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Race #2, Australia: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. A complete disaster...i am really sorry, I spun many times...broke my susp in lap 1, car was impossible...sorry if i caused any problems to any pilot...really horrible season start...:(
  3. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    hmm seems like my 2 stop strategy did not work gotta try not to stop twice on 2 first laps next race...
  4. My race was going ok intill the first stops where tusting gave my rear suspention a kicking!!!! My fault i think as i got the limiter on late and didnt accelerate back upto 61mph fast enough.
    After the impact my car was unstable on turn in also my engine life was going down really fast afterwards??!! So i had to shift at green light after pits and controll my race from there.
    Had to back up pagoto and chong for the whole remainder of the race so i could save my engine! I knew if i got good exits out of the corners they would strugle to pass me as i was good at defensive driving! This paid off and i wasnt under any real threat! I put some faster laps in on the last 2 as thats when i knew the attacks (do or die moves) would come.
    Apart from the pits and engine problems it was a solid race, couldnt show my cars potential but glad martin and edu could! Gj boys!!
  5. Disastour!! Someone crashed on the back straight during the 2nd WARMUP lap and I had nowhere to go.
    Was hoping for another restart...but it did not come.
    I must have sustained rad damage as I blew up with about 10 to go.
  6. I was in second grid, I was hit on the formation lap and then had car troubles, and my engine died with 4 laps to go!!!
  7. I'm glad that I finished the race, but am a little bit dissapointed with this race at the same time.

    My quali was a big mess, I think I was even slower than in pre-q so only 19th on the grid... my start was ok, i was 14th by the end of 1st lap and then fighting for 12th on L2 my wheel flickering has caused me trouble in the braking zone, caught the grass and flew off into the wall.

    I was more than a minute behind the leader already as I came out of the pits... my pace was not too bad, surely i could have been fighting in the top 10... 14th in the end.

    I think i'll have my wheel til Sepang so see ya there, I'll fight hard with you guys :D
  8. Surprising result after such a bad Q1 and Q2, Didnt expect to win after starting 9th, Also being un-confident with setup really didnt help. But with a good start from P9 I was up to 3rd in the 2nd lap after overtaking Tusting and after that I was following Ahlman untill he had a incident with a backmarker, I then saw Marcel Vd Linden in the walls so that got me into 1st, A lap after I pitted. When I came out of the pits I had clean air and just lead the race I ended the race with a engine on fire and some damage but I really didnt expect this win
    Thanks all :D
  9. I got off to a good start and avoided all the trouble n got to P11 from 22ndon the 4th or 5th lap then got disconnected. Gutted as it was looking like a good race.

    Congrats to the podium
  10. didnt make it to G1, but got pole in G2. second after first corner but was forced into a spin by third place after some laps, and dropped a long way back. but got back and finished in 4. so, not bad in the end.
  11. got stuck on grid 2 as had a few pc problems today. at the start a few cars must of bogged down off the line i made a few places up and then had to be very causious going into turn one as some guys tried to win race on turn 1 by look of it. spun on first few laps as had colder tyres and lost front wing and slight damage to front left suspension. got back on out pits and steadily managed to pull back a few places then had to change tyres as i slid off into gravel got a bit stuck. I think I damaged engine wilst in gravel as 4 laps from end my engine blew. :(
  12. Disastrous weekend for me here, yesterday my HDD failed so had to reinstall all the stuff kept me going untill 4.30 in the night. Then problems with updating W7,.. problems with symsync as i was missing files and getting errors with the game while sync said it was in sync lol,. my wheel playing up on me loosing it settings everytime and all this caused me to not be able to prepare normal. When going into the race i havent done a single race lap,.. was on race with a setup that was not made for race realy. O well stil managed to qualy in p7 wich was a suprise for me. THen race came and ofcourse things went wrong there to, got hit in the rear,.. pushed off the track,.. damaged car for big part of the race with a 18 sec pitstop,.. but somehow managed to finish 10th still a few points. Seeing the circumstances i probably should be happy that i got this points. Just hope things get better for next races because this is not worth it realy.
  13. I am so happy I finished Formula one race as it is my first one ever even if it was in grid 2 with the World Trophy league, I did not success to get my PB "1:23.6xx" during the preQ group2 and I just did "1:24.288" which was about 00:00.015 from the last driver Hunted the 26th position in Grid one, I explained that as my heart was boom boom boom so much and I was nervous, missed it this time but "Sepang will be the challenge to get into grid one".
    I watched the WT grid one race and got to calm down a bit before the grid 2 race, and then I entered the grid 2 race did a qualifying HL and got the 6th position,then started the race with LC which my first time to use so I got spin but without any crash, then I started allover from the last position 15th, I pushed hard until I made it throug the grid and finished in 3rd position which considered a podium even if it was in grid 2 which I like to say it was a good start for my career with F1 racing via FSR 2011, also I got the race fastest lap "1:26.1xx" which is good as a start.
  14. My FSR debut was no fairytalestory for sure. Firstly I failed in PQ and was off pace by a second from what I´ve been doing quite consistantly lately. Luckily I was the very last one to qualify into G1 race so all in all that´s all that matters. I continued struggling in the Q and only did a 23.9 which gave me P23.

    The first start was intense, I managed to avoid all the cars flying left and right - found my self 11th and felt like things could go well untill the race was red flagged. Things got horribly wrong on the 2nd start as on the warmup lap my left shiftpaddle failed on me and I went down two gears all of a sudden causing me to spin and crash my car. So I had to start from the pits and drive 44 laps with a very poorly functioning left shiftpaddle which caused me just to try and finish the race. The problem caused me to spin a couple of times and I was unable to fight against anyone as I had to be extra cautious in corners. But atleast I accomplished my minimum goal which was to bring the car home.

    //Joona Leppaenen
  15. Qualifying was a disaster. Crashed in Q2. I think I could had been near the front if I hadn't lost it. Oh well.. that's the thing with 1 shot qualifying. Only guy not to complete a lap in Q2, so started 10th.

    Start off the line was good. T1, not so good. Lost out in the bottleneck effect down to 13th. With some luck and other guys spinning out I was able to move up the field abit. Was behind Pagoto but couldn't keep up. Had a bit of a problem getting settled and it took me till lap 8 to finally do the times I did in testing. By then I lost visual contact with Pagoto. Overtook Ivar and stayed out the longest since the track was clear and I was doing good laps. Pitted and came out just in front of Ben Phillips. Slight contact with Phillips and Ivar overtook us both. Took Ben about only half a lap to overtake me. Pagoto spun and Ben manage to pass him but I couldn't. Lacked top speed again like in Bahrain and spent the rest of the race trying to get close to Pagoto but everytime I got too near, I lost some time cause of some stupid mistakes. Finally towards the end I manage to get pass and was on Ben P's tail till the brakes failed with 3 laps to go. Completed the race in 8th.

    Disappointing overall, but some positives to build on.

    Fun race. Congrats to Martin!
  16. Round 2 and the best result for me in FSR so far.
    PQ with PB was good and I was 6th overall on PQ sessions. Didn´t expect to be quite good in the midfield, as I had little time to prepare. Q1 was PB again and that gave me 14. on grid.
    No comments on 1st start. I was amazed to get past the first corner out off all that crazy spinning and colliding cars, but then after T2 somewone spun in the middle of the track and I couldn´t avoid it.
    Second start wasn´t really good. I lost a lot of possitions by being careful into T1 and 2. Then later 2 guys got stuck next to each other at the cornerentry of T4 I think and I ran into the back...i did all I can to avoid and that caused me to spin. Had a quick recovery and was able to overtake and get past few guys. Then I had a spin and was back to 16. again. Was really pissed at myself this time. Then I was able to make up possitions to finaly P11 where I ended my race.
    It was more to win here for me, but due to mistakes I made I am still happy with P11.
    See you in Sepang.
  17. Q1: Lost my first run at the 1st corner. Couldn't get a clean lap, but was still surprised about my pace.
    Q2: Quite good lap, like many of the other guys I lost out on the last sector and could have taken pole.

    R: Took the second start quite calmly, didn't want to make mistakes and ruin someone's race. Lost out quite many positions in the start and Ben Phillips overtook me at the end of Sector 1. From that point I was stuck behind him. Ben Tusting overtook me for a few laps but after he made a mistake I repassed him. Between two Ben's I was driving for a good 15 laps when I hit the anticut on turn 1 and my car went fliping upside down. Lost about 10 seconds there and now were behind Benjamin. Really hard to pass around here, even with Benjamin having alot less top speed compared to Ben Phillips. I pitted before Benjamin and surprisingly got back on the track just behind Ben Phillips. After few laps when Benjamin was exiting the pitlane they crashed in front of me. After that I could finally set my pace to my liking. Did a few good laps and when I saw the gap to Ben Tusting not really decreasing. I took some of my pace off and went for a safe finish.
    5th overall with a much better pace than in Bahrain. I'm happy.
  18. I made grid 1 even after a bad pre qualifying and was happy about that. Problems once again started during qualifying as I had a technical difficulty. This placed me on the back of the grid. The race went much better for me, managing to avoid all the accidents and eventually make it into 13th place. A lot of work will have to be done for the next race as my race pace was not close to the practice times i was doing. Im happy with the result but hope to be more on the pace for the next race.
  19. Hi David Dominguez, I have problem in my replays, as you have seen in the first stage not sent the replays, and now in melbourne the problem repeats itself, I do not replay from my qualify ... I sent the log because I have this.
    Can help me un?
    Thanks, Hug
  20. Make sure that you have "Save all replay sessions" to 1 in your .plr file.