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Race #2, Malaysia: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Kris Cobb, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. Kris Cobb

    Kris Cobb
    Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal

    Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. You are all invited to my barbacue, I have some destroyed medium tyres and destroyed hard tyres, free choice, delicious.
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  3. After losing 3 minutes through incidents on the first few laps and damaging my car heavily I was already down two laps. Managed to finish in the end only finishing three laps down with a very damaged car.
    I completed over 90% so do I get points for that?
  4. Was very happy with 11th on the grid, although I was .800 down on my best time yesterday. Will be hoping to carry that performance forward.

    From 11th to 21st thanks to the crazies behind and ahead, got shunted braking for T1, hung wide to leave space for those on inside and got collected by a 5-6 car pileup with no where to go...what can you do. Apparently people think you can brake at the 50m board with cold tyres, cold brakes and a tank full of gas...
    Was running ok until some wacko took out the 100m board at T9 I believe, I was behind Dominic and was thinking "where's the marker" when I saw the 50m and we ended up colliding. Sorry about that although happy to find he survived without massive damage.

    I pit on L15 from 14th and I had no pitbox despite requesting pit...in my confusion and frustration ended up reversing up the track hoping to find my box and got DQed.

    Dunno if it was track issue like last year in Canada or maybe just cause we had those extra joiners but If there were so many pitboxes why none for me!
  5. Nice to be on P4 after joruney from back of the grid. 17 positions won :D Congrats to top3. Be sure, that I'm gonna catch you in general in next few races :ninja::D
    Here's my little summary:

    Thumb down for Zaharov - please, be careful in next race
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  6. omg wtf is 0:18-0:21? this is not f1 2014 where you can do turn bumping into others cars or if someone slow down you just accelerate and crash into cannatà...
    Otherwise nice race gj
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  7. 0.23 "Flying with my car" jajaja and i did not receive any damage xd
  8. I was happy with P6 after Q2 and started on medium trying to make a one stop strategy work. First stint went well and with ~10 laps to go I found myself I in 4th place (but with several fast guys with fresher tires approaching). Unfortunately I made a mistake after being overtaken by Niko and spun at T4 with 7-8 laps to go. No damage, but my FL tire was toast and I ended up losing a few more places to people faster than me and with fresher tires.

    Overall a 9th place that leaves me with some regret, but still a positive result for my second RF2 race ever.
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  9. Thx for letting me find out who smashed me into T1, if you had not done that I would not have had RR suspension and F.WING damage from getting mauled off the track. I expect more from someone on the sharp end of the grid....
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  10. It was a bad race race for me, after a remount from p23 to p9, i made a mistake in turn 3, rear wing destroyed and tyres left failure, the ultimate stint was a drama, the car was undriveable, 3 second slower from my laps in training. Hope for a good result in China.

    PS: sorry for my english :p
  11. I had a big problem with HMDI input and I had 2 total interruption of 5 seconds. :thumbsdown:
    If I am someone bothered than forgive me. :(
  12. That T1 sequence was a bit over-optimistic. You can't just hope people will give way if you go into a closing gap between 2 cars. No doubt you are fast, but maybe your opponents deserve a little more respect than that.
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  13. Why Kweekel and Schgoer were driving WC driver's cars ? Looked kinda weird in broadcast.
  14. Because GhostSpeed doesn't have ACE and PRO skins included in the Mod, so their drivers may have thought it's better to drive with their WC cars than FSR standard cars. (Good idea in my opinion)
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  15. Nobody's perfect, maybe I was little bit too optimistic in T1, but let me tell you something.
    I was really careful, because I didn't want to end my race in T1. It's really hard to predict what would happen in the back of the grid. Especially that in the race you have to react immediatly. Now we can discuss what should we do in some cases, but it's easy to be wise after the event. Check this out and tell my your opinion:
    1.First of all I was breaking, but it was too close to avoid contact. Sorry Andrea Cannata, I hope that you were ok :)
    2. Ben Eastman - My fault that I wanted to jump in that gap between you and Valeriano, but
    If you no longer go for a gap that exists, you are no longer a racing driver

    I'm sorry, if you are think that I haven't got respect to other drivers. I have. Only somtetimes you can't predict what would happen. See you in China
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  16. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    I had a medicore qualifying with an error on a hot lap. The time was 1.2 sec slower than my PB.
    Still with the BOG guys it gave me P16. I was happy with my strategy and my race pace looked competitive for a top 10-11.

    However I arrived at a pileup at Turn 1. Despite going quite slow and on the inside kerb to avoid such things about 80% of the track was blocked.
    From the replay it appeared there were at least two instances of drivers entering Turn 1 three wide.
    One of these three wide scenarios at least didn't work out and a pileup occured that impacted at least 6 drivers races.
    My race was over after lap 1 due to suspension damage.
    So I was very annoyed and frustrated that after a lot of practice I did not get to race.

    My question is if that's what "Take Care into Turn 1" (or Sector 1) looks like, then what on earth does "Go for it guys be agressive on Turn 1" look like?
    We all have 34 laps to show how fast and clever we are yet some treat it like it's measured on how many spots you can gain in lap 1.

    Are our standards going to remain so low that drivers need to start from the pit lane to avoid the Turn one pileup every race?
    It would be really lovely if ALL of us could show some patience, awareness and judgement.

    My personal view (only) is that If you make an awesome getaway and pass someone on throttle, then great work. However if you are planning on doing it under brakes into Turn one you are taking big risks and that does not constitute doing what the race director asks every race when he says "be careful at T1"

    Please tell me we can and will do better at just passing lap 1 without massive incidents ruining multiple drivers races.


    In the meantime I will be lodging a protest every time someones lack of judgement, awareness or patience impacts my race. I hope that the punishments are heavy enough (due to contravening not only the rules but also the specific pre race direction) to modify attitudes and behaviour.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2015
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  17. i like turtles!
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  18. But do you think the turtle had a disappointing race as well? :sneaky:
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  19. I watched the server replay and it is a little bit different than mine.
    First contact with ben is just stupid, you accelerate instead of slow down, this is not racing. On real life with this contact you will dnf with your front left suspension broken, so you are a racing driver :thumbsup: with a suspension broken ;)
    About second part on my replay u didn't braked, on official replay u did. So contact with cannata isn't your fault but after contact you just accelerate moving other cars.
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  20. Calm down Senna, racing to p4 on the grid isn't exactly racing for an f1 world championship. The fact of the matter is you should have known that by going into that gap we were going to have contact and by doing that you forced me into being involved in the pileup, if you had driven normally I would have emerged from the chaos as you did.

    And FYI the Senna quote was from when he intentionally ran Prost off the road in Japan for the title :thumbsdown:

    David I would totally be up for the race directors imposing extremely harsh penalties/bans for T1 incidents, people just need some harshness to make them show their opponents respect.
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