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Race #6, Barcelona: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    had no time to practice and that showed up in pace but was still looking for some fun battles but noob mistake in t1 and thats it :redface:
  3. it wass good race for me but on last2 laps i broke enginge i tryining catch david gracia so put full bost damnit but evrething are ok feling much much better then in other races sorry mme crap englesh best regards ika
  4. A lot of good qualifications, good start and 16th positions move on to tenth place. Excellent ride to the pit in a 24 round. Then the struggle with Tjeerd Feddema but unfortunately the man had no patience to pass me when the situation is clear, but he wanted from impossible positions.
    Dont drive like that because then nobody would not have finished the race.
    Consciously go to contact if you are behind me is really crazy.
    What kind of justice, I ended up in the wall and you continued.
    What to do? I had to cut out a little anger from yourself.
    Justice will probably be on my side next time?
    Regards all.
  5. Had an awful Q-lap which translated into P17.

    Was able to do a good start passing 3-4 cars untill in T2 people on my leftside were running into each other and one of the cars spun right in front of me causing me suspension damage and a lost front wing.

    After pitting I was catching up on the field alot and was hoping to recover from all this. Everything actually looked good, untill I had a funny little Accident.

    Check 33min10sec from the replay, my POV. Great stuff.

    My greetings go to the cars Flying in blue colors..!

    See you in Monte Carlo.
  6. guys were can we download livebrodacst?
  7. it will be upsoon m8
  8. deivid is watching tennis
  9. Thanks for a great race today guys it's been one of the best I've commentated on as there was so much action. It was an honour to have commentated on such an exciting race. :)
  10. It was an awsome broadcast and excellent action as well as excellent commentation! -> well done Liam!
    Also extreamly to see Ivar taking 2nd place! Really proud! :) A lot of retirements this race, seems it was not easy to keep the engine alive as well for many drivers.
  11. At last my first win in FSR. YEAH!!!!

    my q2 was much better then expected.

    Heated the tire good but the road to the grid was like if it felt ages. This takes to long.

    But first corner i could go passed Ahlman and take the lead. First few laps Kalamees behind me but i could take a gap of 3 sec. Then Nilsson was behind me but could not make a overtaking action. After my pitstop i had Mallorqui behind me and he was closing the gap. After lots of laps within 1 sec he makes a little mistake and i had some fresh air.

    Good steady race

    Thnx to the team and hopefully we get more of this.
  12. Was interesting race. Had to start saving engine from the start of the race - around lap 5. And really shortshift the last stint to make it.
    First laps I could stay behind Marcel, until I started to concentrate on my engine. Nilsson could pass me easily after I made a mistake in T9. Then it was quite boring race with Aalberts just behind me but failing to make any pass-attempts. Later in the stint Mallorqui got slipstream from me and passed me easily, I didn't fight back, because of the tires and the engine.
    Later for my surprise I found Mallourqui facing the wrong way after the chicane and I passed him. Last laps I could really take it easy and come home in second.

    Great result for the team :) Good job Marcel.

    Shame that the Broadcast doesn't seem to be up :/
  13. Congrats Marcel!

    Very happy with my first result here.
    Had a good qualifying, way better than I expected.

    Then the race, had an incident in turn 1, the driver in front of me braked very early, forcing me to go off track to avoid him. Luckily there wasn't a collision.

    Then in lap 27 I had the collision with Vicentijevic, I don't know though why he blames me. He first changed lines two times and then squeezed me to the grass. Anyway, I'm sure a good decision will be made about this incident.

    After that it was a lonely race, I was faster than the driver behind me, but was not able to close the gap between me and the driver in front of me. Just had to bring the car home.

    Looking forward to the next race.
  14. Grats to Marcel, good run m8

    Got in top10 with provisional pole, so was looking good a sloppy q2 threw me back on the grid a bit. It was verry close with 5 drivers on a 17,2 however my 17,2 was the last in line so P6 grid position. waited to long to do my q2 lap, so i had to hurry to make it to the finish line in time, and i think this fast outlap killed my lap realy.

    Anyway race had a good start got up to p4 at the first corner so was settling in behind kalamees for some time i think. However i made a crucial mistake and that is that i didnt adjusted my front wings, in clear air the car was perfect but it was horrible in traffic. Anyway due to this i was never able to make any passing attempts, in fact i was having a lot of trouble to keep of Petar and Eduard wich i lost places to in the end. My car was just understeering to much in traffic simple said. Anyway in first part of the race i tried verry hard to get close enough to make a move on kalamees, but by this i destroyed my tyres and had to sacrifice by a early pitstop. So whole 2nd stint was just cruising mode saving tyres, wich just lasted and saving my engine wich just lasted.

    In the end i gained 2 places back due to mistakes and mishap from others, so p4 in the end is not to bad but with a better q2 and mayby better strategie more would have been possible. Up to Monaco, gonna be a nice lottery i guess. xD
  15. hello all i hope nobody penalizaided me edu make great video from spain race
    enjoyed all end again bige thanks liam
  16. aww thanks Ika it was no problem i loved commentating it was a great race. Eds video is awesome and i hope he makes one for monaco as well. Best of luck for monaco :)