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Race #2, Bahrain: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Eduard Mallorquí, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Barnabas was in a very strong position to race for Nemesis, with his times in 30, 5's but we had an FSR Manager issue and we were unable to compete. Ah, well onward and upward to China.
  3. Well done WC driver
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  4. I expected to be on G1 today, but not by making the 8th fastest lap from PQ. But it was even more unbelievable when I went through Q2 after being P10 in Q1.

    Made a mistake in the Q2 session, but still managed to be on P6 for the start.

    As my strategy was a little different, I just had to carry the car without losing time fighting people, so I just let people pass me in the very first steps of the race. Fortunately, nearly the whole race I was in a very confortable position with no one infront of me, and no one behind (close, I mean).

    I climbed to 4th position before my first and only pit stop, and join the track again in ninth, but people were doing also their stops, so it seemed a 5-6th final place was pretty 'easy' to achieve... until in lap 37 my front right brake said goodbye, and later the left one, and in the end the rear ones, so I just tried to carry the car home by finishing the race in a 13th position, which obviously makes me feel absolutely disappointed, but this is racing.

    Se you in China guys, and don't test too much :p
  5. Congrats Marco!

    Bad Qualifying, bad start, race picked up half way. Finished 7th. Not too bad considering what happened. Will try to do better next week!
  6. Thanks a lot, for me today is very hard, but i Win :)
    Thanks a lot Bad T Pescara Uein grat job
  7. Better race, in Australia i have been strugling a lot also because i was with a new wheels and pedals but that didnt realy worked out the way i expected. So for this race i went back to my good old G25 with revised pedals and that did miracles for me.

    Eventhough i prolly have to thank Mikko for posting his setup here, that realy gave me some insight on what i was doing wrong with this car/mod setup thinking. So i hope next races will go even better then today because im still limited in strategy, need to work on making the hard tyres work even better i guess.

    As for Q had a decent lap but far off from what i realy could do, should have been a pole if it wasnt for the 2 small mistakes i did in this lap.

    As for Race, good start and jumped into the lead but after i couldnt realy get the laptimes down to where i wanted them to have considering my strategy. It was still fast enough to build up a good solid gap in the first stage of this race. Also i had to pit earlyer then i wanted wich in the end sacrificed my race a bit since ZIpoli pitted late and was on fresh tyres. I had to preserve brakes so couldnt hold the gap big enough to take the win. In the end i didnt put up a fiight because i knew it was pointless doing so with brakes at the limit. Brought it home in 2nd still verry pleased with this considering the troubles i have had so far with this mod.:O_o:

    Grats to Zipoli for the win, oooor should i say Grats for taking the Championship.:sneaky:
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  8. That resumes how troll has been my race:

    Or This is being really trolled or other teams are using magic wings (could be the reason why are so fast in Q huh??)
  9. Had a fantastic Q1 - 3rd place. Made my best lap ever in the final moments of qualy (beat my record by 0.4 sec). PQ2 was a bad lap, but started from 5th place t because many didnt set a time.
    Had a fantastic start and was on 3rd place after 1st lap. Pitted on lap 11 from 4th place and came out on 12th place.

    Then Fantinati crashed into me under braking and broke my suspension and dreams of finishing in top5. After that damage the car was very unstable and unpredictable on corner exits so I was lapping 1 sec slower than I should have and finished 10th.

    The crash can be seen here, didnt think I broke THAT early?
  10. I was just behind fantinati, and he brake late and he had no tires so thats the reason of the crash. If you see lap 10 you wil see him blocking his tires all time cause he had no grip.

    Lol that "Hijo de Puta" in the video wasnt needed
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  11. Well to be honest I expected to be in the G1 race today as I'd been putting times in the mid 31's all week, but after last night and sleeping late 32.3 was the only clean lap I managed which had a huge mistake at the start of S3 which put me into the G2 race.

    The race was a bit of a mixed bag for me. The grid took forever to form and when the lights came on I was concentrating more on where my brake point for t1 should be with stone cold tyres that I managed to jump the start. I think this also caused Todor ahead of me to jump forward thinking I was going to hit him so apologies for that.

    After that I took my penalty and got to work At the first stop I was around 7th but decided to come in a lap earlier than intended to get some clear track as I didn't feel too comfortable trying to overtake Ryan ahead of me on worn tyres, I'd already given him a slight tap from a lockup at the bottom of the hill (sorry :p )

    Once I got on the hard tyres the car felt much better. My laps were only a few 100ths off the race fastest lap at this point and I managed to get up into 5th place. I'd kept the tyres pretty nice at this point and was almost 35 secs from the car behind so I figured I'd try and look after them to the end and try steal the win. All was going well and by lap 18 I was leading the race for a few laps until something locked up on my PC. Luckily I managed to keep the car out the wall and got back into it in 2nd place.

