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Race #12, USA: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Eduard Mallorquí, Oct 19, 2014.

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  2. Let the madness begin...
  3. Had to have 1 disco a year it seems, worst time to have it but anyway congrats to Bono on his 5th consecutive championship and to Morgan/Ivar for the top 3.
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  4. What a race!!!! :roflmao::roflmao::roflmao::roflmao: And as part of the celebrations, PM gives free goat to anyone interested... :p
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  5. No traction, No tyre grip
    I click on the limiter, it give twice to rfactor...
    Trying to recover but with my car it wasn't impossible to do miracles.
    Congratulations for Bono Huis, you deserve this one again. I loved our battle during this GP. I was so slow in worn tyres and we managed a great battle.

    I loved that season. The beginning was just phenomenal with some wins in a row. I enjoy that type of battle, like Senna/Prost but here it's Huis/Morand.
    The aim to the title was a extra bonus, normally i couldn't race this season. Thanks for Netrex and Ernesto De Angelis to convince me to race again. It's a great family.

    What to think about this race. Of course, some supporters could be disappointed but don't be ashamed. I'm the kimi raikkonen black cat here. Things happened which could never happen. Again, Enjoy the battle, the thrilling but don't look the result. I race for the ENJOY, not for the money and other stuff.
    Be natural, emotional is my philosophy of life.

    Congratulations for Bono again. You're a bit my nightmare... just before myself... XD
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  6. Great race and great season both drivers deserved the title congratulations both and their's teams.......that's all!
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  8. Great title battle guys , grats Bono.
    Pretty bad race for me , failed in Q2 and had the entire race suspension damage after someone hitted my rear in turn3.
    Turned the wheel 10 degrees to the left the whole race to keep the car straight.
    So no way to do any better :)
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  9. Someone hitted you? Sorry, but I was from inside while you closed the door like nobody was there.
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  10. Well i dont blame you for that , it might be my own mistake havent watched the replay yet.
    I just know that it was all a bit tricky because there was a chrash ahead of me and some people went wide and all was confusing , one corner later someone hitted my rear. ( Possibly i havent seen you)
    If it was my fault then i apologize for that . But anyway , normal race incident imo , happens.
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  11. Congratulations to Bono Huis on becoming a five-times champion, fantastic achievement! And congratulations to Morgan Morand for his amazing season, he would have also deserved it!
  12. Yeah, I don't blame you either. Just you said it like you were innocent there. You had to be more carefull on those high speed corners, after you saw you've passed us with Rob and knowing we will be from inside. But mistakes are part of simracing, so don't worry. Appologize is accepted.
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  13. Thanks guys....amazing. What a day, what a race, what a season. Without a doubt the most enjoyable season in FSR for me. Awesome fight with Morgan, all year long, without you this championship would have been really boring and the title would have no meaning, thanks for this amazing year.
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  14. Congratulations to Bono for his 5th WC title, amazing :cool:. I forgot to congratulate with PM for WC team title, well done :cool:.

    As a C7NetRex member I was hoping for a different result, but this is racing. Amazing year by Morgan; freacking fast, you made this season fascinating ;). Carlos made an huge step; we used to fight in some 2013 WT race, now he is far ahead :thumbsup:.
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  15. Wow, many of us should learn about these words.

    Congrats to Bono and Precision Motorsport, much harder than past seasons but the same result again. Enjoy it.
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  16. Kris Cobb

    Kris Cobb
    Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal

    From everyone at Avid Chronic Racing, congratulations to Bono Huis and Precision Motorsports. Great job Morgan Morand, I am sure you will get your Title next year!

    Thanks to our World Championship drivers that made it such a remarkable season!
    Robert Rudholm
    John-Eric Saxen
    Peter Helmbro
    Georg Winter
    Lionel Klue
    Giordano Valeriano
    Atze Kerkhof

    and all of our ACE and PRO drivers that assisted with the team!
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  17. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim

    Great spirit here!

    Maybe someday ,i will also have the chance to participate to this! it looks awesome :)
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2014
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  18. NetRex stormtroopers will be back next year

    Lord Morgan will be proud of our new anthem.

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