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Race #17, Interlagos: Post race discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Stefan Kanitz, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. Stefan Kanitz

    Stefan Kanitz

    Here we go guys...
  2. Whel what i see here is unbelieveble. Mister Saez get the blue flag and he goes driving in front of me to avoid catching up with Alberto De Juan. And when that is not enough he sees in the last lap that i catch up with Alberto and rans into me and this guy is 1 lap down ??????????.
    Al these years i have been driving here at FSR, never seen such a .......................!!!!!!!!!
    You dont belong here on the track at FSR.

    PS. I invite everyone to see my last lap.
  3. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    Qualifying: couldve be 10th with pb sectors but 14 was okay
    Race: start was weird i dont know why but i was clearly faster than anyone aground me so i got into 10th had alot luck avoiding spinning ben. but later that lap fell back when ran out of road since someone wanted to get past me so badly lucky again not to fully spin so was back in 14th after that i was fighting very hard with Racing factory guys so couldnt really drive any good laptimes but sure was fun then after pitstops god behind heinz and edmundo and they hit eachother in t1 witch causes another one of those two hit me pretty hard in right rear and that slowed me down alot so this was the best result i could get with this mod on this track with this luck but i dont care since it was fun race
    but see ya in abu dhapi!
  4. Stefan Kanitz

    Stefan Kanitz

    Heinz, please use the incident submission to report such an incident.
  5. i will stefan, sry for my language here but i'am shaking from anger.
  6. Quallifying tut tut once again, No idea why i can not do good low fuel times this year! think i was p8 on grid or even p10?

    Race start got away nice and clean and was minding my own business when i think marcel vanderlinden (but not sure) took me out in turn 1. I was furious at that point because i have not taken anyone out this season especially in turn 1 where im so careful.
    Anyways turned the car back the right way and was dead last!!!

    Then the race got intresting! i fought tooth and nail to get back up the feild whilst respecting other drivers around me, Wish i could say the same for alberto who kept driving into me when i tried to make a pass.
    However the inevitable happened and i got through (clean);) and latched onto the back of the mid pack group , then i desided when i got to the back of kevin brents on lap 20 i thought ok i have my team mate up front by 4 secs infront of brents, i knew what lap he was stopping so i pitted, In the stops i leapfrogged a few drivers and my team mate appeared infront of me exiting the pits... so i knew i had gained over 4 secs, but also knew andreas had lower wings so i thought i could use his pace to save my engine, Was following for a couple of laps but the fresh tyre advantage was too much for my worn rubber so i let him go.

    Then about 6 laps later his advantage had wore off and i was catching a big group of drivers, mthats were the fun started... Had good battles even with the guy who tried to end my life in turn 1 ;) i had to manage my engine in the group and also knew i was slowest in a straight line, But i was able to brake about 2 meters later for turn 1 so i calculated when i would have enough engine life and fuelk to make a move and push like crazy to brake the toe to get p5

    Despite the first lap mayhem i think i raced my socks off and have to be proud of p5 from dead last.
  7. p.s anyone fancy giving me a drive for next season now lol??!!!
  8. Great Race! A lot of fun especially when we where racing in a group of 4. Started from P10 and finished P6.

    @Ben Phillips. I never touched u in the first lap.
  9. Qualified 11th, Not happy with that but not bad seeing as I only tested properly today, Got a great start moving into 10th and made slight contact with Sami (Sorry mate) And after that started fighting my way through due to better race pace, I did a few mistakes but caught up to the 3 way battle with Usyal, Vd Linden, and someone else xD. Managed to get pass these guys into 5th but Uysal didnt want to give in, A few laps after I passed him I made a few mistakes and then at turn 5 I clipped the grass and lost total control and into the wall I go.
    Cya guys at Abu Dhabi for the last race :)

  10. Massive appologies marcel it was indeed kevin brents!!!!! we had good battles though:p
  11. Also will the Broadcast be up soon?
  12. Wow that's the truth of Racing Factory team: dirty tactics today!!!!!!!
    Edmundo Saez put me on the wall after the start on Bico do Pato corner, damaging my front left suspension, my front wing and rear bar.. after passing together Sami Pesari in trouble.. i hope directors disqualify him for awful behaviour in race!!!!!
    My qualify was bad, 16th, 3 teths over my PB 1.09.8
    My race was totally ruined after 1st lap.. thanks to Edmundo!!!!!
    After that i tried to push to catch people in front of me having a gap of 30 secs at 2nd lap..
    I pushed too hard with my engine using hi-boost on the straight so on lap 40 I had engine failure..my car was fine into T2 using hi-downforce setup but slow on the straights..
    Unlucky day..
  13. what tactics man? are you crazy? fighting for top13? lol
  14. Well Alberto, it's not the point if it is pos. 13 , 1 or 24.

    Look at the last lap in my car or better in his car, it has nothing to do with you.
    I had never problems with your driving, in my opinion you are a clean and fair driver, but your teammate??? You should have a chat with him because the action he took in the last lap(s) dont belong on the track.

    Please look in to the last lap Alberto and then talk again m8.

    No offence.
  15. no edmundo no danger
  16. Be quiet!!! i'm not crazy at all.. I've just watched the replay of 1st lap..so i confirm that i said :tongue:
  17. Look into my lap
  18. Somewhat suprised over my pace at a track which I do not like very much, but I did not mind fighting for the Pole Position :D
    Was a crazy fight over onethousands of seconds! At one time, I think it was only 0,007 separating the top 3. Unfortunately, I missed in the last corner on my last run - was on a good lap, and think I could have shaved of just a little bit of more time there. Had to settle for 3rd, which I am extremely happy with.

    Kept rolling out of my starting position, but when the lights turned green, I had an ok getaway. Took the careful approach to the first corner, leaving alot of space on the inside. Knew Mallorqui probably would take advantage of that, but I would have the inside for the next corner. He though, must have thought I gave up on the outside, because going into the 2nd corner, he hits me hard in the side. Somehow I managed to keep the car in the right direction, but it had damage all around.
    Manage to get by Mallorqui again, when he tangles with Kalyanov, but I am not interested in risking everything so early in the race, so he gets fairly easy past again. Tusting also goes past, but Kalyanov goes for a spin, so I am still holding 4th.
    I try to keep a little distance to Tusting, so that I do not disturb his pace, hoping that we can pull away from the people behind. And it seem to work perfect, as the gap back to Euysal and Gosbee, among other, grow.

    Closing in on half distance, it looks as if Tusting's pace drops a bit. As he holds me up, I choose to pit early. Tusting pits the next lap, and Mallorqui after another one. I actually manage to jump both of them on that move! Mallorqui though, looks faster on new tires. Therefore I do not fight back when he attacks, and hope for a similar strategy as earlier in the race - this time trying to pull away from Tusting.

    Again it works - we pull away a couple of seconds to Tusting, until we catch some backmarkers. Then it seems as if Mallorqui's pace drops of a bit. Tusting quickly catch up, and get so close, that I have to put pressure on Mallorqui. He slams the door on several occasions, hard but fair :) But one time, I have to take a little avoiding action in T1. I loose tow on Mallorqui at the same time as Tusting is closer than ever. I have no chance as he fly by on the outside down the backstraight.

    I struggle a little bit on the straights, but hold on towards the end. On the last lap, it gets very tight. Out of the last corner, Tusting and Mallorqui tangle slightly as we pass the pit-entry. With alot more speed, I pull out to pass them to the line. But as I am sprinting past Mallorqui, he pulls over hard and hits me, sending me into the wall, effectively ending any chances for me passing the two of them in the last few metres - ending P4.

    Generally I am happy with 4th place. Mallorqui has apologized the incident, which I respect him for, but I cant deny feeling a bit disappointed and upset about how it ended...and started for that matter...

    Grats to Mark for an awesome race!
  19. Well time for me to tell something about my race. First off all the qualification , got a nice pole only and indeed at some point top3 was only seperated by 0.007 of a second so it was realy searching for those last few thousands of a second. In the last seconds of the session i managed just to cross the line for another atempt and grabbed pole by 0.007 of a second extremely happy with that because with my wing settings i knew i had to start from front row otherwise i wouldnt stand a chance on the straights where my topspeed was about 5 to 10 kmh slower then most of you.

    Anyway race start and for me it was important to stay in the lead and with my wing settings i was hoping to pull a big enough gap in the first lap to 2nd placed driver otherwise it would become a slipstream battle for me where i wouldnt stand a chance with my topspeed. First lap went perfect and when entering the straight i was almost a second in front so the 2nd placed driver wouldnt be able to get a slipstream for me. From there on it was rather a boring race just making sure to lap consistent times until my pitstop where i exceeded the pitlimit speed.

    Because of that i got a drive trough and at that point i thought my chances where over. So i took 2 laps on fresh tyres with maximum boost trying make up enough time. After my drive trough i got out 2 secs in front of Eduard and from there on i knew i was ok for the rest of the race to win it. Controlled the race from there on and got a n ice hatrick this race with pole, fastes lap and win. :p

    Happy with my performance right now and looking out for Abu Dabhi, i raced there last year in a different league and one thing is for sure, 2 long straights so i guess the races will be action packed again.! Cu there.