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Race #12, Korea: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Eduard Mallorquí, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. First race in G1 and after the restart crashed out just 5 laps due to oversteer on last corner
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Bad race.. Im sooo sorry for boshove.. i braked WAYY to late... Sorry man :(:(:cry:
  5. Couldn't do any testing on Friday - Saturday as i was racing at Brands Hatch.

    So went into the race a bit rusty!

    Had good battles with Alvaro and Franz, shame i couldn't get the victory
  6. nice to finally get more points than 10..
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  7. James Sadler, you are the worst outlaped driver I could ever get, crashing into me while braking and dealing me damage. :mad::mad::mad:
  8. The broadcast is available here
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  9. James Sadler

    James Sadler
    GhostSpeed Racing Manager Premium

    Bad race for me. I want to apologise to Mark and Kevin. I broke late in both incidents and they were entirely my fault. Sorry to both of you :( :( :(
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  10. Too late to drive. I went to have lunch...
  11. My pace was not great in practise but it was OK, but today... just wasn't quick enough to fight for Top5.

    Thanks to Álvaro's great victory we are now P2 in the Team Standings, hope we can keep that position.
  12. Race explanation:

    Later I'll tell more, now I can't
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  13. **** happens, i was not even angry when it happend. My car was fooked again as in race one where i got crashed in the wall by Siggy (i think he had wheelspin what caused him to spin right into my path). It is ok James.:)

    Lots of frustation, nothing seems to work lately especialy Q pace was horrible here. Oh well, Gratz for podium, they putted up a nice show atleast something interesting to watch.;)

    As for my own race, motivation is at low and nothing seems to work especialy in Q pace. And when stuf dont go as you wish bad things will happen ofcourse. Got stuck behind Siggy, and due to my engine and not being able to overtake PSR's no wing setup i decided to go on alternative strategy to get away behind it. After that i binned the car, that was not needed but i was realy angry with my performance so overdrived the car a bit.:D
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  14. Qualy: Really strange, times were very bad, but all drivers did some mistakes. I was worried about Q2, but in spite of that, I got the pole.

    Race: Good start and good first laps. 1º stint was well, but Franz was really close. I noticed that fuel was critical, so I had to conserve as much as I could. Maintain first position was really difficult, because Ben and Franz attacked me in all corners, but I tried to maintain position of the fairest way. That wasn't easy, but I could finish before them.

    Great battle with great drivers, simply.

    Congrats to Franz and Tusting, these last 3 races will be exciting. Thanks to all PSR team because I haven't train as much as in past races (and last races will be equal) but this wasn't a problem, they did my work became easy.
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  15. Q: Pace wasnt that good and had 2 mistakes in s1 which cost me a better starting position.

    Race: Was a nice race but was always behind Torres and it wasnt possible to overtake him because of his topspeed. The race was very close and there wasnt room for mistakes. Sadly I did one and Ben could pass me but at the end of the race I could overtake him. Then I tried to close up to Torres but the gap was already to big. 2nd place, I can be happy with it :)
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  16. Q1: a bit of traffic but a very good lap, I can't do better than 13th.

    Race: first race start is bad, I have to avoid a car and I lose places. When I'm recovering positions there is a general issue and a red flag. Second start is better; I do a clean race, regular and without mistakes, but my pace isn't special today.

    To be honest I was expecting more; maybe 8th place was possible with a strategy change, but I have to be quite happy about 9th considering contest (I mean that's very important to finalise). I think we deserve a better place in WT team rank, and we can do it.

    Congratulation to Torres and to podium; thanks to my team and to staff.
    See you in Singapore;)
  17. PS: please, be more carefull if you lose a wing during race. We don't race only in Monza.
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  18. or do we?:cautious:
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  19. Don't tell that to the guys that lost their F wing. Tell that to the guys that are behind the guy with no wing, they always crash into you when you are being careful in braking, turning etc. That happened to me lots of time. ;)