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Race #13, Singapore: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Eduard Mallorquí, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Internet disconnection before pass to race. Wasn't possible to wait me 1 minute?
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  3. Everything was nice .... but on the 16th lap maybe, at the last corner was someone's front wing. Thanks to that front wing I heavily crashed into wall and damaged my whole car.
    After pit stop I made a big mistake. I feel sorry for James Sadler. He knows what I mean. :(
    I just did not see you. :unsure:

    Hopefully next time everything goes much better! ;)
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  4. I want to apologize to the 2 drivers i hit in the back Jonathan Holmes and specially Mihajlo Vicentijevic, really sorry mate i was in a strategy that need to keep with Suokas but i miscalculated the difference in braking and hit you twice, really sorry about it and sorry to mess your race :(

    About the race i don't have much to say, at least the beginning was fun racing with soft but after that it went straight downhill for me .
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  5. AAAAND personal thanks goes to Jorrick Boshove for making my crash true today. Your front wing made my day. :O_o:
  6. Same thing happened than in Suzuka, Qualified 15th and in the race session I was 24th on the grid. Without any penalties. :O_o:

    But yeah was quite frustrated about that since the strategy failed at that point, and for that reason I wasn't focused at all in the start. Got squeezed to the wall in T1 and spun :D But first half of the race I wasn't really able to get the car going.

    Tried completely weird strategy just to see how it works out. I just wanted top 10 of this race since I started to practice so late. But the strategy didn't quite work out lol

    Fun racing though and some wheel banging. Tough defenders here :D Struggled to pass 2 secs slower guys who were on different tires. Last time for me to try that strategy from far back : D
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  7. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    w00t, 10th after a sweaty and hot race (not kidding, I felt like being in Singapore).

    Pre-qualifying: I was a little lost as I had just done a full race sim just before the pre-qualifying so I wasn't that fast in hotlapping. More than enough for advancing in the race though.

    Qualifying: Again, I was a snail. My PB was 1:35.8 but I couldn't pass to Q2 where only something like 1:36.1 was needed. Although I didn't take much pressure from it, started from the clean side and stuff. So 13th.

    Race: Finally, (I stress), finally I had a clean race. Only couple of mistakes here and there, like spins and stuff. But I never wrecked my car, only minor damage from kissing the walls.

    I had great fun throughout the race and had a superb start, rising up to 5th or so in the opening laps. But my pace wasn't too good so I fell behind, and when I began my stint with hards after lap 11 I battled with Holmes for the whole freaking stint. I had couple of opportunities to overtake him, but to no avail. He escaped from me and I kept doing my own race.

    Just couple of laps before pitting for the 2nd and last time Aalberts was giving me pressure. I bursted out laughing at his divebomb manoeuvre which he tried on me after the bridge. He took the inside line, I stayed on the outside and did the steering a bit later to get a good exit from the turn. When I was approaching the apex I saw Mark sliding there next to me and I retook my position. :roflmao:

    When I went to the pits, I was supposed to take softs for the remaining laps but as I fiddled with the HUD menu I accidentally chose hards. I finished the race behind Franz with a gap of 13 seconds, however.

    I was pleased to see myself in front of Holmes and Siggy in the results as they were my main opponents. :)

    EDIT: It was actually Franz who made the move on me. See: /watch?v=fme69HIpPgQ&t=1h8m50s
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  8. Well, it's a bit dissapointing because today we had a great chance to finish in a podium position.

    Had nice Q1 pace, and Q2 was not that bad, but I went wide in T3 and didn't want a back of the grid in Abu Dhabi, so lap aborted, 9th.

    Start was bad but I was lucky that I had no one by my side because of Adrián's disconnection. So I kept P9.

    First lap was really chaotic. Lost one place in T5, and then I think it was Szekely divebombed where Massa overtook Senna in 2012, but clean pass. Then I didn't expected him to brake so early two corners later that I had to avoid him, spinning and being hit by Leonardo I think (he had nowhere to go, so no problem).

    But then, from lap 3 onwards it was OK. Not a great pace due to damage in the preovious incident, but I was able to drive behind Tusting quite comfortable, and was holding up Mark for more than 10 laps I think, very clean battle by the way.

    However, I had big problems with hards after 13-14 laps, so pitted as soon as possible to avoid an undercut from Aalberts, and then softs until the flag.

    Then with the softs and low fuel the car felt way better, and there's not much more to say, overtook people with old hard tires, and at the end P6.

    As I said, not a bad result, but we lost a chance to get a podium...

    Congrats to Álvaro again, who would've thought he'd be a championship contender...
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  9. You should be mad at the marshalls for not picking up the debris :D
    But yeah, I lost fw at last corner, sorry for that.
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  10. No problem :thumbsup:

    With around 4 laps to go, did I chop you up at turn 4? I braked later to get a good line, but i saw you in my mirrors bouncing over the anti-cut! Sorry if i did, didn't plan on doing that!


    Regarding my race, back of grid penalty, potential 6th position with 9 laps to go. Pushed way to hard, lost my front wing, recovered back to 11th. Had a nice little run with Tuomas for around 20 laps! And finally, I didn't crash infront of him :roflmao:

  11. Nah my tyres were pretty much gone at that point and I somehow managed to lock-up my rears there. You probably saw already in the exit of the first turns that I had no traction :D

    Good stuff and clean move.
  12. Can you also mention that you had a bad exit out of the chicane wich enabled me this chance. ;) I shall not start about the move you did at me , or you're team m8 that hitted me in the rear and messed up my car for whole race. Just watch my fight with Guerero, side by side for most of S2 wich i never thought was possible:roflmao: But yeah just racing for fun no hard feelings.

    And i also want to take this oportunitie to thank uncle Bernie for this wonderfull briliant track.:sneaky:
  13. Sorry about that. 100% avoidable and stupid. Nah actually now when I checked it I don't see myself doing anything wrong. (Lap 2, turn 5)
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  14. Got best start ever, gained 5-6 places, until someone at turn 1 ruined my race by hitting my front wing off, then I runned completley wide and got stop/go penalty... After that my race was boring as hell...
  15. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

  16. Indeed you didn't do anything wrong I just checked replay, there is only one thing wrong and that's this damage model that is so random. That little side touch caused me rear wing damage and made the car crap, basically the same as what happened in Korea. Rear wing damage makes the car struggle to steer in.
  17. Grats to the Podium.
  18. Ben i had a Look in the Championship Standings for WT and you are still leading by just over 30 points and if you stay at least in the top 10 in the Last 2 races and still keep Schnyder or Aalberts Behind you, you could become WT Champion and the First one that hasnt won any races or if you can change it then you become champion with only one race win which will be really Epic to be Honest , you can still do Britain Proud Lad
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  19. Thanks for the information, sure Ben didn't know it.
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  20. Qualy: Bad lap, but enough to be second in grid. Awesome lap from Kiss.

    Race: Good start and I tried to push Kiss in the first laps, but he defended position really well. After that, the gap increased little by little but he did a mistake a few laps before our pitstop, so I could overtake him after long straight. I thought he was suffering with their tyres, but I can't understand why he preferred to complete 26 laps with hard tyres instead of doing 2 stints with soft tyres.

    Therefore, this was the key to the race because if he had chosen the right strategy, I'm not sure if the final result had been the same. Another victory and relatively close to championship leader. I'll try my best until championship ending, but I am aware that it is really difficult, I have to wait mistakes but I can't fail too, so we'll see.

    Thanks for PSR again and congrats to the survivors of this race.
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