    The guys in front started having some problems which I'm assuming were brakes.

    Unfortunately by the end my tyres were about a lap short and Jackson with much fresher rubber took the lead a lap or 2 from the end, I pitted for some fresh softs and figured i'd go for the fastest lap, but both front brakes started acting up on my outlap so I just cruised home to 3rd place. Not the best ending but was a pretty nice race and I can't be too upset with a podium
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  12. Marko Esteban

    Marko Esteban
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    it's too early!
    but this is irrelevant Fantibalati to blame, a big noob tested 10,000 laps and can not do anything
    And he real Karting driver hahahah big noob
  13. Ryan Winsper

    Ryan Winsper
    Origin Front Row Racing - Team Manager

    No worries about it mate, didn't really do much to me :)
  14. Well gonna explain my race today, yesterday i was really fired after it. As Melbourne no good expectations for Q but yes for race. The Q lap was far from my best, and I missed Q2 for 0.004 sec.

    We knew that our set up in race was competitive like in Australia, but far from reality it wasn't. The race start was really good, before arriving the first corner I won 2 positions, but as always im very unlucky with the first corner. I found Ahlamn very slow arriving T1 and I had to slow down. losing a pair of positions.

    Then in turn 8, a NetRex car hits my rear part of the car, fortunatly not having damages and also making contact in the exit making me go to the outside and collide with Boshove (Sorry mate couldnt do nothing for that). Fortunatly again no damages in the car.

    In lap 2 I made contact again, Valiente was trying to overtake Ahlman from the inside of the last turn, but finally he decides not overtaking him braking and then going to the outside so we crash. Now I had suspension damages in the front and lost the position with Basol.

    In lap 3, made contact with Ahlamn in last corner, we were really near while the breaking and I suppose he didn't saw me cause he took the corner as I werent there. The result as that he lost a lot of positions and me too, down to 14.

    Also in lap 4 I made contact with a sister twister team who spun just in front of me, colliding, making damages, down to 20th position and the first position was 45 sec far.

    The race went ok, doing the planned strategy (Soft 13-Soft 27-Soft 43) till lap 42. In T14, I overtook Basol going up to 7th (he had NO BRAKES), I don't know what the hell he was thinking about, but he tried to overtake me while the main straight (strating last lap) he putted in front on me while braking amking a really stupid movement. That made me lost the position with Chong who was behind me. Couldn't do nothing to overtake Chong again, so the race was over.

    P8, not happy for it. Expected much more.

    PS: I hope my team principal not going to the stewards I because particurally dont like it, but isnt in my hands.
  15. I don't know if you are speaking about me, becouse yesterday, according to the Online Rules Supplement, we had 3 side by side contacts (so no rear touch) at first lap, and I was damaged by that.
  16. I dont you if you were I didn't minded :)

    Im used to have contacts during racing, so I dont mind. But That race I had too much contacts, thats the reason of my message thats it. It wasnt my intention to offend no one.
  17. PS: Where did you read that? Want to read it too
  18. I wrote that becouse i'm a NetRex simdriver and we had contact at turn 8 (a slow speed right corner) at first lap, but my front wing was on the side of your rear wing in braking zone, and in apex we had a side by side contact. I consider that a racing accident, becouse even if I remained on inside, we were 3 in that corner and was no easy judge.

    About rules, I mean a part of point 6.2C ("Alongside means any part of the other car is alongside ANY part of your car") and of course a part of 7.1 ("When going two-wide through a bend, both drivers must give the other driver room for (a) their car (b) warping (connection lag) and (c) margin of error") of the online rules supplement.

    What a don't like it's what appened before turn 9, becouse I see that as a payback, but I think I understand your point of view.

    I usually don't have race contacts, and that's becouse I want to explain with you and have no regrets or problems ;)

    Alessio Campus
  19. Sorry eduard.. i think u break early.. but i'm sorry :( thanx for your comment in video!! you are fantastic! :inlove:
  20. Hello to all. My race was characterized by wrong choicess done during free practice

    PQ: I effect some good passages and I'm 3rd. Beautiful to have "Leader: A.Campus" on the LCD for a few minutes:)

    Q1: some good laps allows me to be in 12th place

    Race: I try to have a conservative attitude, since I don't have a good affinity with this setup. I go up to 6th place thanks to a enough constant race pace, even if several battles are characterized by some contacts and my C7NX is a little bit damaged. At lap 17, while I am occupying the 7th position, I suffer a brakes failure; it already happened during tests, and we had not succeeded in resolving the problem in time. Now we know what was wrong, but it's too late for me in Sakhir.

    I am sorry for my World Trophy teammates, that sunday were not able to participate or they had not finish the race. Congratulation to all simdrivers that finish the competition, expecially to Zipoli for his speed. Thanks to the staff.

    See you in Shanghai.