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Race #12, Hungary: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules :).

    Replay is here (other thread got screwed up somehow).

    Thanks to Scott Wilde for commentary and Pedro Rodrigues for the cameras!
  2. Are you crazy Morgan, not enough screws in your head or something ? I never fought so hard a for a win like for a 16th .. youre crazy simply put.
  3. My race was terrible in the end. I'm tired of having to make excuses for not producing the results we can get. As usual I was in the hunt for a 4th/5th place, but the gamble on a 2 stopper ended in the pit lane entry corner. My tyres were completely shot after responding wrongly to Rasmus Tali's first pit stop, and that made me half spin and get stuck on the kerb in the pit entry corner. The car was completely horrible to drive as well. We, or at least myself, need to adress this problem for Belgium. See you all there.
  4. Kinda happy with 12th from pitlane.. had the pace for a mid top 10 finish i think.. seemed to real the mid pack in throughout the race.. and finished around 10 seconds off the final point... if starting from normal grid position i think maybe even 4th - 5th was possible.. car was ok but hard to drive..
  5. From GPCOS:

  6. Man don't use words like that, i was watching the stream and the fight was fair enough. For the incident in my opinion that was just a race incident, morgan lost the rear grip brutally he tried to avoid the contact but you was just in left of him.
  7. I won't remove what I said, fighting for a 16th place like that will take nobody nowhere. I mean everything that happened before the incident, I know he lost the control and then hit me, i'm "ok" with it, but did he have to go that far defending a 16th place agaisnt someone 1 second faster ? I don't think so.
  8. Last year i used to defend to the death.. if it was over.. 20th 1st.. 5th wherever.. i learnt.. especialy this year.. to just let people gpo if they are faster.. morgan let me go early on today when he realised i was faster so thanks to him for that.. i have not seen the incident so i cant comment..
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  9. This seems to be a problem in F1 and obviously it is here too. In my opinion a guy who is ahead of someone he would not usually be ahead of has EVERY right to fight for that position. Sorry Bruno I respect you immensely but these guys have got to impress as well and the last thing we want is people just pulling out of the way in those sort of situations. Does not make for good racing. What about in the old days of F1 when cars were frequently 1 second faster than guys in front and the gaps were larger. They never pulled out of the way so why should we start now? Personally I think that Morgan was absolutely 100% correct to fight for that position and if he did anything wrong in the move, personally I just think it was an unfortunate racing incident, he will be punished for it by the stewards (admins). Providing you don't fight to the extent that your making contact with the other or being excessively forceful.

    Also as someone has just pointed out to me with this year's rules what would happen if 6 drivers say ran out of fuel on last few laps or some guys had DNFs later on and Morgan finished 11th because he hadn't fought with you. Think his team would be happy? No.
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  10. Of course everyone has the right to fight for whatever place, but in situation like that (P16 and car behind clearly faster) it would have made more sense to focus on catching the mid pack instead of losing time when defending. Well nothing wrong done, just useless in my view, and since it's for P16 it doesn't impress anyone. Secondly I don't like the fact that drivers use the somewhat forgiving damage model to their advantage by pushing and leaning on cars in corners, looks unprofessional. You should always leave enough room for the other car alongside to make the corner through without contact.
  11. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari
    Premium Member

    Now i might be wrong ''rookie'' to comment here... but during my season i had some races where 1.4 sec per lap faster cars get stuck behind me (best example gosbee in malasya) I knew that i could just let him go and suffer no time loss to guys infront but i decided not to and only if i didnt make mistake i could actually keep him behind, and thats what i saw yesterday: Bruno was faster but i think he could not get past if Morgan didnt have that small mistake i might be wrong, but to me it looked like he was in control. Whats the point giving up positions anyway like Scott said it could be the point position all the sudden. Also Ondrej i must say that in webber vs kovalainen there was no real defending that caused crash it was just simply webber not thinking about braking distance differences.
  12. Well said.
  13. Bruno is right about the incident yes
    But if its for place 1st or 100th it does not matter its for the car behind to overtake
    And i also would not let someone pass even if they are 100 secs faster
    Its racing and not drinking coffee together!!
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  14. Sami, when you keep getting thrown to the grass (or would be if I didn't lift the throttle all the time) and put outside the white lines, it's not easy to pass someone.

    The one time I didn't lift the throttle to let him go, guess what.. it ended up in an accident because he couldn't control the car out of acceleration.

    In any case, whatever, I don't care about last race anymore, I moved into Monza already. See you there.
  15. Absoulutely well said!
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  16. Well first of all i think you surestimate your pace in the race you wasn't 1s faster maybe 0.5 or 0.6 maximum, and second morgan didn't block you at all he just kept his optimal trajectory, if you were so fast so pass him. Unlikely for you it was the hungaroring track so it's very hard to pass someone even you are 1s faster. Just be fair and accept that, like you said you was fighting for 16th place with a very bad car and their was no chance for you to catch the top10.
  17. That makes me really angry. I have suffered that yesterday with Tali. Constant small contacts to push the other car out of the racing line and then overtake ...
  18. I am sorry David if I did touch you. I had some flickering cars and I realy drove easier to avoid any contact but it seems our pace difference because I had new tyres and you were on old + lag issues I did touch you a bit. I think same happned in lap 1 with prevot as I couldnt react to car flickering closer to me.