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Race #6, Britain: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by John-Eric Saxén, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Horrible race. Really bad lag at the start. Cars were disappearing everywhere. Diaz I apologise for hitting you. Your car was flickering and looks like I hit, I apologise.

    First time in a while I have suffered with such bad lag at the start of a race.

  3. he nick sorry my understeerd out and i hit you sorry that you span
  4. Incredible lag on the start, I saw my front wing fly on turn 3 and my race finish. Probably I could be on top 10 this race but lucky is my archienemy.

    Vasilev, sorry for the hit, but I think that your move was illegal (you cant move when braking). First time I can avoid, second time not.

    Congrats Brljak and the podium, also for my teammate Santiago for his first extra points and fantastic P12. Good job mate!

  5. rFactor dedicated server decided to crash right after the race was over. This meant neither result files nor replays were stored from the race session. So expect no results in a little while...
  6. No problem, Danny
  7. Hey

    I just want to apologize for the freeze i had lap 1 , i have no idea what happend so i decided to let people pass until my game came back with normal fps

    sorry all :)
  8. And this is probably why the server crashed


  9. No problem Nick, thanks for apologise. My race ended there, I imagine it was not on purpose, so no problem.
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  10. Your car was behind of mine before braking and if you notice where the racing line is off course I will turn. You don't expect someone to move out of he way when is actually racing with you right? Me personally I find this move dirty and rude. You was faster enough to make a clean overtaking with a better opportunity. Anyway RC will take decision on his.

    PS I'm sure you will never do this if we was on a real track with real cars. Because you know very good what is going to happen.

    Congrats Petar!
  11. Congrats to Petar!

    My race went well untill the last stint.
    Still a good result considering i was driving naked the entire race.
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  12. I've never known you to wear clothes :O_o::roflmao:
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  13. Rodriguez front's wing is at same height as you rear wheel, so you were supposed to give him the space.
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  14. In my eyes there was plenty space left on the inside for Rodriguez to go, but i dont feel like playing FSR Admin simulator 2013 now rofl.
  15. Had a great start, but then couple of stupid mistakes like forgoting to turn off the damage repairs in pits, and a weird penalty because of blue flag - I'm sure I didn't hold up anyone but excactly that second I gave the position I got the drive thru penalty.. So very weird and frustrating moment...
    Congrats to Petar !
  16. And why Patel ran with .HDV mismatch?
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  17. RC will decide. Again, you can not change the direction under braking, FOR ME is illegal and unsafe. The first time you stand in front of me, I blocked brakes and you're lucky that I did not hit you. In the second ocasion you again brake while turning and you swoop upon me. Look at my steering wheel on both occasions, brake right and you come against me, as if I did not exist.
  18. Patel's mismatch was another result of the mod/simsync problems we have at the moment. It only appeared after change of session so it was not a genuine .HDV mismatch. Btw, results are up now, hopefully I typed in everything correctly...
  19. Ok, thx for response.
  20. Ryan Winsper

    Ryan Winsper
    Origin Front Row Racing - Team Manager

    I disagree with this, IMO, he only moved close to the side of him in the braking zone, Rodriguez braked later to move along side with him, Vasilev did the right thing I think.
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