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Race #2, Bahrain: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by John-Eric Saxén, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Just a question, There was 12 cars that had to pit on lap1! Why was there no call for a restart? or atleast a safety car?
  3. i think rules need to be changed. It's amazing there was no rs after lap1 chaos!
  4. Because rules doesn't allow the Race Director to restart the race if 12 cars are crashing.

  5. Fair enough. I did read that in the rules but just found it odd that so many drivers had problems in lap 1 with no action.....rules are rules so we will continue with optimism!!!
  6. I understand the frustation of some drivers, but if we change again we will come back to the situation of past years, with people being super agressive on the start and restarting the race so many times (which is also not good for broadcast) ... since last year we are running without red flags and it's working quite good.
  7. Question.. in rFactor I got classified as 9th, and in GPCOS i got classified as 10th, can this be rectified?
  8. Stefan Kanitz

    Stefan Kanitz
    Premium Member

    Sorry for the start incident guys. It was my fault. Got snap at the exit of t1 and everyone behind me couldnt avoid to crash into each other. Really sorry about that.
  9. Unlucky for us at GT Omega, most of us got caught in the start incident and taken out, we had the pace to challenge the top 3 easy, but no luck here at all. Hopefully guys will learn to drive clean in future races to give us all a fair chance.
  10. 11. Safety Car

    11.1 FSR will be using a computer driven Safety Car this season. The Safety Car will only be used in

    case of serious 1st lap incidents, for a period of 3 laps, on the Race Director's/Marshal's


    11.2 The computer driven Safety Car will be tested by the Race Director before each race to ensure that it

    works as intended. If the Race Director is not satisfied with the performance of the Safety Car on agiven track, it will not be used for that race.
  11. I would have thought this would have covered the SC deployment?!!!
  12. That's what John said in the race biefring so ...
  13. I didnt want to enter this discussion, but he did say on the race server that there would be a restart if there was a massive crash.
  14. seems that there was :asd:
  15. Nah, I wrote: "remember, no restart unless grid line massive crash", referring to rule 10.1 b). As David said the no restart rule has saved us from much trouble and was done as a decision in principle for 2010 season, because of the massive amounts of restarts the year before that. The ai of the safety car was below standards on many tracks last season which is why it was left out - basically the rule leaves room for the director to decide whether it will be used or not.
  16. and there again you come out with these rules, they work for nothing when the chaos is there.
    2 things have to be relooked at:
    1) There should be more care and more common sense, plus, more listening to drivers by the Race Directors in every division. Drivers and teams are the ones that paid, so, they are you customers, you have to better take care of them, this is aimed to FSR as a whole, not attacking any one in particular.
    2) The mod is super difficult when tyres are under operating temperatures, and this is what is causing so much chaos, should be revised to make the racing itself a better, more pleasent, experience.
  17. I say this for one thing, we will end up having some no fair races, and insteas of racing, we could go play lottery, and have the same result.
    But I am confident that this will be worked on by FSR. Nothing is perfect.
  18. True +1
  19. nothing to say......dissipointed
  20. I say something in gerneral and I have nothing against anyone of you m8s.
    Saying that the drivers and teams are "customers" is not correct to me. There is nobody of the staff at FSR that earns money and FSR is a completely non profit organisation. So there is no customers at all but a lot of guys that put private time and effort for totally no costs into FSR to make it happen. The money teams and drivers pay is to have technical things and broadcast etc. It´s obviouse that you can´t have that for no money at all. But people runing FSR like Race-Directors etc they don´t charge money for their work so really....Drivers and Teams don´t have the same status as customers.
    Sometimes I am a bit dissapointed how drivers and teams always want to have everything set up perfect for them because they think that the fee they pay should cover everything. But without people that put in work and helping hands, FSR was not possible. So please keep that in mind and show some respect.
    It´s sad that we have sooooo many drivers but soooo less that want to help the staff. WT broadcast without commentating...etc.
    Really we have to keep in mind that FSR is possible because of a handful guys that put in a lot of their private work and time.
    Nevertheless I do understand the frustration about the Start of WS race very much.