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Race #14, Japan: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Post race reports here as long as it's within the forum rules.
  2. sorry moe, didnt realize u were beside me =(

    - Ville Leppälä
  3. Posts from ika and Adam deleted because of inappropriate language.

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  4. yee good best is check out race dude drive like hell testing so much and race going over because some 1 drive wrong anyway dont want talk wit thet
  5. Had a bad race, caught up the parade lap carnage had to start from the pitlane, Ika caught my right rear in the Degna a few laps later, and after 4 pit-stops i was drove into the back of by Ika while slowing to allow Michael Gray through.
  6. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    had a good one for once :) also found out some things mid race that will probably boost my performance in next races too
    But anyway first laps were very clean if you dont count my spin on formation lap. only battle i had all race was with Joona from start to finish i tried to stick with him and then on last laps i found more speed and could get trough so very happy with this 9th
  7. adam you have bad race yes wit at all lol nobody like overtaking uhu
  8. Nobody else had any problems, now you heard Johannes, Leave it.
  9. man u didnt finish cry? wit your foults?? just leave me alone man next time check it pit limiter thets it
  10. Problems for the formation lap. Sami turns, I was slow down and Tjeerd Feddema hit in my rear and damaged me. Maybe I should have immediately go to the pits but I decide to continue the race with a big dammage. This was felt at the start of the race. The rear of my car was very unstable and I drove very difficult. In 12 or 13 round defending a position with Albert, in the first corner turns out the track and hit the wall. I can hardly manage, get to pit, and after 90 sec. back on the track with 2 laps behind. Finally, finishing 15th.
    I would also like to apologize Ivar Kalamees. :redface: I just slowed down the car and I thought you're gonna pass me on the left??
  11. Bad race for me not confident with the car, busy week at work and busy at home so basicly no time or energy to prepare for this race so the performance was rather weak. Q p6 on the grid wich was not to bad eventhough the lap was messed up could have been p3 i think. then race jumped into p4 from the start but then halfspun at the end of s1. After that some drivers spun at the chicane lost wing because i couldnt avoid it anymore so the race was compromised. made a stop and after that it was driving and hoping the hard tyres would last the distance wich they did so p6 afteral isnt to bad, even been running in p4 i think but with worn tyres i couldnt do much against those who made a pitstop.

    Then had a incident with Mihajlo, sorry for that but i think it was a racing incident, just looked back at the replay we where almost side by side into t1 where you didnt leave me any space, once you started to turn in i tried to slow and try to get out of there i even went on the curbs but unfortunatly there was no room left.

    p6 after all what happend i probably should be happy with that, Grats to Edu and Ivar mr consistent when you gonna win a race xD
  12. Stay calm, guys.
  13. Bad race for me!

    First of al, i managed to start 8th. Very happy with that. Race was fun until lap 7 when i spond my car. My race wnet terrible because of lag. At the beginning it was quide oke but when the race was going it became worse and worse.

    My first lap was great, i went to p6. Than at the chicane Ben Tusting came in to me. its a chame he made that mistake but it had no change to my race anyway. After that mayham i was behind my MegaByte teammate Danny van der Niet. I managed to pas him at the outside at the chicane. I immediately closed the gap to Sami Pesari, i could take a look after the hearpin 2 times. He made a mistake in spoon, so i overtook him on the inside. Than he had a slipstream passing me before the 130R and than i outbraked him at the chicane. i had a good time in the first 6 laps. But il leave it with this because the rest was rubbish.

    I wil fix my lag problems and get back stronger, i wil promise you guys. I hope to get top 7 finish.
  14. ok admin i understand everething sorry me english
  15. I also wasn't expecting much from this event due to lack of testing.
    PB in Q1 by 0.2 and quite a poor lap in Q2 - 4th
    Into 1st corner Nilsson broke quite early which unsettled me alittle and had to let Aalberts pass. He made a mistake in Dunlop though, which let me up to 4th again. Pace was quite poor on the first laps, and the gap to Nilsson was consistently around 1,5-2s. Around lap 12 I got closer to him, and made a quite easy pass into T1. He clearly had this setup more on the downforce side. After that I tried to catch up with Brljak, but he was too fast.
    After Brljak had stopped quite early. Around 15th lap. I had to pit also. I think I pitted on the 17th lap. Broke too late for the speed limiter line, and got a drive through penalty. After drive through I came out in 5th about 5 seconds behind Nilsson. Around that time Brljak had some damage on the car and had to pit. When the gap was around 2 seconds Linden came into play. Gave me a nice slipstream while I was next to Nilsson and let me pass into chicane. I felt bad for Nilsson :p. From there on it was quite a cruise to the finish.

    I know right ! 5 P2's 3 P3's
    No problem, it seemed to me like you had left a gap to your right, but as I was going for it you closed it. Too bad :p
  16. Yes, it was a racing incident. My misfortune is that my rear was damaged and unstable. When entering a corner, I could not best assess where you are when we were in a curve.:frown: