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Race #13, Singapore: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Took 3 positions on first lap but crashed into Luka Oslacovic in last corner :(
  3. im really sorry for the crash i caused :(
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  5. Congratulations to Bono on becoming a four-times World Champion!!
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  6. Very good Bono, many congratulations on your 4th Championship :thumbsup::sneaky:
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  7. Grats to Bono for his 4th consecutive title.

    About my race, got unexpected lag at the start and lost 3 positions from 6th to 9th, then started my recover and managed to 5th where I stucked behind Jack. Tried few times to overtake him, but unsuccessful. Then in 2nd stint the car was very strange and had allot of understeer. After 1st stop my aim was 5th place. The key was in 47th lap when I decided to pit and to undercut Gergo and Jernej and to make 3 sec. gap after their stops :) Good race 5th is not so bad :)
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  8. Heres my pov of the crash (2.15)
  9. WOW :O
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  10. Congrats Bono :)

    Professionals were once again too fast, so it was good to fight for the top place of hobbyists.

    It was a very difficult race, the car was good but it was just too slow. Except for sector 3, which allowed me to defend well... Until 12 laps to go, when I got muscle spasm in feet and toes. Fortunately it didn't get too bad, but I really couldn't drive normally anymore...at the end I just fighted like crazy and defended p6.

    Dian, you outsmarted me pitting lap earlier, grats for taking the p5 at the end ;) And Gergo I hope we're ok with the contacts ;)

    Anyway, I now see that with this 5y old dfgt wheel with worn out pedals I just cannot compete on this level of simracing. I mean, I still have muscle spasm and pain in my feet and right arm feels weird, even 30min after race ended. I have a blister on a finger.
    I will do my best in the remaining races, then the road ends with the current equipment. Chair on wheels isn't a good thing for simracing either :p I'm worse crybaby than Vettel, sorry about that.
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  11. Congratulations to Bono for taking another championship. Never seen anyone with such a consistency, amazing effort.;)
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  12. After yesterdays Internet disconnection during the WS race, I kept my fingers crossed heading to this one.
    Starting from back of the grid, had a good launch from the grid and was pushing to get some positions.In last corner of L1, my team mate crashed and there was massive pile up, which I nearly avoided .
    In both stints I was fighting with Marcel and few other guys, trying to hold that provisional P10, but in the end I couldnt save the tires well so on the last stint it was very hard to push with softs. On last lap I did a mistake in T11 and lost ground to P10. In S3 I had to let through Bono as I had blue flags , and I nearly missed that last lap chase for last point but it would've been very hard..
    Still, not bad race but so close to points...

    Congratulations to Bono :) .
  13. U should do more sport Jernej :p.

    Well, one more time weekend to forget it. Sorry to Philipp, I think u brake too early but anyway I was behind, so completely my fault. I lost my FW and I had suspension damage, so bb race. Atleast I could trolling on the last moment and I did my first Fastest Lap on WC...


    Grats to Bono for his 4th Championship on a row. Brilliant drive!
  14. It was some sort of a pile up.. the car in front of me instantly slowed down so I touched him and slowed down too and yeah.. nothing you could have done in that situation actually.
    Its a real shame for both of us there but thats how it goes sometimes especially when you start from that far back.
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  15. What a bad luck, keep pushing and results will come soon :)
  16. Congrats Bono! :)

    Jernej, It was OK. :) There was a small contact, but it happens. I hope I was fair too. :)
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