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Race 2- sepang track looks terrible.....

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mo Selvarajah, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. hello.
    is this the definitive final version of the track, that ive just updated via simsync?

    because it looks absolutely awful - its like the first version of the sepang track which came out for rfactor years ago - and its missing brake markers, and a bunch of other things -even the adverts still say 'psrtv' on them.

    is this gona be changed at all? compared to the excellent fsr version of melbourne, this is terrible in comparison and no fun to drive.
  2. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Of course this is not final. I think they'll release the final update before the race, just like Melbourne.
  3. I agree, the track is horrible, but I don't think the President is gonna change it.
  4. The track is awful.
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  5. If there is another version of Malaysia that can be used it would be interesting to point that out to us, else there can´t be a change indeed, I haven´t heard of any other Malaysia version (except some F1 2010 converisons maybe, which we can´t use) just complaining it´s awful isn´t going to change that. The Banners will be changed for the race, as they were before Melbourne. If anyone wants to volunteer doing that so these updates come earlier, feel free to do so. There currently is noone to do this job apart from our President.
  6. Well track looks good for me :)

    Milan Radivojevic
  7. there are deffo better versions around, certainly ones with brake markers, and that are definitely Not 'illegal' conversions. i'll find them...
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  9. WEll THERE YOU GO - thats TONS TONS Better than whats currently being used. Why on earth can't we use this instead???? come on guys spread the message and lets use this version instead.
  10. It´s not that easy, as I said, FSR needs more people to help, because currently there is noone available to search for new trackversions before each race. Feel free to contact David to take over the track selection/preparation.
  11. HOW the track looks doesn't matter to me. As long as it's ok to DRIVE on it, I'm fine with it. I mean, do you look more at the banners on the side etc then actually watching the car in front or behind you? That doesn't sound too promising for the race. Focus more on the driving and stop complaining about the look of the track.
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  12. i just tested the track
    sorry to say this but the track adds nothing new........
    the curbstones are uglier(in my opinion)
    Track is almost an copy of what we are using now only brake marker are not their if you want just copy brake markers search for them in the files and try to add them why make a track which is not better then we have just because of the brake markers......
    also my camfiles are not in it we could implent them off course but this is useless debate of a differant track to use while the 1 we have is good enough alrdy much smoother anyways

    also the amound of complaints u get of people alrdy testing on a track and then we change 3 days before a race its a no go u will get angry drivers :)
  13. I think if we change the track before Monday it won't be any problem. I don't think people have already done hundred of laps... And one week is enough to test.
    But first I am gonna try that Malaysia track.
  14. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    I agree though, the track is kinda awful. I'd really like to see how things work for the race.
  15. i like that lukas version what he putted here, sth different would be good, too booring if allways same
  16. Stop complaining ladies, go and drive. The track wont change your results, and searching for new tracks dont make you faster ;)
  17. It's a new chance for you to finish the race...

    PD: Don't get me wrong xD
  18. I did almost 700laps ... :p And im driving on dx7 so my track is complitly white :) I got not problems with that thought :)

    Milan Radivojevic
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  19. Lol.
    I have nothing aganist the current track. Doesn't look any worse than Luka's.