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Race #13, Italy: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Grats Dian :D
  3. Gratz indeed for Dian, You shouldnt be in WT!! :p
  4. That was my last WT race, did not have time to train before.

  5. Well cya in WS I hope :) Im out of motivaition due to the bad luck ive had in the last few race :/ Need some new motivation xD
  6. I should have left months ago then XD
  7. gosbee come back to WT :D xD
  8. From GPCOS:

  9. From GPCOS:

  10. From GPCOS:

    After Q2 I was surprised by eighth position. I was hoping to get a good start to win 1-2 positions and show my speed during the race. After the start to my regret I lost 2-3 positions. Then we were all very tight in a train and exchanged positions.
    After 2-3 laps I was stuck behind Lee and we made a great battle. He was faster than me on the straights and it was very difficult to overtake him. I overtook Lee after 4-5 laps after he cut the first chicane and then he must let me pass, then in sector 2 I made a gap with my higher wings and built a gap so I could drive away. Towards the end of the race I was one of the fastest on track and tried hard to catch up to Morand, but he already gained too much time in the first part of the race so I do not take unnecessary risks and brought the car home in 5th place.

    Thanks to Damian and the rest of the GT Omega team for the hard work, the car was perfect all race, I look forward to racing the final races this year.
  11. From Gpcos:

    After yesterday's mistake i was motivated to have a good result today, but it wasn't to be......

    Q1: a PB obviously, but i knew if i put the sectors together i could do a time like that, i would have preffered a P2 in Q2 obviously but it was nice to be up there.

    Q2: i felt the lap wasn't too bad, but it was still half a second off so not very good, but still plenty of oppurtunity from P7.

    Race: I was careful at the start to keep my wings and Pat and Lee passed by braking later. Then we were all in the train offcourse, trying to keep my wings and find a way past Lee if possible while keeping it clean. It was quite intense and fortunately the group was quite respectful on track so we could all keep our wings.

    When i finally cleared all the traffic i was finally able to show my pace in clean air before the pitstop. After the stop i was concerned about my brakes being in traffic so long, so i was saving them a bit behind Blair.

    All the laps in testing i did not once spin at the exit of Ascari, i felt so safe through there all race long, but the car just went and there was nothing i could do.......

    Strange how things go, you can be in an 5-8 car train and get out of there with no damage, but then retire in a corner where u have had no issues at all, quite dissapoiting..........

    Congrats to the point finishers and a shout out to my Pince tmate Dimi for some points on his B-Day."
  12. again noob mistake nothing much to add:(
  13. Challenge accepted?
  14. [​IMG]
  15. To moderator for the news: That was not my debut race in WC. I made debut in 2009 one race, then drove in Australia this year. This was my third race. Only for information for future mistakes. Thanks.
  16. "Q1: Very good session for our team as both of me and Lee got into Q2!

    Q2: I made my personal best hotlap for Q2 and I got my best starting position in FSR! Really happy about this!

    Race: Since we changed to Race session, my computer acted really strange. In T1, T2 and Ascari I was getting frozen screens in every lap! I couldn't drive with these issues but I gave my best for the team. In 1st lap i couldn't see almost nothing cause of frozen screens so I lost control of the car and got into the grass in T2. I let everyone pass me just to be sure everyone will be safe. After that my race was quite clean, except of the incedent where I lost my front wing and I forced to pit. Finally I finished in 11th position without scoring any points today.
    Disappointed race overall but good qualify. I have to get it together sometime..."

    Congrats and a big thank you to my team for the effort we did these days, we got good sings from this race and we will continue that hard.