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Race #13, Italy: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Damian Henderson, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. Post race reports here as long as it's within the forum rules.

    Sorry for no broadcast we could not access the broadcast machine.
  2. Im so annoyed....was going great for a good finish, was 16th, when suddenly my car just snapped right under braking and hit the wall (on the straight!) i dont know why it did this. I did the 63 second repair, came out, and it did it again. in fact, every time i hit the brakes it speared right. even a little bit. i even pushed the brake bias forward and no luck. My wheel wasnt to blame, so i dont know what is. So i had to retire as my car was litterally undriveable all of a sudden, and i had a good result coming as well....... so dissapointed.
  3. Did you use brake duct 1? Would seem like a brake failure
  4. i did. thank god theres an explanation then!! lol i thought i was going crazy :p damn, thats one good race opportunity wasted.... lol
  5. Always in testing do a time scaled race, Doesnt matter how many laps but if brakes or engine fail up the rad or duct :p
  6. Very dissapointed, was comfortably ahead of a few cars and had made a good start avoiding any trouble, came out of the 1st lesmo and the car skimmed the gravel, sending me into the wall.
  7. I didnt even know rfactor had brake failures :p ive always just used 1 duct for them.....now i know better lol
  8. i hate rfactor 1 with a passion. does anyone know if we would be using rfactor 2 next year? is that in the plans or.....
  9. If it's ready yes.
  10. We are now 13 races into the season and some of the teams have absolutily no hold of the car nor the setup. Having to drive with the backmarkers in a troublesome race is absolutily Scary - going into corners together is just mayhem 9/10 times. Cars breaking almost 100 meters before you do, still locking their breaks and flying through chicanes with no control at all. Then you try and drive through it cleanly as per usual but have no room and you make contact and have damage in your car.

    Seriously, if you´re going to race - please test your setups so you can hold your car together through corners without causing havoc for people around you.
  11. After 22 or 23 laps I just lost all rear grip under braking for some wierd reason so as quickly as I touched the brake pedal my rear just spun around. I somehow managed to continue the lap but on the final corner the rear spun around again and I crashed into the wall.

  12. People have to start somewhere, this is World Trophy.
  13. would help if people didnt draft you when your trying to let them through on a straight before a chicane and get a penalty. Then they almost hit you so you have to drive off track to avoid them.. and finish your own race
  14. Not a good race really. Someone spinned in front of me and I could not avoid him. Big damage to the car. Pit stop cost me around 40 seconds. So my race was already over after 1 lap. Pitstop only repaired a bit of the damage, so my car was at least half a second per lap slower for the rest of the race. After that it was quite a boring race. I was lucky some guys in front of me made some mistakes and I didn't. Bringing the car home was all I could do so I'm not really unhappy with 13th. But my pace without damage was good enough to finish close to P7 I think. So that sucks : )
    Luckily RF didn't crash this time. Now I just need a clean race!

    Even though this is World Trophy, I think the level of the drivers here is high enough to avoid such situations. It's not like this is a league for beginners IMO.
  15. This has happened a lot to me. Im sitting WELL off the racing line trying to let them past, middle of the straight and im slowing so they can pass easily before the braking points for the corners, and they come right up behind me and nearly take me out, swerving at the last moment. Ive been off the racing line for the whole straight as well, its not like im weaving. Maybe people arent used to backmarkers letting them through?
  16. Yeah i agree with this actually, and to be honest, i know i'm not the fastest driver out there currently since i'm new to FSR but i make an effort to make sure im well out of anyone who's lapping me's way, and to be honest i could lay out the accusations for this aswell, there was a distinct point when a faster driver came out on an outlap into the 1st turn, i ended up behind him on the exit, and every time i attempted to come past ( I was on a hotlap ) he pulled over infront of me, stopping me, he even pushed me wide as he could when i got alongside him in Qualifying.