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Race #15, Brazil: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by John-Eric Saxén, Nov 9, 2013.

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  2. Congrats to Petardoo :D
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  3. I would congratulate the people who managed to mantain their license this season crashing every GP, it is an incredible result... :)
    Anyway good job everyone, I enjoyed this season also if my shitty PC didn't let me race as I would, lagging always with low FPS.
    Congratulations to the winners and see you in the next season guys, hoping in the new PC and rf2 :)
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  4. Congrats Petar! :)

    i am very happy -> 5.place in the championship :)
    i was very very unlcuky in this year..i hope in next year will be fortunate.
    Congrats to all!
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  5. Congratulations to Petar, well deserved :) .

    Not bad race P7, but had tough start and lost too many positions...

    Also I'm very happy with the season, because only race in which i DNF'ed was in Singapore due to Internet disconnection, so I'm very glad that I had good consistency and finished P8 Drivers champ.(P4 team stand.)
    Looking forward for the "little" break we got ahead of us and also for the next season :) .
  6. I've already said it on the server. But congrats Petar! Its hurts to loose this title, but atleast my first teammate got it instead of me ;)

    We have had some bad luck again today, "front right suspension damage, from the moment at pit entry with Rodriguez wich cost me some 2/3 tenths per lap" wich made it even harder to bring the fight to petar. We tryed an other strategy but it wasn't enough.

    Overall i've really enjoyed the WS this year. With ups but also with a lot of downs. But thats part of the job i guess. Im looking forward to my future in FSR and i'm certain it will get even better!
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  7. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Wait a second...
    Champion of WT 2012
    Champion of WS 2013

    Does this mean what I think it means...? D:
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  8. Javier Alvarez

    Javier Alvarez

    Congratulations to Petar for the championship and also congratulations to Rob for his awesome season. We all at Positive SimRacing were very happy today with the first laps of Adrián Rodríguez, but sadly the incident prevented a posisble podium for Adrián and a good battle for the race to Rob. Rob however knew how to overcome the situation and made an excellent race.

    Petar and Rob deserved the title, so that, congratulations to both.

    A Twister driver gets a championship (second after WT). Congratulations also to them!
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  9. Congratulations to Petar!

    A very exciting championship battle until the last round.
  10. Congratulations Petar!
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  11. Well Rob, I think was more hard ur first contact on start that with me (obvious for u, for me was...terrible), but anyway and one more time random rfactor's damages have appeared, so do not doubt your comment.

    I think today was fighting for third place with Cyril and Zoltan, and I had enough to reach with great start, but again could not be.

    My season in terms of points was disastrous, I could not drive some races, and most of them had some type of damage. Still, I do a good balance in terms of improvement in 2014 and I think I can make a great year. In fact, I can sum up my year with two pictures:



    Grats to Petar and also fantastic job Rob, so excited championship this year ;)
  12. Congrats to Rob and Precision for winning the team's championship. Rob, you did also an amazing season, sometimes being really, really fast, so kudos :)

    As Johannes said, it has been a very exciting battle, I can't remember such a close end since WS 2010. I wish we had that excitement in WC as well, damn you Bono :D

    I also think that both Petar and Rob are a great example for the newcomers in FSR, they both started in the same modest WT team just 2 years ago, and look where they are now... You can reach very high goals with patience, passion and dedication.
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  13. Congratulations to Petar.

    Very fun race, enjoyed the season. Not been my strongest but learnt a lot. Enjoy the break all.
  14. Congrats Petar! Well done in the closest championship standings possible! :)
  15. Congratulations to Petar, Rob and respective teams ;)
  16. Champion of WC 2014? Sure. :D
  17. Congratulations to Petar

    About this race, P5, this race was good for me, but with some problems like the DT for exceeding the pit lane speed.. anyway good result for me and my other teammates. A shame the DNF of my teammate Adrian, he was probably the one that most deserved a good result here.

    Anyway I enjoyed a lot this first season in FSR, we have finished much better than we started, much more competitive which give us a boost and hope for the next year.

    Thx to all.
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