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Race #12, Texas: Race Briefing

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Carlos Martín, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. Welcome to the 12th race of the 2014 Formula SimRacing Pro Series season at Texas.

    The password to join the server will be visible when you log in to GPCOS in the Control Center next to the server's IP address.

    Before proceeding to the event, pay attention to the following:
    • Read the updated 2014 rules package from this thread
    • Remember to join the game with the FSR Manager software running, and follow the post race procedures here
    The following drivers have automatically gained the right to race:
    Pre-Qualifying Group 1 (1-21)
    Back of The Grid Penalties (2):
    Raceday Schedule:

    Sunday, 12:55 GMT Server Opens for PQ1
    Sunday, 13:00 GMT Pre-Qualyfing Group 1
    Sunday, 13:20 GMT: Practice
    Sunday, 13:30 GMT: Qualifying 1
    Sunday, 13:45 GMT: Qualifying 2
    Sunday, 13:50 GMT: Warmup
    Sunday, 14:00 GMT: Race

    The Free Practice session will be 10 minutes in length. Every participating driver should join as soon as possible after the server opens to make sure that they don't miss the start of Qualifying and also to make sure that their game is configured & working properly.

    Qualifying will be split to two sessions (10 + 5 minutes). Both sessions will run in non-private mode (all cars will be visible on track at the same time). Qualifying 1 will be run with free setup while Qualifying 2 has Parc Ferme enforced. Parc Ferme will only allow you to change your fuel load, tire compound, engine boost, engine brakemap, front wing angle, steering lock, brake balance and brake pressure after the session is over, so make sure you have your race setup loaded when entering Qualifying 2. Qualifying 2 session will be closed, this means that it will impossible for people to join while the session is running.

    The Warmup session will be 5-10 minutes in length. You can drive freely in the Warmup session to try to get a feel for the heavier car after qualifying on low fuel.

    The Race will be 34 laps long. Drive safely during the race, especially at the start and the first lap in general.

    Red Flags will NOT be used unless in very specific situations which are specified in the rule documents.
  2. So no penalty modifications as in last ACE race?
  3. There will be penalty modifications, but I can only specify that a minor cut in qualy means 30 sec penalty.

    Major cut, disqualification.

    Other penalties will be judged manually by me.
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  4. Server Opens for PreQ.

    Good Luck!
  5. Im ashamed that only 13 driver appeared when its supposed to be 21....
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  6. Following drivers have won the right to participate in Grid 1

    Eduard Kore
    Alari Algpeus
    Dmitry Zaharov
    Eugene van Loggerenberg
    Jordi San Andrés Salvador
    Will Barnes
    James Sadler
    Dewald Nel
    Guglielmo Matti
    Lionel Klue
    Kristian Nenov
    Georg Winter
    Teemu Valkeejarvi
    Fran López
  7. Server Open for Grid 1.

    Good Luck!
  8. What a disastrous afternoon! First, my connection prevents me from doing the qualifying, then a shocking first lap destroyed my car. I avoided first turn crash, but I could nothing against the t2 trap -_-
    I found my mate in front of me, I neither understood what happened. I simply know every race this season was a lottery for me...