!
  12. I was that Sonic driver Andreas, I'm sorry for the spun I gave you but you had a very different approach there ... on the first time I hit you, then I let you pass, and the 2nd time I turned left in order to avoid you and got to the gravel.

    @Quali: My first laps without heavy fuel, calmly done and got to an impressive 7th.

    @Race: I made an error in the first lap and spun during the fast part of the circuit dropping to 17th. I was struggling with the heavy tank of fuel I've got. Then I has in the fight with a lot of drivers and got hit by almost everyone ... then, one Gumpert decided to late brake inside for the T1 and, off course, hit me, got str8 to the wall and damage the hole car. I was impressed with the lack of responsability of the drivers in this race ...

    Pedro Louro
  13. @Pedro: No worries. The hit didn't do anything for the overall resulst (even if I would have finished) so I will not report it or anything. Was just very frustrating considering my race got worse and worse all the time, lol.

    @Eckhart: Oh, I thought only top 20 scored :tongue: Got classified 23rd.
  14. Amazing, we got 5 teams fighting for 4th position while FOR, FDR and GBK a bit behind are fighting for the championship.
  15. Race report,

    Q: After a really scrappy lap I was still able to pull a 1.57.9 and surprisingly got pole.

    R: Good start with Risto as rear gunner I was able to pull a gap and even though some guys got past him I was still able to build a nice gap before the pit cycle started. I waited until the closest Vettes started to pit and then went in myself. Unexpectedly it was closer than I thought and I came out just infront of Robin. He got really close and tried to do something into a fast right hander after S1 split. But in the end there was no way he could have passed me there so I just went flat out from there on and never looked back. After I saw Robin had given up I lifted too and just kept it safe.

    I got to say I was quite unimpressed about the things Robin said in the interviews after the race. But maybe he was just dissappointed to finish "only" second so he was probably upset. Anyway congrats to him for P2 and Tyler for a fought P3. Also a round of congrats to Risto for a very nice P4, and our club guys for bringing home the points, and congrats to all finishers as well. It's not easy to keep the car between the lines for 90 mins on this track so even if you had some off's but finished it's a good result.

    See you in the next event... if/when I'm back to normal health again.
  16. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

  17. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

  18. Very disappointing race for me. Qualifying was bad, Race pace was just ok, but getting hit in the 1st lap in a completely unnecessary manner killed my race right there (How many times does it need to be said? Be careful in the 1st lap!!!). And getting hit again a few laps later when I was catching a pack of drivers made it even harder and cost me even more time than first incident. This incident was however just unfortunate, as the driver in front of me lost control and ended up sideways on track right in front of me... Managed to climb back to 16th but it felt I could definitely do better but luck wasn't on my side yesterday. Still I had some nice fights, and the last one with Tom Ilsbroux was particularly frustrating but also interesting to watch I'm sure haha

    Btw, the start was a mess. Some guys started to accelerate before green, then stopped, then GREEN! if I hadn't remember I'm not supposed to pass guys before the start/finish line I would have made easily 3 or 4 positions right there.

    Tiago Órfão - ABRacing
  19. Lool, but you got me :( , Some nice driving from you there, that saleen just hass to much torque :) .

    Yeah same problem on the start, had to go completly off the throttle as there was a pile up in front. If I hadn't i would have easily took 4, 5 cars. I was impressed at that point as i expected everyone to shoot pass, but they didn't and everyone slowed down. Going to watch the replay for that one.

    First laps where hard, to many cars on a narrow track, to bumps here and there but nothing major. Again sry Matthias, as i said on TS I missed by braking point, could avoid at first but car slided to far sideways and hit you. Not a major one I think but its something which I try to avoid.

    Same feeling could have done better, but it wasn't an easy track so it could have been worse also.
  20. Honestly, i have to be happy about my result. I've never raced on road america before yesterday 20.00.
    I had a dozen of laps with my teammates that helped me to set a time only1 sec slower than them, luckily this is a track easy to understand...
    I made the qualify slower than i could do, but i wanted to understand better the track. I made 3-4 laps also during warmup, so i felt in feeling with the track and i decided to race.
    R: The first lap was a mess, continuous brake&go, expecially before the hill at the end of the lap, i made a miracle in order to avoid contacts! Then i had a good pass in the nexts corners, but when my father came in my room for support for his pc, i made the stupid error of braking outside the drive line, so i went long and i hit someone (i am very sorry, that was a stupid mistake, i lost the focus on the track), so i waited for everyone pass me, and then start my race. Had some very nice fights with some people, had a not avoidable contact with someone that spun just in front of me in the middle of a corner (sorry but there is something that only GOD can do), and i finished 17th. Without some stupid errors i could get 3-4 positions, but not better...

    PS: i received 3 warnings for blue flag after the last corner, i was outside the driving line and i was not at full throttle, i had the 1st next to me and i got 2 warnings in something like 2 seconds... is it really fair? now i can understand why my teammates braked during straights, the game gives warnings like a granny at halloween....
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