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Race #2, Bahrain: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by John-Eric Saxén, Apr 20, 2013.

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    Sorry, i slept watching the broadcast after lap 1, what happened during the race ??

    The race was SOOO boring to watch... no action, fortunaly some "incidents" like gosbee emplacement fail made the race a bit interesting... ( The suspense was intense... )
    It was worse than real F1... and 2011 fsr season...
    Really great job to the commentators who tried everything to make the race fun to watch...
    That non refueling didn't make more strategic race as argument i heard earlier this year, like 2011 there is only one strategy working...
    i hope next races will be more "dramatical"

    Grats Rob
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  4. I slept too... Rob won? So congrats to Ron... i was concerned that Martin won! LOL
  5. The best moment in my race wasnt even in the race itself.
    It was when Mundy asked in Warm up quote:"Somebody know which rad size to use? Didnt expect to qualify" Legendary
  6. Wut? So far we have seen Kostadinov almost finishing in podium after coming from nowhere thanks to his strategy @ Melbourne, Precision cars taking 1-2-3 yesterday in WC with different strategies (which included some divebomb attack, I know), guys who had their moment of glory starting with softs and falling off after some laps, etc...

    Last year with refuelling it was mainly about who stopped 1 or 2 laps earlier.
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  7. I think you must add and the rest 2 compound tires SS and Medium (or maybe only Medium). That will make races more interesting and for an example every race you will give us 2 compound which we have to use in that weekend and only them. Now 2 compound the strategies are limited, in Bahrain they were exactly two.
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  8. I personally dont like heavy fuel cars both with these tyres soft and hard its very interesting the races are better but precision should be banned because they win everything!!!!-)
  9. Yes, now from Qualifyng I know every driver what strategy is chosen. This killing everthing. Now I have two choices.. to go with softs or with hards. Will be more interesting for us, the drivers, to have more options front us, not only to drive something and to make setups for 1 compound, would like to see the drivers to think with their brain, not only about drive drive drive. I was close to finnish on podium last race because of few retirements, so no difference at all.