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Race #3, China: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Carlos Martín, May 18, 2014.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Good I don't have a gun.
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  3. It says everything.....

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  4. Sorry Ivanov for the little push. Atleast nothing serious happened. Like someone did...
  5. I think you will get a little penalty by yourself for chatting in race...
  6. i think i might have had a little contact with you in the 1st stint. i have a bigger ping than most of the people so im sure that had an influence but yeah i got little damage from it im sure you did too. sorry about it tho...
  7. Started 19th. Had a great start as always, saw some car parts flying in the start straight and tried to stay away from them (luckily didnt get a puncture while driving over something).
    Then stabilized at around 14th place.
    The race was perfect, chose the right tire strategy and executed it well. Made a few overtakes and finished 9th. Wonderful race, 2 races before this were a nightmare!

    Eduard Kore
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  8. :poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop:
    :poop:YOU ARE THE :poop: DRIVER!!!:poop:

    You earned the PM!!
  9. Don't worry it didn't had to do anything with the contact. the Steering Wheel moved itself out of the centrum -.-
  10. Probably worst drive I ever did. Car was not too bad compared to Malaysia deserving a top 10 finish but I messed everything completely.
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  11. haha well that's not what you want..
  12. Should've been 11th, but nooo, black screen freeze freeze for 10 seconds in t6/7, dumped me down to 14th.

    Flawless race from my own side, not fast, but pretty happy with my progress thus far.

    Thanks for some great battles, notably James Sadler.

    Cya in Imola/Melbourne. :thumbsup:

    PS: Had a nice front row seat to Carmageddon right in front of me. Mass *up!
  13. i only started testing for this race about 4 hours before the race started. so i only did like 80 laps total testing before qualifying started so i was definitely way less than everyone else.

    pq1 was good did a 36.9

    q1 was okay couldn't really nail a lap together did a 37.3 but was still enough for top 10

    q2 lap i was up on 1st after s2 but i ****ed up the last corner lost 0.5 so was 8th instead of possible top 4

    race had a good start went from 9th to 7th before turn 1 and i battled and got 6th unfortunately made little contact which got little damage from bent the steering a little bit. i was doing a 1 stopper and if i didn't get the traffic in the 1st stint, and if i didn't have a big lag moment on lap 26 i lost 6 seconds there i could of been a possible top 5 result but end of the day if i want a podium i need to do more than 80 laps testing before qualifying starts haha!
  14. I don't remember that tbf :D
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  15. Enjoy the FCR China GP start! #28, thank you! And Georg Winter....:mad:

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  16. @David Cedillo seriously do you think it was the right way to return back to the track at the exit of the last corner when cars are coming?!
  17. I think that was a racing incident tbh, one of the Origin cars did a Magnussen off the line but collected everyone

  18. James Sadler

    James Sadler
    GhostSpeed Racing Manager Premium Member

    Drivers Involved James Sadler & Dimitry Zaharov.

    I apologise to Dimitry for the incident. I should have looked in my mirrors to see if you were there before I moved across. However, I don't understand why you would try and overtake a car that had lapped you. I know cars can unlap themselves but it has history of going wrong and that's exactly what happened here.

    Anyway it was my fault and I apologise.

    Good luck to everyone for the next race at Imola.
  19. Great race for the Twister cars! I set a PB in Q2 of a 1:37.0 so I was well pleased. Qualified in 3rd! Great!

    Started off I held my position nicely and just tried to stay with Jorrick, managed to do so, but Dan Brewer was constantly keeping me under pressure, so I had no chance to relax. Pitted in and came out, to then realise Daniel was still staying out, which made it clear he was 1 stopping. He pitted on lap 15 (?) and came out right behind me, in the DRS zone, again the pressure was on. 2nd stop I grabbed some softs, which put him around 22 seconds infront with 12 laps to go. I blitzed past Jorrick and back into 3rd, pushing hard to gain 18 seconds in 10 laps!

    Final lap I managed to overtake Dan as he wiggled accelerating out of turn 2, I was touching the kerb and couldn't accelerate or I'd spin :roflmao: But cleanly overtook Dan and gained 3 seconds on him on the final lap i think, which proves his tires were shot!

    Great race, enjoyed it. Grats to Dan on the podium, well deserved for you :) And to Rens for 1st. Best result ever in FSR for me of 2nd, and a Twister 1-2 makes it even better! :laugh:
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  20. he didnt know you are coming rando