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Race #12, Japan: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Lost FFB in the middle of a corner and went off, after that massive dmg to rear and went off again later on. SUUUCKS!!! Gratz for petar ! ;)
  3. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Absolutely incredible result by Franz for making the SECOND place to the chequered flag, his and the team's best result ever!!! I'm really happy and proud for him, absolutely marvelous. I could've never believed him for taking a podium! Well now it is official, as well as Petar taking the Drivers' Championship, big congratulations to him as well!

    (Well done Franz, you deserved it). :)

    Also a big shame for Ghostspeed as Ville retired again and Aalberts lost the battle for Franz because he spun on the first bend of S2 3 times! Really odd. :O_o:

    Guys, you have just experienced the power of Sisu, as demonstrated by Franz ;) I still cannot believe he got the second place, incredible. Absolutely unexpected. Congrats to both Franz and Petar.
  4. My FFB also cut off in the slow hairpin, just after I let Petar by, it caught me off guard but I managed to hold on to the car!

    Q: 17 - Happy as I did 1 hour practice!

    R: Got a nice start, passed the person infront going down towards the first corner. A front wing came off someones car but I squeezed by without them hitting me on the straight. Coming out of the 1st corner a NetRex car got sideways, I had nowhere to go and BAM, the damage was dealt. I then spent 95 seconds in the pits!

    Finish 3 laps down which I don't mind, POINTS! :D (i think?!)
  5. Nice one Franz
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  6. Hey admin(s) what should I do now when my manager crashed after pressing exit? Didn't save anything. Hopefully won't end up with losing the result? Is there any alternative things that I could do?

    Mikko Suokas
  7. Guys i was experiencing really REALLY bad slow down.
    Ive never experienced it before in Rfactor, ever.

    it would happen when i was near a tenth of any car, which made defending an absolute nightmare.

    how to describe it - like a 'warp slow down' effect, you know like in star trek when they engage. And all my controls were completely lagged as well, it was horrid.

    please say if anyone else did experience it, if not...i need to format.

    sorry to anyone who might have got caught up in my issue, i tried to be as careful as possible though
  8. congrats petar :) unlucky Daniel Kiss should of had another podium :(
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  9. Yay. 10th Place. At last there were no problems with lag and I was able to finish a race. Qualifying went OK although I think I could have made Q2 if i had made no mistakes on a lap but was still reasonably happy with 14th just 2 tenths away from Q2. In the race, first lap was really hairy. Some guys just going for glory on the first lap and so it was a mess turn 1. I managed to avoid everything through Turn 1 but then in turn 2 someone tagged me and I span around. Somehow there was no damage so no need to pit. After that it was about driving back and trying to get the best possible so was really really pleased to finish 10th after losing half a minute on first lap. Hopefully I can build on this for Korea and continue to improve. I let Rens through halfway through the race because he was clearly faster than me and didn't want to hinder the team's progress in regard to points.
  10. another thing i noticed, im knackered LOL coz im playing in a swivel office chair.

    In sector 1, im gripping the wheel hard and was fighting the swivel of the chair with my abs lol. I need to get a fixed chair.
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  11. Whole NetRex team congratulates Petar for his more than deserved title. Well done!
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  12. Amazing race.Great Job Petar!
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  13. Thanks everyone :)

    I had some weird change of balance a few days ago(without touching anything in the setup or wheel settings), no matter how much more rear wing or front spring i'd use i would always get oversteer, so i used crazy settings and the car was pretty slow but at least it's balance was ok. Maybe track bug or something, or i need to reinstall Windows :roflmao:

    Not much to say about the race, Ville and Rens had problems and i was cruising to my victory then :)
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  14. Grats Petar for the champ, and grats Franz for making my life hard.

    Made to many mistakes today, mayby that caused a bit of exitement on the broadcast but not in the right way i guess. But thats what you get when overdriving the car.:roflmao:

    Not much to comment, car was a bitch all week and collected some damage in the first lap as well so being off pace and then to see Ville retiring because of his stupid wheel is a shame as well.. And i should have been more patient in final stop with Franz because i could go on for a few lap longer with the best chance to get pass him,.. but then ofcourse decided to ran of the track and spoil my only chance i had.

    Race to forget i guess.
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  15. Thx guys :)

    It was a great race. Q2 lap was better then I thought, so 5 start position.
    I had a slow start but could keep my position. Then after a few laps Ville had some problems. At the hairpin we had some touches, he spun and I get some little damages. After Petar went to pit I had my first leading laps :) As Mark did his second pit stop he was behind me and he couldn't overtake me because of his low top speed. After Daniel's 3 stop I was only some tenths in front of him but then he did a mistake. Mark was catching me but couldn't overtake me and did then a mistake. Then it happens, my first FSR podium :confused:

    congrats Petar for the championship

    see ya in Korea
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  16. Q: didnt do a good lap. MUST have been in top ten easily but qualified 13th.
    R: had a great getaway and on the start straight in like 4th or 5th gear the car infront suddenly started losing speed, I couldnt react fast enough and took him (Falco) from behind like a cheap polish whore. I guess he lost the internet.
    So after losing the front wing in the start straight it was very hard to motivate myself to continue.

    Congratz Franz, your hard work is paying off!

    Eduard K
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  17. Dissapointed. A mistake from Leppala took out Chris, but mistakes happen.
  18. should post up a demonstration video about driving etiquette, and showcase the epic battle i had with Zoltan the great. i'll stick it on youtube in a bit.
  19. Post before changed. I have calmed down
  20. I have small complaint about Chris De Jong actually. I made a move round the outside in the Senna chicane and he moved over when I was alongside. Nearly took the nose off. We avoided contact though because I slammed the brakes on but to be fair Chris wasn't the only one. There were several incidents going on around me that were caused by some 'trying to be a hero' driving. Chris was the victim of it as well at one stage cos I hit the rear of his car cos someone moved across, out of control, on him. Luckily I didn't hit him hard enough to cause either of us serious damage.