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Race 4 - Donington Park

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Sep 28, 2011.

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  1. Ah, thank you Nicola.
  2. Where / when can we download last event ?
  3. was a shame that the winner and the 2nd place driver didn't come on the broadcast last night! it felt weird tbh!
  4. True. My english is quite useless, but I tried anyway to say something when I was honored to speak. if you do not want to talk. then let 3 cars pass you :tongue:
  5. As I told David, neither me or Dinca had a working microphone. Please let's not try to witch to that topic.

    Gratz to all who finished the race and also gratz to FDR racing who started at the back of the grid and managed to get into 2nd and 4th.
  6. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Premium Member

    Here here....I promise that for the next win i will have a working mic...:tongue:...hahahaha.

    Thanks to all for cheers and good words and i will also say grats to the rest of the podium and to the ones that finished the race.
  7. Great :)
  8. i think this one deserve also a big LOOOL
  9. I would not say I tapped you - more you tapped me. I wasn´t expecting you there (i was looking more in front to your teamate, who hold me off a lot) this moment so i wanted to the inside as normal cause outside is no grip, so you had could expext that from my point of view and let me room, also because you wasn´t in the same high as my car.
    Found that a bit unfair cause i followed you a few laps, before i could overtook you fair and clean. So that you had maybe noticed i was faster to this time. From my cockpit view, your/ or "mine tap" (how you want) felt more like a push me off track which made me quite angry (which you noticed maybe later .-) due i had still the possibility to catch P9.
    So, shame that you give me the blame for your driving, anyhow i´m thinking we don´t fit together on track :-/
  10. It was dissapointing to not hear from all the podium last night. I think it is the least we can do if we are lucky enough to get on the podium after all that goes into STC, come in and say a few words. If you don't have a mic fair enough but please get one. If you don't speak english ok not much we can do about that. Other than that...lets hear about your race!
  11. Reggie Blain

    Reggie Blain
    Premium Member

    Hey guys just watched the broadcast and i have to say i really enjoyed it, hats of to the broadcast team for a great job and a big congrats to WBR on there first STC win. It was a very hard race in these conditions and well done to everyone who finished. FDR what can i say to come from the back like that and finish 2nd and 4th is just out standing.

    Thanks to all involved and congrats to the podium finishers
  12. On the replay i saw the rear of your car slipping away so i thought you had oversteer under power.
    But if you actually went to the inside, well you couldn't as i was there. Did you expect me to vanish and not to try to overtake you when you where held up ?? . You left room on the inside so took advantage. That you didn't see me, well that is your fault not mine.
    No sure why you are angry at me, as you made the mistake not seeing me.
    It took you plenty of laps to close the gap, so faster you def wern't very much, and if i didn't made the mistake thinking the race was over to quickly I would have gotten 10th easy.

    No idea why you are angry as i wasn't.
  13. OK, I will go straight to the Torrent vs Fernando Bento affair.

    In one hand, I can accept Fernando´s frustration after the hit. Point.

    From there on I really can´t understand nothing coming after. Fernando, as iRacer you are, you know 2 bad words in the iRacing text or voice chat can cost you a big penalty (3 months chat forbiden as an example) just sayin a couple of bad words. And if I am honest I have seen some moves like the one you had yesterday, and I think frustration is not an excuse to behave like that afterwards, specially when you are not talking to the driver in question but for the whole team there, second driver included who has nothing to do with it and was racing his race.

    Apart, I would like to mention that your team did not allocate, so maybe you would have never been in that situation in a diferent circumstances.

    So, STOP TE DISCUSSION ABOUT IT NOW, and report whatever you feel you need to report guys.

    REMEMBER: Accidents happen, sometimes in the most silly way, and they happen in real life, in iRacing and in STC, so saying you didn´t expected STC to let a driver like this here is not fair as anybody can do a mistake.

    No hard feelings, just wanted to talk a bit from my perspective.
  14. But that mandentory

    I move forward in the end result
  15. What is Mandatory?
  16. Andreas this is Vid if you want to report it :) .

    But sry, who hit who ?? And that move you made in the last corner the same lap ? Euhm, nice one isn't it (not) :)

  17. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Premium Member

    Hello again.
    I want to say a few words now since i could not do last night.
    Firstly i want to say that,indeed i wasnt expected a podium not to mention a win and i only had a pair of headphones,no mic atached,because my old headset had broken 2 days before the race and knowing i am not so fast to be in top 3 i didnt thought i will need a mic set.
    My mistake and i apologize for this.I promise it will not happend again,either if i am in the podium or not.
    After all that practice on a different track and ambiant temperature,in qualy i had a bit of withdraw from pushing the car the way that i should of done.I had a safe pace in a way that made me lose alot in 2nd sector,but in the end i was glad to be in top 3.

    I was a bit nervous at the grid just before the warmup lap start.Seeing myself in 3rd wasnt a picture i imagined before the race.
    A few scenarios was hovering in to my head while the warmup laps were geting to an end,but i had a positive attitude.
    Green flag and off we go,trying to keep the gap close from Robin,i had a litle powerslide at the verry first corner,where i were allmost in a dangerous situation,but i managed to keep the calm and move on.I sow the great fight for the lead betwing Ben and Robin,gaining distance in the same time,but i didnt pushed to hard because of the tires,i was afraid i will lose it,and just adopted a pace for a few laps,then soon as i felt confident in the behavior of the car i increased the speed.
    gaining some time and closeing the gap with Ben,were had some problem with grip as i come close enough for applying pressure,that in the end made him to have a minor mistake,enough for me to overtake.
    On that moment i felt like i realy have a good chance for a podium,but the things just got better closeing the gap to Robin to a bumper distance,and just when i was makeing my strategy i sow him pitting.
    That made me think that many will make 2 pitstop and that was another momment were i felt like i will actualy win this race.
    I started the race with wet tires compound and aiming for about 30 laps stint and 1 pitstop strategy who actualy was the winner,because i wasnt fast enough in wets when the track got dry on the raceing line.
    I had to use the wet parts of the track were it was possible,to maintain the temperature in tires,who gave me some goosebumps for a few times,going off track and loosing the grip under brakeing,but that worked well.
    The big gap advantage from pitting just 1 time made this possible,because Jesper was closing the gap bit by bit,that showed how bad the tires were doing for me.From a gap of 34 seconds i think to only 15 after the finish in 27 laps,that was awesome from Jesper not to mention the position he start from,grats indeed.
    I dont know if i will see this performance again from me or even a podium but now i am just happy for team results,and i will try to do my best on upcoming events that i will participate in.
    After watching the replay of broadcast,i sow what i missed and i must say it was a demanding race,close fights alot of overtakes and some ugly slides and spins,but that all is part of raceing and we take it as it is.

    This had been said,i hope i wash my sins of not saying a few words when i should of had,sorry again and i would like to thank you to WBR team who pushed me back on track,since i was a disaster at my former team MotorAG.

    And not in the last place verry nice coments from our race commentators.

    Thank you all and see u soon,bye.
  18. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei
    Premium Member

    I said sorry for that and i hope its enough,because its nothing i can do more now.:)
  19. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini
    Premium Member

    I suppose that was irony here ;)

    It is mandatory to be on Teamspeak, and that's it.
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