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Race #4, China: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, May 1, 2011.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Looking at Q1 I definitely knew my pace is not good in China. Q2 was okay as I manage to put a decent lap in but still a bit off the times in practice. P4 seemed was surprising.

    Looking at the lap times in warmup i knew i was waaaay off. Start was okay, I think I had a better start than Nilson and got alongside him. I had the inside and he kinda turned into me. But it was okay no damage done. P3 for few seconds till I was overtaken down the straights. And that just kept happening and happening and happening.. Straight line speed was very poor. Before the pitstop Puoti past me but wasn't too far ahead. I figured I could make up some time with an earlier pitstop. Had some slower cars ahead as they were battling with each other on worn tyres. Dropped down to 9th. Had some brief battles with Puoti, Aalberts but once they got past, I just couldn't keep up. Towards the end seems like Nilson made an extra stop and came out 4 seconds behind. he chipped away at my advantage till the final lap. I had to back off cause I realized I don't have enough tyre to finish. He past me down the straight haha (no surprise) and I couldn't brake late as I knew there's gonna be a puncture. And that happen!! Booof!! flop flop flop the final corner and crossed the line in 10th. Congrats to guys.

    Difficult race, but I had a lot of fun. Hope could be faster next race.
  3. First time I got into G1. First stint went well and after the pitstop too. Halfway the race I made a mistake in the last corner that costed me my front wing. I braked but I couldn't prevent the car from hitting the wall, my engine stopped. Shame, but it's only my first FSR season and I was very happy I came into G1. Can't wait for the next race in Turkey. Congratulations to Edward.
  4. For the second race I was not lucky in the first round. Damage to the car from several directions, but I decide not to go in the pit and not repair the car. And then in the fifth lap Grace throws me off track and I could not more than this.
    And, as Benjamin says, it will be better in the next race.
  5. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    Well slowly quality of my races are getting better
    Qualifying was almost a sec off pb one reason might be that i tried to crash into Juan Nicola who passed everyone while we were waiting for clear place to do our laps
    Race: Start made few positions as usual, lap 2 i decided it was too easy and made 360 in t1 then bit later Alberts started to hunt me down and eventually passed me but i stayed in touch with him (at least tried) then when he pitted i followed but apparently braked way too late into pit corner and lost frontwing, After that i was just cruising home trying to stay in touch Marcel infront of me but he had slightly better pace so 14th it was for me.
    See ya all when European season kicks off with one of the best tracks in calender!!
  6. guys were download livebrodcast someone have link please? regards ika
  7. I am sorry If I caused any trouble (was not my intention, i m here to have fun), I believe I didnt, is an open session, and I dont have to qeue behind you or anyone else going at 60 kms/h to find a good spot....really nice of you that at least u state that u ruined your qualy trying to hit my car, thats a really acceptable behavior....also, not to mention what u whispered me....keep it up...great spirit and u r making u r team look really good...

    Once again, in my case, I am sorry if i bothered somebody, i think that was a clean move, i did not blocked or closed anybody´s line.

    Leaving this s.....apart, I wanna congratulate everybody from podium winners till the last driver, cause we had a very clean race, and if i m not wrong, more than 20 pilots finished the race. My race was also ruined in qualy, I was one sec from my pb....and then, not much to do from the back of the grid, had some good clean fights and had some fun as well...guess thats the general idea?? isnt it?

    Cheers!! Cya in Turkey!
  8. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    its really shame that it does not fit your head that its impossible to everyone make it to lap on same second thats why they need to wait for their turn and it really blows my mind that you think that you can just ignore everyone else and go whenever you want to
  9. As I said before, is an open session, but once again i repeat this....I am sorryyyy....did not wanted to cause any trouble!!!! OK??? GOT IT??????????? What doesn t fit my head is that u tried to take me out, and then, your words in whisper mode....so why don t we just leave it here...and try to be part of this, having fun, ok?
  10. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    Im cool with it since you said sorry but just dont understant that you dont see thats just something you dont do and would be nice if you didnt do it anymore, i really got angry at you cause to me that what you did was something unthinkable and breaks the whole meaning of waiting for good spot in fair order if one driver ruins it all.
  11. Calma chicos, que saco el látigo :D
  12. Relax guys! It's only a minuscule problem! Sorry has been said... I don't see what effect these actions had on the team as stated but the team does not condone actions taken by our driver using the whisper command but we stand by him regarding driving etiquette as he is a very clean driver:).

    Anyways glad you sorted out your problem now:) that's what these after race discussions are about!
  13. Now my race:
    Q1 terrible... 32.8's was my normal times.. Q1 time 33:4!!!
    Q2 sector 1 and 2 I was up on pole but entering last corner I ran to high on exit and had to lift! This cost me exit speed and I lost all my speed down the straight! So p5:

    Race : formation I had lost somehow lots of engine life? I had extremely sensible cooling so don't understand it!
    First stint I could have matched front 2 but I was desperately trying to manage my engine so I could drive normal pace again! Did this for whole first stint in p3... Requested pit stop on lap 18 and went to pits on lap 19, did everything normal, but pitcrew took over 8 secs to change tyres

    On 2nd stint it took me a few laps to adjust and car was horrible, then I started to close on kalamees and tusting and was sure I could have got my podium back!!! But I made a half spin after I got past kalamees and handed him back p4. My tyres were to destroyed to drive fast times and pass so I had to settle for a disappointing 5th place.

    I like Istanbul and generally go well there so I hope I can have a problem free race as every race apart from Bahrain I have lost places in pits never being passed on track!
  14. Ben, I am a very clean driver as well....and was not my intention to brake any etiquette. If that manoover was a bit aggresive, probably yes, based on ansiety, nothing else...not any intentions behind it...i am sorry.
    I agree with you that the team has nothing to do with whispering done by your drivers, but, unfortunately I read it, so It got to me. I m here to create friends and be part of a community that I belong since 2008. Haven t heard Sami appologize for it, i did appologize for what could ve been an aggressive move...
    Sami, no hard feelings, come on, we got 16 more races to go!!
    Cya in Turkey, gonna enjoy WC Race now....
  15. There is no problem juan:)
    You have a very nice attitude!
    Sami will also of course apologise for his whisper command comments, We look forward to racing you again and of course no hard feelings:) this is a fun very fun and competetive league:)
  16. cant wait turcky me favorite track lol
  17. Cheers Ben ;) Cya in Turkey
  18. Fun race yes, but usual when i have fun in the race its costing me valuable time xD. For qualy putted in a good lap to get into top10, and messed up Q2 badly because of a spin in the hairpin. So had to start P9 wich was not realy ideal i think, but got good off the line into p7 so i wasnt realy complaining after that. Just into the race i made a small mistake when chasing down Chong, not sure what happend but i half spun my car and lost several positions.

    After that it was fighting my way up from p13 into the points again, but all race hard working to get passed some drivers. Last lap i had to give up p7 unfortunatly because i took to much of my tyres. Pace was not even that bad this race, its just that i had to fight a complete race wich is not realy ideal, it causes a lot of time lost. I gues it was a good showing on the broadcast hehe, great fights with Pesari, Puoti, Chong and all who i missed xD When i see back that i was only 18 secs down to P3 in the end after all the fighting and the mistake i did im actualy pretty happy with the result. Just hoping to fight top5 in the next few races.
  19. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    As said before id like to say sorry Juan for over reacting quite alot, its not my way to roll to lose my cool like that and glad that there will be no hard feelings :cool:
  20. Q: Crap
    R: Crap. I drove like a nun.