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Race #13, Spa: Post race discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Stefan Kanitz, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. Stefan Kanitz

    Stefan Kanitz

  2. What can I say.. Extremely sorry for Melim and Mallorqui .. Going up Eau Rouge I got caught on curb..Started fish tailing tryed to save it but just caught barrier and took out Mallorqui and Melim..Sorry sorry sorry :(
  3. ......................! 7 times started, 7 times got crashed.... NICE JOB GUYS World Trophy rocks wohoo keep going like this....................!
  4. Bad luck again when I fight for podium places... :mad:
  5. stuck on a bloody kirb?!!!!
  6. What a disaster...1 driver got connection lost, 1 driver always gets taken out in lap 1, 1 driver got stuck on a curb...please Kanitz, give Jan a 'free lap-card' for next GP. I hope for more luck this evening in WC.
  7. My graphic card crashed and my connection fails.. what a ****-day..my pc shocked when i m overtaking Elia Costa... grrrrrr i m too upset.. it s too hot in my town for pc.. i could be 8 at finish line.. congrats to Mihajlo Vicentjevic for reaching a great 7 position for the team..
  8. Had a good race hanging in 9th pos. but blew up the engine 5 laps before the finish.
  9. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    hmm well not bad race but again very unlucky team mates
    Qualifying: 1.45.7 not bad but not pb and rest of the qualifying couldnt get another proper lap done so 14th it was
    Race: alot crashes infront of me got me 7th so i knew i dont need to stop and i was hoping that i can leapfrog even Juhani but missed that by a second then mark caught up i think i did very good job keeping him back as i planned but then he goes into corner where i dont think anyone would try to overtake and i decide to let him go but his midcorner speed is crap so i have to slow down and somehow i went over curb lost position to him and ben
    then bit later TMo car catches up and now im prepared that he will do same as mark but what he does is leaves me no room and goes into corner like no one is by his side and forces me to spin after this i decide that maybe i should pit so i wont have any worries about tires... but forgot that i got some damage in start so its 6 seconds lost anyway i was able to catch up with Mihajlo and managed to overtake him from actually pretty far of track after eau rouge but since my car had so much better top speed i just turned boost up and went into 7th pretty easy then very(second)last lap i tought it was last lap and was turning boost down and somehow caught grass and sideways into wall and since i tought it was last lap i tried my best to go over the line but no it was second last and ended up in 10th
    Not very happy about what happened in end nor some drivers overtaking but that happens and still first top 10!!!
  10. Yeah Sami, normaly i wouldnt overtake you there but you where holding me off and we where on different wing settings, youre car was setup up for s1 and s3 and mine for s2. So i knew that you guys where catching me on the straights, but you could also have known that i would have a edge over you in the middle section. And you where simply holding me off and making some mistakes as well costing me time, and Ben could catch up and that was the least thing i wanted so decided that i had to get past you. Still i think the move was right i got a run on you because you didnt had a good exit and i was completely alongside when we reached that corner, just indeed my midcorner speed was not good because i wasnt on the racing line ofcourse. just hope you didnt got damage there.
  11. You might be referring to me here. I am sorry for your spin, but as far as I can see it, there was nothing I could do to prevent it (I could of course not tried to overtake you at all, but that was not an option with the run I got on you)
    Into Pouhon I was alongside and past on the inside. On turn-in, you hit my rear-wheel with your front-wheel. At this time, I was on the cerb on the inside, so there was plenty of room on the outside (so no need to turn into me really). I was fully prepared to leave room for you on the outside, but the rather hard hit I got from you, unsettled my car and I slid out. When I slid out, you were well behind anyway, so there was no reason for you to leave the track, causing you to spin.

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  12. What a shame :(
    Great fight we had, and as I outbraked myself into Bus stop, I was trying to wait to let you back past, but you never came...
  13. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    uhm Kjell okay sorry i really remembered it much worse my bad

    Edit: also was very disappointed cause i could not keep my place with 0 stopper

  14. Had back of the grid penalty for cutting in Hockenheim Q so didn't have really big exceptations for this race.

    R: Started from 23rd place and was hoping to gain 5-10 positions in the first few laps but the outcome was even better. I was already 8th after one and a half lap and gained yet another position a few laps later. However, silly mistake at Pouhon made me lose my FW and forced me to pit and I lost significant amount of time. After that was pushing like hell (sometimes even too hard; spun at Eau Rouge twice but somehow manage to stay away from the walls) and in the end was able to overtake a couple of cars to finish at P8. Positive race for me, as before the start my only goal was to just serve my back of the grid penalty so I can race properly at Monza, my favourite track.

    Here's the video of my quite eventful start for the race:
  15. No problem mate. I know how it is when the adrenaline is pumping :)
  16. Although for many people this race was a massacre, I'm happy for my best result in the FSR.
    I got a good position thanks to the many DNF.
    However, in this WT I'm like Minardi. The 11th place is a great success!

    See you at Monza in my country ;-)