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Race #15, Singapore: Post Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. I have suffered a bug when i left the pitlane, two times starting without rear wing. First time was in practice session, then I just thought that I hitted a bit the pitlane wall or similar, but I had the same problem when I was starting race from the pitlane.
  2. Also my apologies to the people who had some damages due to my mistake in the formation lap :(
  3. First of all,

    gratz to Atze! Nice perfomance. And i'm quite satisfied with the results. Being ill for the last 3 days, not eating much, it was hard to hold the concentration or building it up even. So yea P6 is okay for that.

    Q: 4 tenthes behind PB, so was just bad.

    R: Even worse, ran into david on the form lap, not completly your fault David, mine aswell ;) So had to start from pits. Decided to go 1 stop and race began good. Was making up ground and after everybody pitted I was on p8. I made my stop and came out 8th and giving all i could. Was really good, but then I was behind Steven Diem and dunno if you had a problem, but you were really slow and also you had a ping of over 200 and were lagging for me. So I ran into him and lost fw. Bad luck again. In the end a nice fight with Muhammed, at the edge but I enjoyed it. P6 and now Suzuka!
  4. GPCOS:

    Congrats Dimi and Jeffrey for the podium finish.