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Race #6, Barcelona : Broadcast Download

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Damian Henderson, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. PSR still not uploaded it on to the PSR site, but I managed to get it uploaded elsewhere for now.


    Me and Liam was very well in sync most of the race, but there's a bit of a gap in the start and slight issue with camera's in warmup but the race was good, lots of action to follow all race.
  2. where would we be without you damian :p. I have been itching to re watch this all day hoping psr uploaded it but still no luck so a massive thank you :D
  3. thank you guys regards ika
  4. im also uploading it to my youtube channel now should be done in around an hours time so be sure to give it a like and spread the word of fsr ;)
  5. absolutely great broadcast! Thanks Liam for the great commentation and Damian for the great camera work! you guys really rock!
  6. aww thanks Andreas , im glad you enjoyed it :)
  7. thank you liam perfect commentation best regards!
  8. awww more than welcome ika im glad you enjoyed it it was great to commentate on :D