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Race #15, Brazil: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Eduard Mallorquí, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
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  2. Fantastic! Absolutely brilliant way to end in FSR! I absolutely love people shoving their cars right up onto my rear wing and then slamming into it! Fan tas tic.

    On a qualifying note, I was reasonably happy with PQ and not happy with Q1.

    Thanks for the good times guys (legitimately this time). See you in a couple of years..
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  3. Thanks for crashing me again, its difficult always crashing the same car.
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  4. Pretty close Q1, did not make it into Q2 by 9 thousands, and it was a pity since my Q2 pace was good, but I was lacking speed in Q1 and that's it.

    Then I could move up a couple of spots in the opening laps, but then Siggy spun just ahead of me, I was able to avoid him, but lost concentration and spun as well. There was a big mess behind me due to Siggy's spin and I thought no one was coming close, but turns out someone was coming, and my terrible rejoining ended both races.

    Two rookie mistakes in 10 seconds, not the best end for my half-season...

    Really sorry for Tamm, was having 100% clean races but there's no excuse for what I did today.
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  5. Before 5-10min PreQ I started FSR Manager and got folder and .exe check fails error, this was first time problem for me, because today I was on laptop which had W7 OS, my desktop pc (XP OS), which I raced in the past rounds, had processor and HDD failure.
    I had latest .net Framework, even tried run as admin and have original 1255g version rfactor.exe but still got same error.
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  7. The lack of respect for other competitors here amazes me sometimes...
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  8. I finally finished a race..

    PQ was 1 s off my pb for some reason no idea why...

    Q1 just knew id start at the back so just did some laps taking it easy.

    Race. No idea what so ever why I was so slow all of a sudden did some testing during the week and wasnt this slow... had a couple of offs as i had soft tyres so had to pit every 12 laps or so.. kept out of everyones way as best i could i just wanted to finish the race.
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  9. Not a problem bro. :thumbsup:
    I was angry at first, but when I was jogging with my broken car into the pits, then Windows update came at the same lap and minimized my game, COMBOBRAKER!! :laugh:
    Atleast all happened in one lap. ;)
    14th place was almost max, happy for 10 points, atleast 12th would be max today...maybe. :)

    Thanks everyone, who helped me this season and my special thanks goes to Rauno Muru and Alari Algpeus. :rolleyes::notworthy:
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  10. Got disconnected during warm up lap , it's an issue here at home that decided to troll me right in this race in the worst time possible.
    I want to thank everyone in the organization of the series and others that help me and my team in our 1st season here, hope to continue next year too, cheers.
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  11. Now it's time to officially congratulate Ben for the championship, well done mate! :thumbsup:;)
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  12. Thanks to Twister and espeically Petar for all of his help this year!

    Grats on the win Daniel :)

    1st and 2nd in the championship

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  13. good win dani ;). Glad I started with your FSR journey :p

    Congrats Ben :D
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  14. Where can I get the replay?
    Want to see that huge crash. :D
  15. Since you were in the race, it should be in your fridge.
  16. I knew that I was coming in to this race off pace, I tried my best to keep out of the way of faster drivers and run a clean race. No incidents, too bad I couldn't finish due to an engine. Congrats To Ben and Good win Daniel!
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  17. It was nice to be in the Twister sandwich in Q :D

    Congrats Ben and Daniel who have done a great season.

    Jumped started because lagging, all car disappeared to me and the lights turned off, but suddenly all reappeared and lights were red :unsure:. In thatr moment cheked ping and it was 80 so I dont understand it. In T3 Siggy pushes me out of the track, making me loose a position with Norbert, later on just after the fast corner he turns into me, making me spin and loose 15 places and carrying damage. later on, neil spuns in the middle of the track I move to the left but he decides moving there and I loose FW when i was fighting with Torres.

    race ended some laps later, the car was imposible to control with so many damages.

    See you in WC.
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  18. @Fernando Guerrero
    I just watched the replay. It was kinda dumb from you to join track... thanks to this I lost atleast 11th place (and 1.45 minutes) at the end of 3rd lap. We all make mistakes. :thumbsup:
    BUT, like I said, Windows update just came 30 seconds after that crash. :laugh:
    Thank god, that my engine did not blow up after 2 big crashes. :giggle::)
  19. Will be the the broadcast on youtube?
  20. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    See you next year! :thumbsup:
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